What REALLY Makes You Rich & Successful

What REALLY Makes You Rich & Successful

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What REALLY Makes You Rich & Successful?

Well, it’s YOU.

It’s your ideas, your message, your voice, your way of saying it.

It is simply taking the time to be creative and to share yourself and your ideas with the world REGULARLY.

In this video, I share ONE simple habit that I stick to with absolute dedication every Wednesday afternoon, to ensure that I have strategically scheduled time for creativity – which produces content that earns me all of my leads, fans, and income.

In short – your content become your assets – the very things that become your income streams in your business.

I take off Wednesday afternoons, it’s a recurring appointment in my calendar that nobody can book; that even if the world is burning down, I will not cancel. 


Because this is my creative time. 

This is when I sit down and I block out my time for creativity. 

Do I always feel like being creative on a Wednesday afternoon? 

Oh HELL no I don’t!

There are some days where I would literally rather stick a pin in my eye than find my creative juices.

This is the nature of our energy flow and our energy rhythms,

But if you make this a habit, like that exercise metaphor “the more you do it, the muscles get stronger”, it becomes easier and easier for you to say “hello brain, hello body, now we are going to be creative”, then get right into the flow.

That muscle, those neurons, they fire faster and easier, and it becomes quicker for you to get into creative mode and start making it happen. 

If you make a habit of this, if you make it a ritual, if you make it a non-negotiable; you WILL make success inevitable over time.

Your content, the stuff that comes out of your head, and your mouth is your money. 

These are your assets, these are the things that you sell. 

This is your unique IP that only you have only you produce. 

If you are not producing content, you have nothing to sell, you don’t have an asset, you have nothing to attract people, to entertain people, to inform people, to inspire people to bring people into your world.

You have nothing that you’re leading with, that’s going to create followers. 

So this time for creativity is the most important time of your week. 

Your content is what makes you rich

Your content is what’s giving you purpose,

Your content is what is fulfilling your calling in your life. 

And importantly, your content is what’s changing people’s lives. 

If you’re not creating, and taking your content out of your head, your heart and your mouth and putting out into the world, what are you doing here?!

This is why you’re here.

This is the magic. 

This is the thing that only you have. Your voice, your message, in your unique interpretation.

You cannot get a virtual assistant to speak for you, think for you, interpret what you love and what you’re passionate about in your own way. 

One thing I do not outsource is my voice, my message, my way of explaining things – my content.

Because even if every single one of you reading this and every other person in the world, borrowed my clothes, followed my scripts, wore my clothes and my undies, and said exactly the same thing as me, with exactly the same marketing; we would still, we would STILL attract completely different people.

Because you are you, and I am me.

We see the world differently. 

We explain it differently. 

We express it differently. 

We have different personalities, we have different tones of voice. 

And so we can only we can do that. 

And it’s so important you schedule this creative time.

And it’s so important that you make your creative time non-negotiable. 

And it’s so important that you kick yourself up the beehive when you think “I just don’t feel like it today. I’ll do it next week”. Because when you think like this, you are robbing yourself of your success and robbing your current and future followers from your guidance.

This is your business. 

This is why you’re here.

Do not let yourself get out of it.

It’s not easy all the time. 

And if it was, everyone will be doing it, right? 

The people who succeed and make abundant incomes from their content, are those stubborn, committed dedicated people who just get on and do it.

Go on, go schedule that repeating weekly ‘creative time’ appointment in your calendar!

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