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Building Educational Efficacy in Post-Compulsory Education

By Sarah Cordiner / 01/04/2019

Building Educational Efficacy in Post-Compulsory Education Author: Sarah Cordiner When most educators or regulators assess the effectiveness of training and education programs, they tend to focus on the just skills and knowledge outcomes.   However, there is a more powerful, life-impacting criteria that most education providers (from sole-trading Trainers to international higher education institutions) are…

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Is Over-Regulation of The VET Sector Killing Our Children’s Futures?

By Sarah Cordiner / 22/03/2019

Is Over-Regulation of The VET Sector Killing Our Children’s Futures? Author: Sarah Cordiner The Vocational Education and Training [VET] sector has seen a much-needed and dramatic advancement in the monitoring, assessment and governance of the quality of training and assessment since it’s national regulator ‘ASQA’ overhauled the Standards for Registered Training Organisations [RTOs] in 2015.…

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Servant Leadership: 9 Ways to Be a Better Servant Leader

By Sarah Cordiner / 10/03/2019

Servant Leadership: 9 Ways to Be a Better Servant Leader Author: Sarah Cordiner After a long week at work and a late night serving curry and clearing tables at a BBQ we had hosted for our students, it was 9:30am on a Saturday morning.  I was at the airport collecting some colleagues (that I’d never…

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10 Ways To Lead With Humility

By Sarah Cordiner / 04/03/2019

Humility: (noun): “the quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance”. There are endless requirements of a leader, but one we rarely see on their job description is ‘must be able to lead with humility’, despite it being one of the strongest influencers on an organisation’s culture. Pope Francis believes that humility…

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Overcoming The Fear Of Filming Your Online Course Videos

By Sarah Cordiner / 17/01/2018

Creating Courses on Camera   Presenting on camera is extremely different to presenting face to face. And along with that, comes the terrifying prospect that you are immortalizing yourself in the capturing of a video, that could be viewed by millions of people for the rest of time.  Gulp.   It’s not surprising that people…

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14 Reasons Why You Should Become an Edu-preneur in 2018

By Sarah Cordiner / 29/12/2017

We are in the midst of a learning revolution. Consumers are hungrier than ever to know why and how things are done, and are only buying from those who tell them. This change is happening right now.  Those not willing to jump on board are already being left behind. In this article, edupreneur of 12…

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Are Online Courses As Passively Profitable As Everyone Says They Are?

By Sarah Cordiner / 22/12/2017

Anyone in the online course creation space will have heard the statistics that the online learning industry is worth billions of dollars, and that it’s the modern day way of catapulting yourself into the ‘passive income club’. But are online courses really a passive money maker, and is it really ‘passive income’?   Big cash…

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14 Essential Roles That Every Organisation Needs on Their e-Learning Development Team

By Sarah Cordiner / 13/12/2017

The design and delivery of organisational e-Learning requires the carefully crafted amalgamation of multiple professions if it is to be executed at a high standard.   Despite the fact that professionals are increasingly required to be multi-skilled in today’s world of work, effective e-learning cannot be produced in silo as it demands the professional input…

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What If You’re Too Young or Too Old To Create an Online Course?

By Sarah Cordiner / 05/12/2017

“I’m Too Old or Too Young to Create an Online Course!” Ever heard yourself say this?  If so, this article is for you…     What amazes me about course creation is that the younger people think they are too young and the older people think they are too old to be out there educating…

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10 Business Growth Strategies For Edupreneurs and Course Creators in 2018

By Sarah Cordiner / 01/12/2017

10 Business Growth Strategies For Edupreneurs and Course Creators in 2018   If you want to sell more online courses, books, eBooks, consultations, workshops or other products and services in 2018, your sales success will be directly proportionate to the amount of work that you put in.  There’s no shortcut to success.   Effective marketing…

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