Whether you are brand new to business or are a seasoned entrepreneur, this business bootcamp is going to give you the strategies to scale to your next income-bracket and industry status level.

Legends Lab Live Bootcamp: Times & Location

8.30am - 5pm Wednesday 17th & Thursday 18th July

8.30am - 5pm Friday 19th July - VIP Day

Robina Events Centre
94 Laver Drive, Robina, Gold Coast, QLD 4226

The Legends Lab LIVE Bootcamp is more than a business growth conference, it’s the step-by-step blueprint and how-to system for:

  • Elevating your expert status to a global level,
  • Monetising your knowledge & intellectual property
  • Strategically standing out in your industry as a respected and high-paid expert
  • Getting tech to help you scale with less costs, less effort - and way higher returns $!

Say goodbye to the competition, and grab all of the industry secrets to becoming a well-known and respected authority in your niche.

Sarah Cordiner 

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Through her internationally acclaimed courses, Legends Lab community and best-selling books, Sarah specialises in helping experts and business owners turn their passions, knowledge and skills into a profitable business, online courses digital products, master tech and become stand-out leaders in their field of expertise.


  • Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 - Titan
  • Best Female Entrepreneur in Australia, Asia and New Zealand 2023 - Stevies
  • Over 20+ top industry awards
  • Postgraduate qualified in Education - PGCE and BA Hons (Ed)
  • Qualified Teacher Trainer and & Leadership Trainer
  • CEO of Tekmatix (Ed-tech and SaaS company which accrued a market valuation of $15 million in its first year of operation)
  • Over 15 years running an international education, curriculum design and ed-tech services company
  • 15 times published author and 5 times international number 1 best-selling author in the topics of education, training, course creation and building successful education-based business
  • Sarah has over 280,000 student enrollments in her courses and training in 181 countries
  • 'Top 50 Must-Follow Female Entrepreneur for 2017' - Huffington Post
  • Course Creation Coach, L&D Consultant & Corporate Trainer



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This is a practical ‘bring your laptop’ and ‘get stuff DONE’ Bootcamp - so make sure that you come ready to take action and check a TONNE of stuff OFF of your to-do list… including:

Live Your Purpose & Elevate Your Expertise:

  • Discover insights into your professional purpose, career destiny, and what ‘you are here to serve to the world’ using Sarah’s methods for uncovering your unique gift, with splashes of Astrology and Human Design
  • Refine your professional profile with the recipe for creating a bio and ‘home page’ that will make you stand out from the crowd and get clients to book you without hesitation
  • Film and edit your ‘Who Am I?’ video for your website home page, LinkTree, and social media
  • Turn your knowledge into a ‘Authority IP Framework’, so that you have a unique ‘model’ that illustrates your program, system, process, or expertise in a visual form - making you stand out from the crowd and look expertly professional 

This session is tailored to push you into new realms of industry recognition and authority.

Monetise Your Knowledge & Increase Your Income:

This session will fast-track you through designing your Your Wealth & Profitability System.

You’ll Create a commercial plan for your knowledge, what types of products and services you will sell, how much you will sell it all for, and create a highly profitable customer journey.

  • Quick cash-flow tips to get some income fast 
  • How to pre-sell your product or service before it’s even created
  • Determine what products and services you will sell (courses, coaching, groups, one-on-one, services, retreats, consulting etc)
  • Create your profitable customer journey of products and services that feed leads through a path of low-priced to high-ticket offers
  • How to create an irresistible ‘offer’ and the perfect high-converting sales page (includes Sarah’s Sales Page Structure Template’ for selling courses, coaching progams and membership).
  • How to implement the ‘Profit First’ system in your business for maximum wealth creation

Get Organised & Create a Winning Success System:

In this session, you’ll learn how to set yourself up for success with the right systems, admin, organisation and support for total productivity and focus, you will learn how to: 

  • Determine your ‘One Big Goal’ for the next 12 months
  • Create your 90-Day Action Plan to make hitting your goals inevitable 
  • How to organise, manage and prioritise your tasks to go from ‘busy’ to ‘boss’ in your business & using a digital tasks manager to stay super organised
  • How to hire virtual assistants and outsource your tasks to multiply your productivity, output and performance 
  • How to manage your calendar and protect your time
  • Using AI and automation software in systems creation

Profitable Digital Product Creation:

In this session, you will learn how to create digital products, courses and memberships to multiply your impact and your income. You’ll learn:

  • The 10 steps for creating profitable courses, coaching programs and memberships that captivate, inspire and change people’s lives 
  • How to create and publish Lead Magnet, including the tech!
  • How to film and edit courses, workshops, webinars and training videos
  • How to structure and record a ‘sales video’ for your product
  • What tech you need to sell courses and coaching globally, with limited cost and effort
  • How to use Canva to create stunning digital products, workbooks, eBooks, Journals and Resources for your free or paid offers

Stand Out and Shine with the latest Marketing & Visibility Methods to scale your business and your reputation:

In this session of Legends Lab LIVE, you’ll learn how to get seen, be remembered, get leads and turn them into sales.

You will be given a copy of Sarah’s FULL ‘Visibility Blueprint’, which has been responsible for generating millions of dollars in value over the years - including all of the marketing methods that you can use to scale your business globally. 

  • The 7-Figure Visibility and Commercialisation Model and how to use it in your business to get discovered, have omnipresence and turn viewers into buyers. 
  • How to do effective content marketing and how to come up with never-ending content ideas that will keep your audience engaged and your profiles discoverable forever
  • Create your 12-month social media marketing plan + template included
  • How to do video marketing - including how to create reels, vlogs and TikToks, how to use templates and select trending sounds, how to add captions and what to post with your videos for maximum discoverability
  • How to effectively use YouTube to get found on the second-largest search engine in the world
  • How to create and publish blogs that get you discovered in Google searches and turn into income

Master Tech & Automaton to gain an unfair advantage and do more than is humanely possible:

In today’s business world, you MUST be using tech to be able to compete.

In this session of the Legends Lab LIVE Bootcamp, you’ll learn how to use the most critical and essential tech in your business to scale effortlessly and leave your competition in the dust, including:

  • What tech, systems, automations, tools and equipment you need to run a successful business as an expert in your field 
  • How to create your own ‘Linktree’ link page for your social bios and business cards
  • How to create your own AI Assitant Bot and set up ai chatbots to answer enquiries and book calls for you
  • How to clone yourself with your own ai GPT, and train it with everything you know
  • How to create your own online calendar and automated booking system so customers can book free and paid calls with you
  • How to create a simple checkout for your courses, products and services
  • How to automate endless tasks in your business with automated workflows
  • How to quickly and easily build your own website and high-converting sales pages
  • How to create sales funnels with opt-ins and upsells
  • How to set-up task and project management automation
  • How to do automated email marketing and create automated email newsletters
  • How to automate your reputation building with automated review requests

Confidence & Courage:

You’ll also learn strategies for dealing with trolls, overcoming overwhelm, staying motivated and having the courage to stand out publicly with confidence (even if you are terrified!).

Build Your Legacy:

At The Legends Lab, success is not just about financial gain - it’s about creating a business that makes a difference, that leaves a legacy, that fills your life and history with purpose - and even pioneers change in your industry.

A Community of Legends & Secret WhatsApp Group:

They all say ‘your network is your net worth’, and this group of Legends is exactly that! Joining the Legends Lab Live Bootcamp is also joining a family of like-minded business owners, each on their trajectory toward becoming Legends in their field. 

When joining The Legends Lab LIVE Bootcamp, you’ll also be added to a SECRET and exclusive Whatsapp group with your fellow attendees and Sarah Cordiner to stay in touch and get to know each other before, during and after the event.

Make ambitious and caring friends, expand your professional circle and make invaluable connections for life in this Bootcamp.


This event is designed to be intimate and impactful with LOTS of hands-on help and interaction.  Sarah will be personally coming around the room helping you GET THINGS DONE.  

To make this happen, there is a strict limitation of 50 tickets available in order to keep this a truly valuable and personal experience for everyone.

If you are ready to…

💥 Amplify your influence and accelerate your success

💥 Transform your expertise into a profitable enterprise

💥Gain authority positioning and unmissable visibility in your industry.

💥 Start leading and dominating your industry, rather than just being part of it

💥 Want to create a profitable system for scale, impact, and leave a legacy…..

Then come and join us at The Legends Lab LIVE Bootcamp on the Gold Coast in July 2024!

This is your time to step up, step out, and stretch beyond your comfort zone to create the business you KNOW you are capable of making happen. And you CAN with the systems, instructions, guidance and community that you’ll get from The Legends Lab LIVE Bootcamp!


Ticket Options

8.30am - 5pm Wednesday 17th & Thursday 18th July

8.30am - 5pm Friday 19th July - VIP Day

Robina Events Centre
94 Laver Drive, Robina, Gold Coast, QLD 4226

Standard Ticket

$ 250
  • You will get EVERYTHING listed above. Due to our desire to keep this an intimate and highly interactive, practical event where everyone can get unlimited support from Sarah, the standard tickets are strictly limited to 50 places. The venue size capacity makes this no exceptions for more tickets - they are first-come-first served and will sell out fast.
  • Includes Tea & Coffee (no meals)
  • Includes lifetime access to recordings
Get a Whole Lot Extra!

VIP Ticket

$ 850
  • You will get EVERYTHING listed above & in the standard ticket, AND the following:
  • VIP Lunch with Sarah Cordiner on the VIP Day (all included)
  • VIP Dinner with Sarah Cordiner on Thursday 18th (pay your own meal)
  • 30 minutes filming time with Sarah’s professional film crew to film ANYTHING you prepared in the 2 days before (could include your sales/promo videos for your products/services. Home-page ‘who am I?’ video
  • 5 x professional headshots taken by our professional photographer to use in your marketing, websites, speaker bio and social content
  • Create, publish and share your LinkPage for more leads and sales
  • Training and step-by-step checklist on how to pitch and sell your courses, training and consulting to corporate clients
  • The system for winning top industry awards, including Sarah’s checklist of the top 20 business awards every business owner should apply for in Australia
  • An editable Corporate Training & Consulting proposal template that you can import into Canva
  • Determine your 3 x keynote presentation topics and draft your speaker bio
  • Get 3 x editable Canva templates for your Professional Speaker Bio and complete your bio ready to send out for gig applications
  • Craft your outreach email to speaker bureaus and conference organisers and send it out to 10 targeted clients
  • How to write and publish a book on Amazon (including Sarah’s pre-formatted Amazon book templates)
  • How to launch your product or service - Legendary Launch Blueprint
  • Create and schedule your next 30 days worth of social media content that converts
  • Sarah’s detailed checklist for planning and running an in-person event (such as a workshop, retreat, bootcamp or conference), including every event management must-do task to ensure you have the most professional, organised and seamless event that your delegates love
  • Sarah’s ‘Visibility & Marketing Checklist’ to have a quick and easy snapshot of all the tasks you could use in your business to get seen, get customers and get sales.
  • A full recording of the entire event to go back and watch at any time
  • *Note: there is only as limited time available with the film and photography crew and this 3rd day is a super intimate event, so VIP places are strictly limited in numbers

Online Ticket!

$ 195
  • There is absolutely NO experience like being in the room - which we aim to make life-changing for you. However, we also know that it isnt possible for everyone to come along to the Gold Coast in Australia - and we don’t want you to miss out! So we have made the decision to professionally film this event, and make a digital ticket available to everyone. This will not be ‘livestreamed’ due to concerns around internet connection and audio-visual quality. So you will get automatic access to all of the professionally filmed event recordings within 7 days of the event taking place. You will have lifetime access to this content and it will include all digital resources, downloads, worksheets that come with the standard ticket.
  • Includes lifetime access to recordings

VIP Online Ticket!

$ 400
  • Can't attend in person but still want to make the most of the AMAZING VIP Resources?
  • Everything in the Online Ticket Plus
  • VIP Resources from the VIP Ticket
  • Excludes the in person VIP Lunch and Dinner
  • Excludes the 30 minutes filming time & professional headshots


Our sponsorship opportunities will garner you exposure to Sarah's audience of thousands...


$ 2800
  • Exhibition table all 3 days
  • Speaking slot for 15mins
  • 1 x banner at front of room for all 3 days
  • Logo on big screen and acknowledgment at the start of each day
  • Logo included in all emails about the LLL conference
  • Listing as a Platinum Sponsor on the Legends Lab Conference website
  • 2 x exclusive social media posts about you on Sarah Cordiner’s social media
  • 1 x free ticket including the VIP day
  • Only 1 Available!


$ 1500
  • Exhibition table for all 3 days
  • Speaking slot for 15mins
  • Logo on big screen and acknowledgment at the start of each day
  • Logo included in all emails about the LLL conference
  • 2 x exclusive social media posts about you on Sarah Cordiner’s social media
  • 1 x free ticket including the VIP day
  • Limited to 2


$ 1000
  • A vendor table for the 2 days of the event (not the VIP day)
  • Logo and acknowledgement
  • Logo included in all emails about the LLL conference
  • 1 x exclusive social media post about you on Sarah’s social media
  • Limited to 4

VIP Lunch Sponsor

$ 1500
  • Exclusive sponsor for VIP Lunch
  • Shout out from Sarah at the Lunch with a chance to showcase your business and highlight that lunch is on you!
  • Logo included in all emails about the LLL conference
  • 1 x exclusive social media post about you on Sarah’s social media
  • Limited to 1





A New Vision: Crystal-clear clarity on your next steps to becoming a legend in your field.

Strategies that work: The systems, processes and steps to take that will help elevate you and your brand to recognition and respect in your field

Powerful Tech: The tech and automation know-how to have an unfair advantage over your competition and make your life much easier as you grow bigger

Lasting Connections: Friendships and connections that will be by your side for years to come

Confidence and Clarity: The kick up the butt and loving encouragement to take your place on your industry stage, and shine brightly, unapologetically and ready to change other people’s lives as well as your own in the process.


It’s time to step into your legend—spaces are limited, and the future waits for no one.

We can't wait to welcome you to this transformative event! (Watch out, I’m a hugger!)

See you there, Legends!

Sarah Cordiner xxx