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You KNOW that there is more for your business;
and you're RIGHT.
Don't give up. LEVEL up.  

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Follow Your Calling, Live Your Passion, Become a Leader in your Industry - and make it PROFITABLE!

You've lived your whole life with that silent inner niggling that there is something you should be doing.

Something more, something BIG.

It's been whispering to you forever, making you feel like time is ticking.

You are itching to leap into your calling and make it a reality.

The time to listen to that calling and make it happen - is NOW.

The Edupreneur Academy has been changing lives for over 8 YEARS!

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Instantly Get Access To ALL Of These LIFE-CHANGING Workshops + LIVE COACHING From a 7-Figure Business Owner

Here Are Just SOME Of The Online Courses, Workshops and Books That Are Already Waiting For You In The Member's Area.

The monthly Masterminds will fast-track you through everything you need to do to complete your Edupreneur Success Journey; but my full, detailed step-by-step 'how-to' online courses will ALSO be available to you in full as soon as you sign up, so that you can skip right to any step of the Success Journey that you want and get stuck into following the easy 'follow along' strategies to bring that dream of your to life.

There are more courses in the membership than what are listed below - however here are some of our member's favourites!

ALL of these courses listed below and MANY MORE are INCLUDED in your dashboard as soon as you become a member!

There is no 'drip-released' content; every course below is available in FULL, immediately from the moment of sign up:

Your Upcoming Live Workshops in 2023

All live calls are recorded and uploaded to the member's Vault within 24 hours of the training taking place; and all monthly groups challenges are pre-recorded training videos with a Facebook group with daily accountability and optional email check-ins.

So it doesn't matter WHEN you join, or WHERE you are in the world - we are fully equipped to ensure that you never miss a thing in this global community of online business owners from all over the world, in every industry you could imagine!


As well as all 40+ of Sarah's online courses and previous workshop recordings - members of the Edupreneur Academy ALSO get to join my LIVE events, workshops, group challenges and virtual office/accountability sessions.

It doesn't matter what time of year you join, as all of the workshops are recorded and fully accessible any time.

*Excludes Concept To Course

In The Edupreneur Academy, you are going to:

Create and launch online courses, challenges and memberships

Create and launch coaching programs, retreats and bootcamps

Create a membership subscription for recurring income

Write & publish print books and eBooks on Amazon to fulfil your dream of becoming a published and respected Author

Set-up and manage your own popular & successful website, that has traffic pouring to it every month

Create highly profitable marketing funnels to get leads and make sales

Create beautiful and high converting sales pages that dramatically increase your conversions

Create opt-in forms to collect your prospects contact details and grow your email list

Increase your followers, likes, fans, connections and subscribers

Set-up email automations, nurture sequences and upsell sequences to put your business on auto-pilot - giving you income and time-freedom simultaneously 

Implement numerous organic marketing strategies to bring you in a stream of never-ending traffic for free, for life

Create multiple income streams for a profitable, low risk and sustainable bottom line (ka-ching)

Set-up and publish paid ads and paid marketing to create an avalanche of leads

Establish an industry and online presence that lends credibility and likeability to your reputation

Become well known, popular and highly paid in your field of expertise

Fall in love with your business again, and reactivate unstoppable motivation, ambition and passion

Move into a feeling of joyful 'flow' in your business, instead of feeling like you're fighting it all of the time

The Edupreneur Academy 2023 Live Training Calendar

The Edupreneur Academy will take you through the 'Success Journey' of turning your calling into the wildly successful online business you secretly dream of.

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FAST TRACK Your Way To Becoming a Respected Expert With a Profitable Online Business

Come and be part of a supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs who totally 'get you'!

You also get access to over 40+ of my online courses that will help you grow your business;

Access to monthly group challenges, monthly masterminds, all past & future mastermind recordings, one-page book summaries,

and PRACTICAL, 'straight-to-the-implementing' training that will get you the results you want FAST, without the waffle, without getting lost on your own and with every answer and solution that you could possibly need to become a highly successful, sought-after and high-paid expert in your industry.

Watch the video below for more information about what you get in the Edupreneur Academy and how it works....

No more being broke. No more guessing games. no more pulling your hair out with tech. no more wasting time.

There is nothing worse than regret.

And for many business owners who finally 'make it', the number 1 regret they have is "I wish I'd just started sooner".  This is most certainly true for me.  There were no proper online business programs when I started out, so I blundered about figuring out everything the long and hard way - taking ten times longer to do everything than it could have.

If there had been a fast-track process that I could have followed to turn what took me 14 years to get to, I would have handed over hundreds of thousands of dollars (because that's what it would have saved me in lost time, effort and income).


Start your journey to online business success today.

  • Start earning the income your dream of.
  • Start feeling confident with tech.
  • Get absolute clarity on your business operations.
  • Get everything up and running like clockwork - on auto-pilot.
  • Experience your students, customers and clients telling you 'You've changed my life!" on a daily basis.
  • Feel confident, courageous and in control when it comes to your business.
  • Get back your motivation, ambition, excitement, energy and passion for your business again.
  • Feel THE OVERWHELMING pride when you whisper to yourself "I DID IT!"

Being in business can be tough.  There is SO much to learn, SO much to do, SO little time - and sadly, SO many useless, waffly training programs out there that promise the world but end up leaving you feeling ripped off, even more confused (questioning whether you're 'dumb') and like you've royally had your time wasted.

But you still have to figure it all out and get stuff done if you want to succeed - right?

You CAN build the online business you are dreaming of - even if nobody around you really 'gets' it.

Because this is a community of people who TOTALLY get you; AND who are walking the Success Path with you too.

The Edupreneur Academy is a highly supportive community of like-minded, big-hearted people, all on the same Success Journey to turn their expertise into a profitable and impactful online business, that helps others, makes them seen in their industry, and fulfills their deep, inner calling.

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What You Get As An Edupreneur Academy Member:

Sarah Cordiner's Edupreneur Academy members get all of the tools, training, community, short-cuts, confidence, motivation, accountability and support to create their dream business online.

You also get full access to the entire 25-step Success Journey that walks you through how to implement EVERYTHING that a successful business needs in place to grow, make a difference AND actually make money.

You will get my best-selling online course "How To Create Profitable Online Courses", AND more than 40+ other of my 5-star rated online courses in marketing, product creation, book publishing, tech set-ups and more; but my Edupreneur Academy members ALSO get:

  • An exclusive, members-only, LIVE group Q&A and MASTERMIND Training every month, focussing on one area of the 'Edupreneur Success Journey' to keep everyone moving forward with accountability and speed
  • Action-packed Monthly group challenges focussed on one of the core Edupreneur Success areas to help you move forward with energy, accountability, support, guidance and motivation
  • Full access to over 40+ of my highly practical online courses (no drip release), each moving you along the Success Journey with clarity and ease
  • Access to any new online courses that are released with no extra charge
  • Exclusive members-only LIVE monthly group 'power hours' and virtual office, including timed/focused content creation sessions for accountability
  • A monthly updated 'Edupreneur Vault' of ALL past Mastermind recordings, Q&A session recordings and expert interview recordings every month - so it doesn't matter when you join, you will still have access to EVERYTHING to consume at your own pace, in your own time and on your own schedule.
  • An exclusive online community for members to network, make friends, chat and share as your grow your businesses and fulfil your callings and life purpose together
  • An eCopy of ALL of my published books (downloadable and printable)
  • Exclusive discounts to my coaching programs, done-for-you services, one-on-one coaching and live events
  • Regular book summaries that give you the straight-up action tips to implement to grow your business

Yes! I am ready to join a community of highly motivated entrepreneurs, to help me fulfil my callings and start succeeding with my dream online business!

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If you are already an Edupreneur Academy member, or have purchased any of my courses individually, you can access your courses here:

Established in 2015, this Is THE First and BEST Exclusive Community for Edupreneur's, Course Creators, Information & Knowledge-Based Businesses, Coaches, Consultants, Experts, Speakers, Education Professionals And Anybody Who Wants To Digitise Their Expertise For Maximum Profit & Income

A huge library of all-access online training, mini-courses, eBooks, challenges and LIVE coaching calls to help you:

Create online courses
Create face to face training workshops and retreats
Build a successful education or information-based business
Set up successful online marketing
Implement growth strategies to grow your following and global audience
Sell more online courses and information-based products and services
Become a well-known authority and industry leader in your field of expertise
Write and publish your own books and eBooks
Master automation, technology and productivity hacks
....and much more!

ALL of the online courses and books listed below are INCLUDED IN FULL in the Edupreneur Academy members area.

You also get to join the exclusive monthly LIVE group Q&A training call with me personally, which is held in the second week of every month.

You can access your online courses at any time, take them in any order you like and are not restricted by any drip-release of content. It's all yours, right from day one of your membership.

Each of the buttons below shows you more detail about each course, as well as the normal price you would pay if you bought each course individually.

However, all Edupreneur Academy members get access to all of the courses and books below, as WELL as the monthly group coaching/training call with me for just $79 a month - cancel ANYTIME subscription.

Join today to access ALL of this for just $79!

Also, You'll Get This Exclusive Members Only Bonus!

live Monthly Mastermind & Q&A training call with me

$997 USD value

One of the most valuable aspects of being a member of my Edupreneur Academy is having live access to me every month for an action-packed, highly practical 'get it done' Mastermind training AND to answer your most pressing questions, topical training, live tech demos and even reviews of your work!

Even more than having access to all the courses, other Edupreneur members say that the coaching call is what they get the most out of.

A 90min Mastermind training with me is usually $997 alone, so you are ALREADY getting almost 12 X the value just from the monthly live Mastermind + Q&A training call with me each month!

Join me and the hundreds of other Edupreneur members and let's take your business, brand, impact and profits to the next level!

Everything You Need To Succeed Online

Get Full Access To The Edupreneur Academy

Members of the Edupreneur Academy get over 40 online courses, OVER 7 books and frequent challenges in all of the topics above to access anytime, in full, whenever they wish.

They include highly practical, follow along demo videos, explainers, templates, downloads, discussion areas and more.

You ALSO get access to future added online courses as part of your membership too at no extra cost.

There is ALREADY over $10,000 worth of online training openly available to all members of the Edupreneur Academy right now, and that grows all of the time at no extra expense to existing members.

**Please note that not ALL courses I publish are included in the Academy. My coaching programs are NOT included in the academy, my Virtual Assistant Marketing Instructions Manual and Advanced Email Automations courses are not in the academy.**

Sarah Cordiner Edupreneur Academy 2023

Edupreneur Academy - Full Access: No drip released content!

Edupreneur Academy Includes

Access to over 40+ of my other online courses

Access to many new courses that are released with no extra charge (*Selected courses only)

Exclusive monthly LIVE group Zoom calls with me for training workshops, Q&A sessions, review and feedback of your work

Exclusive LIVE monthly group 'power hours' and virtual office, including timed/focused content creation sessions for accountability

A monthly updated vault of my livestream tutorial recordings, Q&A session recordings and expert interview recordings

An eCopy of ALL of my books (downloadable and printable)

Exclusive discounts to my coaching programs, done-for-you services, one-on-one coaching and live events

Frequently Asked Questions

**Note the Edupreneur Academy has been open since 2015 and prior to 1st January 2022, was $47 per month.  However, on 1st January 2022, the price increased to $79USD per month for newly joining members.  There may still be marketing publicly available that was published BEFORE the price change occurred on 1st January 2022 that advertises the OLD price.  The OLD price is NOT redeemable after 1st January 2022**

When you sign up for $79 USD, you will get immediate access to all training included in this membership from the first payment.

Unless you cancel your subscription, you will then be automatically charged $79 (USD) per month (30 days after the day that you started your subscription. Your nominated payment method will be automatically deducted from every 30 days.

You can cancel your subscription yourself at any time from within your learning dashboard, but as soon as you cancel, you immediately cease to have access to all of your training.

Yes. You can cancel your membership at ANY time by emailing me on and your membership will instantly be cancelled. There are no minimum membership periods.

The first time you click to purchase your Edupreneur Academy membership,you will need to sign up and create your own login details.  As soon as you have paid your first $79 you will have full access. 

You will need to log in with your own log-in details each time you access your training. It is recommended that you save the Edupreneur Academy to your favourites so that it is easy to find next time.  You will also be sent a welcome email with the link to your member's area for your reference.

You get immediate upfront access to all content included in the membership in full. There is no drip-releasing of content around here! Get stuck in!  

Please note that my coaching program 'Concept To Course' is not included in the membership academy as it has a very different delivery model. 

No. You can purchase most of my online courses, coaching programs and special packages individually for a one-off fee.

Simply go to my online school, click on the course images above to purchase them one by one. Note, if you purchase courses individually, you get lifetime access to the course. If you get the subscription, you only have access for as long as you are a member.

Not if you stay a member, no.

Although the membership price does increase from time to time to reflect the huge additions of courses to the member's area, all existing members maintain their access at the same price FOR LIFE (as long as you don't cancel), and the price increases will only apply to new subscribers. If you cancel, you are then considered a 'new' member again and if the price has increased, your monthly membership fee would reflect the most up to date pricing. If you do not cancel, your monthly membership fee will be honoured for as long as you maintain the payments and include all future upgrades at no extra costs.

As of 1st January 2022, the monthly membership fee is $79 USD for newly joining members.

No.  Concept To Course is a group coaching program that I only run a few times a year due to the extremely high level of personal support I give to the participants and is not included in my $79 Academy.  More info about C2C here: 

Yes. All members will have new courses and content automatically added to their member dashboard at no extra cost to their monthly subscription.  New courses are not released monthly however.

Still got questions?

Feel free to email Sarah directly via the CONTACT FORM with your questions, or ask them in the Facebook group 'Entrepreneur to Edupreneur'.