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Course Creation Expert and Education-Based Business Consultant

Create, Set-Up & Scale Your Education, Training, Speaking or Course Business

4 Ways I Can Help You Create & Launch Your Courses & Memberships

Don't have the time or patience to get your course creation and ed-tech sorted?

I've got your back!

I am a qualified and experienced Teacher Trainer & Curriculum Developer, along with the marketing, tech and strategic business expertise to help you craft a high-quality learning experience, course, coaching program or membership.

Pick your preferred course creation services from the following options:

Course Creation & Tech Set-Up Package (1)

Course Creation & Tech Set-Up Package: Remote

  • Private 90min Zoom call with Sarah Cordiner to map out your IP Framework, Membership Map or Course Outline
  • Full online school and tech set-up
  • Course or Membership sales page created
  • Course or Membership email automation set-up
  • Ready for students!
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One Day VIP Course Creation Package

  • Private 60min Zoom call with Sarah Cordiner to prepare for your VIP Course Creation day
  • Entire day with Sarah Cordiner (9am-4pm)
  • Sarah will help you map out your IP Framework, Membership Map or Course Outline, as well as craft you a personalised Marketing & Visibility Map in the morning
  • You will then get 3 hours with our professional film crew to record course videos with the highest quality cameras and mics
  • All of your videos will be professionally edited, transcribed and captioned
  • Full online school and tech set-up
  • Course or Membership sales page created
  • Course or Membership email automation set-up
  • Ready for students!
Course Creation & Tech Set-Up Packages - Course Creation Services with Sarah Cordiner - website images (1)

Customised Course Creation Project

Want a service that's a little more customised? 

I can send you a quote for a range of tailored course creation, curriculum design, tech set-up, consulting and membership creation training. 

If you need anything from turning your books into courses, slide development, filming, editing, researching course content, marketing plans, course copy-writing to managing your students for you - myself and my team are here for you.

Course Creation & Tech Set-Up Packages - Course Creation Services with Sarah Cordiner - website images (2)

Sarah's 2-Day Course Creation Bootcamp

Spend 2 Days in-person with Sarah Cordiner, her professional film crew and up to 5 other experts for a VIP group course creation experience.

You'll map out your IP Framework, your course outline, film a 60min workshop with our professional film crew, get all of your tech set-up, create your Marketing & Visibility Map, learn how to create reels and even start pre-selling your course on the Bootcamp!


Consulting & Done-for-you Education Development & Tech Services For Large Organisations, Small Business and Individuals


Whether you need concept and strategic planning of your educational operations, support with content creation, or help with the tech set-up and marketing strategy - Sarah Cordiner is a qualified, experienced and internationally sought-after expert in the business of education and course creation.

With experience servicing and consulting universities, colleges, Registered Training Organisations, Government, charities and large corporate business across industry sectors, Sarah also provides course creation services, tech set-up support and education-based business development consulting for individuals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, authors, speakers, thought leaders and consultants.

I personally provide one on one coaching, consulting and services to organisations and individuals to:

Conduct strategic planning, student/customer journey mapping & profitability planning

Help you plan your profitable education-based business model

Help you plan out your educational products and services packages, offers and pricing for the best learner experience and maximum profitability

Help you systemise and increase productivity in your education based business with core operational activity listing and standard operating procedures for generating leads and clients and servicing students with excellence

Teaching you (or teams) how to create your own engaging and profitable online and offline courses, coaching programs and memberships yourself

Course concept planning – helping you choose the right topics for you and your business and the form your course should take for maximum impact and profitability

Helping you structure your course, develop the major modules and outline fundamental outcomes

Create a formal curriculum plan and clear, magnetic learning outcomes that have your learners hungry to buy

Advising you on ‘all the technical stuff’ required for delivering a world class and highly automated education-based business, with the highest customer feedback and lowest overheads - or doing it all for you!

Create a customised sales and marketing plan for your products, programs and services


Want to have a business model and customer journey that works for you?

Want your course outline created FOR you?

Want your online school or membership site set up FOR you?

Want your email automations set-up FOR you?

Want tailored a marketing strategy to attract students and clients into YOUR online business?



As a Postgraduate qualified Educator, highly successful education-based business owner, former university Head and certified LMS expert, I can help you build and scale a highly successful education-based business.

Design, develop and publish high-quality online education programs in any industry on your own online school (no coding needed!), complete with all of your marketing integrations and automated student check-in email sequences set-up and running - AND backed up with strategy and smart business modelling.


Sarah Cordiner is the Founder of TekMatix, and was one of the very first Agency Partner Experts & Educators to be verified by the biggest LMS platforms in the world.

You are assured of the highest quality of experience, expertise, tech knowledge and support, backed up by over 10 years of experience in ed-tech and thousands of happy customers.

In-person, on-location or online services available

Please note that in-person/onsite consulting and services prices, and 'combination services' are customised based on the combination of the below services that are required, whether you want a full or half day and the travel.

Please contact me for onsite or combination pricing.


Sarah can help you with:

  • Creating your IP Framework
  • Creating your course outline or curriculum plan
  • Researching and writing your course content for you
  • Creating your slides, workbooks and worksheets for you
  • Planning out your customer journey, what types of course(s) will work best for your business, course pricing and market strategy
  • Set up your online school / business platform, CRM, LMS and email automations
  • Create your course sales pages and opt-ins
  • Course marketing strategy

If you are an office-based organisation, I can come to you and work with you and your team in-person as part of my consulting and set-up services.

Please contact me to discuss on-location services.


If you only need an online service, then my online 'done with you' option, where I jump on a Zoom call with you and get your tech, course plan, landing pages, integrations, automations etc done WITH you live on zoom.


I take over your screen and get you set up in 1-2 hours so that you are DONE fast!

((Please note that I am often booked up at LEAST 4-6 weeks in advance, so you may have to scroll along the calendar to find a spot.  If you are having trouble finding availability, contact me on


Got a Custom Course Creation Request?

I can help do your content research, writing, curriculum plan and slides for your courses!

Simply fill in the form below and I will send you a quote as soon as possible.

5 Ways To Become a Well-Known Expert In Your Industry

Start Making Your Knowledge Work & Changing Lives Today

Take your knowledge out of your head and turn it into a profitable online business.

Dramatically increase your industry reputation, reach a global audience, gain a passive income and impact people's lives all over the world through your expertise.

Let me help you commercialise your IP, create and publish your courses and build a highly successful online business as a stand-out leader in your field of expertise.

Here are 5 ways that I can help you become a well-respected leader in your industry:

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the legends lab (1)

The Legends Lab

For those who are ready to become a stand-out leader in their field of expertise.

The Legends Lab is Sarah's ongoing coaching membership where you will learn how to become a well-known expert in your industry.


Concept To Course

Create and launch your online course or membership in just 30 days in my once-a-year course creation group coaching program.  Daily support, live calls, group learning and massive results, fast! 

done for you course creation set up

Done-For-You Services

Why not just hand it over to the experts? I can create your course plans, set up your online school, create slides, connect all of your technology & software, create your email automations and more.