9 Ways I use Tech To Grow And Manage A Global Business – That You Can Use Too!

9 Ways I use Tech To Grow And Manage A Global Business – That You Can Use Too!

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Here are 9 ways that I use tech in my business that helps me keep myself super organised, reducing my admin down to as little as possible, and to keep the bottom line growing too!

I hope these give you some ideas and inspiration of some techy things you can implement this year.

Just imagine how much of an advantage you’ll have over your competition if you are using tech effectively.

Here are some MUST HAVE tech elements that every business owner should have in place in 2024….

🌟 Email Marketing System

Building an email list that you own, communicating regularly with your contacts is essential for business and when done correctly, can multiply your income on complete auto-pilot with email automations, automated newsletters and automatic sales campaigns.

Tekmatix is an all in one business platform that does all of your email marketing for you.

🌟CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System

This is the one place that all of your contacts, contact records, client information and communication should be stored.

All of their notes, their messages from every single platform and everything they have done, clicked on, downloaded and purchased.

Tekmatix all in one business platform is also your CRM and unified inbox.

This keeps me super organised and enables me to put follow ups on autopilot.

🌟AI Bot Assistant

Your email inbox is a place where anyone in the world can add anything they want to your to-do list whenever they want.

You should not be wasting precious time on the majority of messages coming into your inbox and messenger accounts – get a bot to do it for you.

The Tekmatix bot learns your website in seconds, can answer all incoming enquiries in conversational form and even book calls for you – saving you hours and hours a day of admin.

🌟Business Card Scanner

Going to events, networking and meeting new people is one of the best ways to grow your business – and actually following up wit those contacts comes second!

I love to scan all of the business cards that I collect and add them to my CRM, and build a relationship with everyone I meet.

The Tekmatix mobile app now has an in-built business card scanner that automatically pulls the contact information form the business card, adds them to your contacts and even adds them to automations and sales pipelines if you choose.

🌟Digital Appointment Booking System

Ditch the ‘appointment ping pong’, where you are spending days and weeks trying to manually arrange appointments with people.

Create digital appointment calendars so that people can book and even pay for events, meetings, calls, workshops and more with you upfront and without you being involved in the admin.

🌟Website, Opt-In Pages, Blogs and Funnels

If people cannot find information out about you from a Google search, or they cannot easily buy from you – then you simply don’t exist and nobody can buy from you.

Every business today should have at the very least a 1 page website so that customers can find you, contact you and buy from you.

You can create unlimited websites, pages, funnels and blogs on Tekmatix, all connected to your own domain.

🌟A Course, Membership and Products Portal

Being able to host and sell your own courses memberships and digital or physical products and services from your own platform and under your own domain is essential.

You have the control over your branding, customer experience and customer management.

You can host unlimited products and services on Tekmatix in multiple currencies, and it comes with your own mobile app so that your students can access all of your training.

🌟Social Media Scheduler

Why spend hours a day posting content on all of your social media channels, when you can get tech to do it for you?

It is always more efficient to batch your time.

I personally batch create my content creation, then schedule it all to auto-post on the dates, times and platforms that I choose from my Tekmatix social media scheduler.

🌟Digital Task Management & Sales Management

I love using Kanban boards to manage all of my tasks, projects and team tasks.

You can filter them by due date and who is responsible, set tasks on repeating frequencies, chat with colleagues or clients on boards and even track time on each task.

Then we have sales pipelines (what we call the ‘customer journey’ in Tekmatix, which shows you at a glance where all of your leads and sales are at in your buyers journey.

No more tasks or leads falling through the cracks!

But HOW do you do all of this???

Well the good news it that most of this is set for you for FREE when you join Tekmatix!

But learning all of the strategy and how-to tech behind the scenes is something that I cover in both my ‘Legends Lab’ coaching program,

and also my Legends Lab LIVE Bootcamp.

In just 21 DAYS from now, I am hosting my ‘Legends Lab LIVE Bootcamp’ – which is an in-person business bootcamp being held on the Gold Coast, Australia….

I also have ONLINE ACCESS tickets available too for those who cannot make it in-person.

In the Legends Lab LIVE Bootcamp, I will be covering the 11 Stages of scaling your business and becoming a stand-out expert in your field – and the TECH stuff is just ONE of the 11 stages.

In the Legends Lab LIVE Bootcamp, here is what you will learn in JUST the tech session:


  • What tech, systems, automations, tools and equipment you need to run a successful business as an expert in your field
  • How to create your own ‘Linktree’ link page for your social bios and business cards
  • How to create your own AI Assistant Bot and set up ai chatbots to answer enquiries and book calls for you
  • How to clone yourself with your own ai GPT, and train it with everything you know
  • How to create your own online calendar and automated booking system so customers can book free and paid calls with you
  • How to create a simple checkout for your courses, products and services
  • How to automate endless tasks in your business with automated workflows
  • How to quickly and easily build your own website and high-converting sales pages
  • How to create sales funnels with opt-ins and upsells
  • How to set-up task and project management automation
  • How to do automated email marketing and create automated email newsletters
  • How to automate your reputation building with automated review requests

Say whaaaaaaatt!!

This session alone is worth coming for – but wait until you see what you get from the other 10 sessions in this bootcamp!!!

At The Legends Lab LIVE Bootcamp, happening in JUST 21 DAYS FROM NOW, you will learn how to implement these strategies and much more, including:

  • Creating a reputation as an authority in your field of expertise – globally
  • Monetizing your knowledge and expertise into a global business
  • Creating profitable products, courses, coaching programs, books, and memberships
  • Mastering marketing and visibility techniques, including making reels, social media content, and doing organic marketing
  • How to set up your tech and automation for business growth

👉 More info and tickets here for attending in-person or online: https://sarahcordiner.com/legendslive/

I will be teaching you HOW to do alllllll of the above – and MUCH more, in my Legends Lab LIVE Bootcamp 🤩

– which you can join in-person on the Gold Coast,

or online via our online access virtual tickets….

….and YOU are invited!

If you are ready to scale your reputation to a global level in your industry,

to create courses,

become a speaker,

write books,

….and truly elevate your brand as a leading authority in your field – then come and join us at The Legends Lab LIVE Bootcamp.

👉 Info about Legends Lab LIVE Bootcamp and ticket options HERE

I cannot WAIT to help you massively progress in your business journey together in what I am planning to be the BEST business event you have EVER been to in your life!

If you have any questions at all, simply email sarah@sarahcordiner.com

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