What Do You Do If People Hate You?

What Do You Do If People Hate You?

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What Do You Do If People Hate You?

I’ve been helping experts create online courses and memberships for years, and one of the BIGGEST fears entrepreneurs have about putting themselves out into the big wide world – is the terrifying knowledge that sharing ANYTHING online, means at some point, inevitably getting trolled.

The internet isn’t just a full-contact sport, it’s an all-out, unregulated, un-policed, War of The Worlds where anyone who didn’t mildly get their own way today can take out all of their ten bells of fury on YOU, just because you exist.

If you are planning to make any kind of difference to anyone at all, you MUST put yourself out there…

and that means sucking up the fact that you WILL get criticised, hated on, argued with, defamed and even threatened, just because you have an opinion on something.

Luckily, that happens far less than the pouring of love, gratitude, thanks, adoration and appreciation that comes your way when you are sharing your gift and passion with the world with the intent of helping and serving others.

To do ANYTHING of value, interesting, or worth talking about – you have to get comfortable to BE talked about.

You must train yourself to be able to manage criticism and hate in exactly the same way you learn to expect and handle sore muscles after a workout.

It’s part of the growth that comes with expanding into more of the population.

Most of us (me included) can take it very personally in our early days when we get hated on by a stranger.

But I have determined that the human population is divided up into a 4 very simple categories….

I’m no population scientist, but from my experience, I’d break down the ratio as follows:

  1. Nice people that agree with you – 35%
  2. Nice people that have a different viewpoint to you – 55%
  3. Nasty people – 9%
  4. Absolutely batsh*t mental people – 1%

So start seeing your public audience – and what to expect back, as a simple math equation…

If you get yourself in front of 100 people, you’re going to have around 90 that will like you or at the very least be polite and respectful about you doing your thing (even if they have different viewpoints);

9 of them might write or say something mean (or the ever cowardly laughing emoji drop), and 1 of them is going to be off-the-scale unhinged.

It’s just the way it works.

We CANNOT stop people being who and what they are; so when it comes to us putting ourselves out there, instead of worrying about what the tiny 10% of nasty people might say about us – instead think about how much the 90% might be glad we did.

As the saying goes:

“Robustness is when you care more about the few who like your work.

Fragility is when you care more about the few who hate your work”.

Stand on that stage of yours, shine bright, speak loudly and remember that when you’re devouring the delicious Buffet of Brilliance, you’re still gonna get the odd Sh*t Sandwich – which shouldn’t make you decide to starve yourself.

Keep going xxx

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