Quit “hunting” human beings and calling it “attracting high-ticket clients”. This isn’t the Hunger Games.

Quit “hunting” human beings and calling it “attracting high-ticket clients”. This isn’t the Hunger Games.

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Quit “hunting” human beings and calling it “attracting high ticket clients”. This isn’t the Hunger Games. 😪

I was in a Facebook group recently where a conversation had sparked up around the ethics of ‘high-ticket coaches’ – and following some recently less-than lovely experiences, I HAD to chip in on this chat thread….

Just to bring you in the loop for those who don’t know much about this – there are a lot of ‘coaches’ out there who have NEVER sold anything over $50 themselves, but yet are ‘teaching’ business owners to simply hike up their pricing to mouth watering numbers, and then ‘HUNT’ successful people to flog their inflated offerings too.

As somebody that these ‘coaches’ go ‘hunting’ after to ‘score’ as their ‘whale catch’, it repulses me how most of these charlatans leave humans feeling.

It’s like being devalued down to the worth of nothing but a cash machine in the wall.

Imagine if the whole world just saw YOU as their personal cash machine – free to hunt, and harrass and bash and kick and poke until you gave them money, because that’s all you are to them?

Only last week, my friend and I both requested a quote for the SAME service….

…the quote I got back was identical to my friends in the deliverables, but mine was $8,000 MORE expensive than what my friend got quoted – for the exact SAME service.

All because I’ve worked my absolute balls off for 15 years and succeeded.

I’m guessing they went to my profile and saw ‘successful’, and thought ‘woohooo, I’m going to rort and fleece the pants off of this rich bitch and milk her dry, because people who have worked hard and been through unbearable agony to reach their goals deserve to be brutally pillaged of their hard earned wins’.

I find it all gross, unethical and an utterly horrible experience being on the side of the ‘hunted’.

I now NEVER EVER get on calls with people I want quotes from and request them from Avatar profiles and email addresses, because of the inflated price-poofing that the unethical ones throw in when they think they’ve ‘caught a ”high ticket sucker”‘.

Guess what?

My Avatar profiles always get quoted cheaper than real me does too – for the SAME service.

Do better, people.
Do better.

The FTC are coming down on this behaviour too, and I’m on the front row with my popcorn for it.

Nothing wrong with offering high priced, top tier services that have high value outcomes.

I have high level services too.

As long as the results exceed the investment, you deliver what was promised, and you maintain ethical pricing practices – You’re sweet.

It’s when there are different prices for different people because of perceived different income levels, despite the outcome and deliverable being identical – that is disgusting. And I believe, illegal.

I’ve decided I may start publicly sharing the ‘coaches’ who quote me and my Avatar profile differently for the same service – because it’s flat out unethical and about time somebody called these people out.

Don’t be like those guys.

Imagine how YOU would like to be treated.
Be fair and ethical in your pricing (that doesn’t mean be cheap, it means be legal).

And remember – this isn’t the freaking Hunger Games.


(And yes, this picture is me. Taken in around 2009 with a lot of make-up art!).

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