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Ep. 9 | Course Creation Motivation – Why You Should Create an Online Course Right Now

The Course Creators


Ep. 9 | Course Creation Motivation – Why You Should Create an Online Course Right Now

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Course Creation Motivation – Why You Should Create an Online Course Right Now

Course Creation Motivation - Why You Should Create an Online Course Right Now


In this episode, we’re going to be talking about Course Creation Motivation. You know you want to create a course, but you just can’t get yourself to do it. Today I’ve got 6 tips for you to get your inspiration flowing in order to finally create your online course.


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You know you want to create a course, but you just can’t get yourself to do it. Today I’ve got 6 tips for you to get your inspiration flowing in order to finally create your online course. 

Scale your business

This is often one of the reasons why people want to create an online course, because they want to scale their business. They want to help more people. They want to transform more lives. They want to make a bigger impact without necessarily actually having to do more work or hire more staff or putting more overheads that they have to then go on and deal with and manage. So scaling your business is doing exactly that. It’s about moving from one-to-one to moving to one-to-many. 

If you are currently teaching, if you are delivering workshops, if you are doing one-on-one consultations, you are exchanging your time for money, which means that there is a cap on how much you can earn. The second you put your content online, unlimited numbers of people can watch that content at exactly the same time. People from all around the word can be watching your content at the same time all around the world while you’re asleep. You don’t even need to physically be there. You can build yourself a very, very descent business very, very quickly by immortalizing your knowledge in the form of creating online tutorials, online courses, and online learning. 

Make more money

So let’s look at Course Creation Motivation number two, which is making more money. More students quite literally means more money coming in the door. And you are also creating a commercial product. The second you have stood for the camera, recorded all of your content, you have a commercial product that you can sell. You can sell it from a podcast. You can sell it from your blog. You can sell it from social media. You can sell it from your websites. You can sell it from books. You can sell it from ebooks. You can sell it wherever you choose to take it. And the best thing is every time you sell it, you don’t have to do more work. It’s not like having a coaching client or a service where now a project commences. You quite literally put it online. The client finds it themselves. They buy it themselves without you being physically involved in the transaction, and off they go and consume that product without you even having to get involved or get out of bed. 

Now another method I have is to create multiple online courses and have an online academy. Once you get yourself a couple of programs out there, voila, you now have enough content to be charging a monthly subscription. Although people don’t pay much per month for the description, it adds up to a very nice amount of money, coming in completely and utterly passively. 

You can also have just sort of authority flagship courses out there. If you are someone who is a leader in your industry, if you’re someone who’s kinda has an online presence, has an email list, has a market, you can just be constantly promoting your online course and providing that product to people who perhaps wouldn’t usually be able to afford your face-to-face services, or your high-end products, whatever they might be. You basically can now create something that anyone, anywhere in the world can access that any time for a much lower price than what it would cost to normally have your time one-on-one. 

Build your email list

So the third reason to create your online course, let’s keep motivated here, is to build your email list. This is a fantastic way to get people to see your face, figure out who you are, learn if they like your style or your personality or not. You don’t want to be wasting your time providing content to people who ultimately aren’t going to like you when it comes to looking at you in the eye and working with you one-on-one. So by doing videos, you immediately build authority, because he who teaches what he knows is automatically seen as an expert in it. 

This free lead magnet mini course only needs to be maybe your top three or top five tips. One little video per tip, and you deliver that out over a period of three or five days when someone joins your email list, and it’s a really great offer for people to exchange their email address in return for your mini course. That way you’re getting really highly targeted leads. People are only going to opt in into your email list, if you’re offering them a course that provides a solution that they’re looking for. It’s one of the best ways to find people who want exactly what it is that you’re offering in your products and services. 

Have more time

I hear so many people say, “I don’t have time to create my online course.” Now this is the most ironic one ever, because the second you have an online course, you’re going to have more time. Because you’re not going to be wasting time when there is people that can’t afford you, at the lower end of the funnel. You’re not going to be wasting time doing small list building and marketing exercises. You’re not going to be wasting time scrabbling for services-based business when that money could be coming in passively behind you, from your online course. So you’re not exchanging your time for money anymore, you’re not having to work on labor-intensive services. 

If you like doing your one-on-ones and you like doing your project-based work, now you’re going to have more time to do more of that, because you’re going to have your online course servicing all the other people behind you. I bet you have heard that saying “can I take you for a coffee to pick your brain?” As much as we’d all love to do that, it’s not possible to do it for everyone. So this is the way that you can swap those free coffees in exchange for information for a video with your top 10 tips. Once they get that bit of advice from you via your online videos, you have no idea what that’s going to convince them to lead into with you afterwards. 

Become an authority in your industry

Course Creation Motivation number five is that you become an authority in your industry the second you create an online course. It goes back to this concept that as soon as you teach something, you position yourself as somebody who knows what they’re doing. You quite literally get to show people, demonstrate in front of their own eyes that you know your topic, that you’re passionate about your topic, that you understand what it is that you’re talking about, teaching, working on, sharing with the world, because people get to see it with their own eyes. 

This also moves you away from that place of having to be all salesy, and icky, and “buy my stuff”. When people don’t know that you know what you know, you have to try and convince them by promising it. This is where advertising and marketing come in. When you’re teaching, when you’re delivering helpful, valuable, informative content, you are proving straightaway undeniably, unquestionably that you know what you know. You’re showing your expertise, rather than just promising it. 

Repurpose content

Let’s move on to the final Course Creation Motivation number six, which is about how once you’ve created your online course, you immediately create for yourself a whole other range of content that will go on to do all of those other things for you again. This is about replicating, multiplying your expertise, and it’s about repurposing your simple online course that you’ve created to now work really hard for you for a very long time to come. 

For instance, you film your online course, whether that’s your free mini course, your flagship course, your whole online academy if you go down that route, is to then transcribe it. So there are lots of tools you can use. I use for instance. You can then turn the text into a print work. You can create books, you can create ebooks. Bam, there’s another set of income stream for you. You can create keynote presentations. You can then create higher level intensive boot camps, or immersion programs, or mastermind from that online course. You can, for instance, even create a podcast. 

The sky is the limit once you’ve created this online course, all of the other things it automatically creates for you that will go on to make you more money, a bigger impact, helping more people, and establishing your credibility even higher and further just from creating some online videos. There is no reason not to do it, the hardest thing is getting started. It’s really important to remember that difference and that impact that we can make, because that’s why we’re here as educators. We’ve been training our whole entire life to share our expertise, to share our knowledge with the world, to make a difference, and to do that in a way that helps us have a better life too.


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