Efficacy Effect

Where have your beliefs in your abilities come from? 3 Perspectives on the Sources of Efficacy – Sarah Cordiner

Sarah Cordiner, founder of ‘The Efficacy Effect’ believes there are 5 stages to the creation of an ‘Efficacious Effect’; aka the development of an event, experience or circumstance that causes desired results, (or undesired ones). THE EFFECTOR – this is something causes a change in belief in one’s ability to create desired results THE MIND-SET…

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What the hell is ‘efficacy’?? It’s hell if you don’t have it!

Efficacy: Give this to your learner’s, clients and employee’s and you’ll be remembered (in the right way) forever…..   The Efficacy Effect is all about creating desired results; and importantly, it’s about maximising upon every opportunity to increase our learner’s, client’s and employee’s beliefs and awareness of their capabilities to create desired results. We all…

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Guest Post by SamWise: Educators, Mentors and Coaches, listen up! Expert reveals highly powerful butterfly-like effect for creating your desired results.

Samuel and Sarah This simple formula is going to create an effect on your life. A massive one. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE PODCAST It has the gravity and finesse for choreographing the stars around the spiral arms of a galaxy. Mark my words, with a highlighter, a sticky note or even circle the…

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