Your Sanity is a Matter of Your Perceived Control – How Efficacy Keeps You Sane

Your Sanity is a Matter of Your Perceived Control – How Efficacy Keeps You Sane

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The world is a fast moving and fast changing place. We are constantly faced with new challenges and new ways of doing things. When this is combined with the everyday life challenges of being human, we are faced with significant pressure to maintain the capability to implement control over the path our life is taking and the outcomes we desire.  For a human to feel out of control of their lives and the circumstances they face, is when stress sets in, and stress is not conducive to achieving desired results.

The Efficacy

Effect is all about creating desired results; and importantly, it’s about maximizing every opportunity to increase our learners, client’s and employees’ beliefs and awareness of their capabilities to create desired results. The fundamental basics of human survival, staying alive, require us to have (or at least feel like we have) a certain degree of control over our circumstances. Keeping ourselves out of danger, having food, and shelter, and being safe from harm of a physical, psychological, and emotional nature, all require us to execute control behaviors. Having control allows us to make choices and exercise action that assists us in attaining desired outcomes, or avoiding undesirable ones. Even when they are out of our control, simply being able to predict undesirable circumstances in our lives better prepares us to cope physically, mentally, and emotionally, as well as decide on how we may deal with the situation at hand. Feeling that we have a degree of control over our lives and our experiences, allows us to plan, prepare, and execute specific actions to attain that which we desire.  It is from this that motivation, excitement, enthusiasm, drive, and determination come, which assist us in creating desired outcomes and experiences in our lives, give us resilience when faced with challenges, and provide us with the conditions required for happiness, contentment, and success.


This level of human control over our lives is vital to our survival, and when considered lost, we face depression, ill health, fear, and turmoil. Our entire life experiences, our levels of satisfaction, confidence, well-being, and everything we achieve in life, depend entirely on us having some degree of belief in our ability to exercise control over our experiences and create desired results. Our everyday experiences, through to our entire life paths can be influenced by our perceived ability, or inability to succeed in any given activity. But the scariest part is that these perceptions are built by our collective past experiences, our environment, culture, and social groups instead of a factual analysis of our real abilities; meaning many of us make major life decisions based on false interpretations, misled mind-sets about our ability and even delusional concepts of our competence to achieve.


Here’s the magic:

  • the learned can be unlearned
  • the truth can be discovered
  • new habits and behaviors can be conditioned, and awareness can be raised.


If any single human did not have the ability to learn, grow, or achieve, she would not be able to articulate a language to tell you of her perceived inabilities in the first place. Human beings have untapped potential, all it takes to release it is a little bit of efficacy.


In The Efficacy Effect, by Sarah Cordiner you will learn how to unleash a LOT of efficacy; in yourself, and others.

Sarah xxx

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