How to step out of discontentment and unhappiness – An interview with Sarah Cordiner


Discovering ‘The Efficacy Effect’, is like getting a sneak peek at the secret recipe of man!
Educational Entrepreneur Sarah Cordiner is questioned by Fernando L Soto, Author of “What’s Next for You?”, revealing the beginning of a new educational life transformation model that plans to help the masses create desired results – The Efficacy Effect.
There’s a lot more that can be done with the work of Educators, with many thought leaders doing a great job at provoking motivation, but falling short at equipping people with the actual skills, competence, knowledge and prowess required to fulfill their personal missions.
Efficacy has the power to not only influence our daily experiences of life, but our entire life paths by the way it enables a belief in our ability to control our
circumstances and create desired results for ourselves.  A low effect of efficacy therefore, is responsible for depression, dissatisfaction, unhappiness, low achievement, bad relationships, unemployment and bad health.
To illustrate the effect of this, Fernando tells us that in the US alone, there are 50 million Americans in poverty, almost 1.5 million high school dropouts yearly, clinical depression is rated at 1,454 people per 100,000 people and unemployment is at 6.1%.
There’s a
lot to be said for the consequences of neglected efficacy, and having
experienced the good and bad end first hand, Sarah has dedicated her life to
passing onto you not just the
motivation to re-engage with or discover your life potential; but also to
provide you with the tools and capability to actually carry out your destiny.
Fernando: As a professional Trainer and thought leader
Sarah, what is your mission? What do you hope to achieve before you pass? If we
were to fast forward into the future, where would you like to go with your work
and what’s the global vision?
Sarah: This is one of the most important questions one can
ask.  Defining your purpose is always
where you begin when trying to reignite a burnt out flame for life. I have
always had a dream to create such an impact on this earth, that long after I am
gone, people will still be thinking, feeling, behaving and striving for their
own goals that perhaps they wouldn’t have been without my existence.  I wish to be the spring board for other people
and other businesses to realise their potential and see their realisations come
true.  I hope my ‘Efficacy Effect’ model
will still be used and passed onto generations and creating the realisation of potential
I want to
show people who don’t believe in themselves that they CAN have, do and be more
than they may currently know or believe.
I want to be
the instigator, the interceptor, the change-maker and the spark in people’s
lives that ignites a roaring fire in their bellies to create positive realities
and desired results.
There is
truly no limit to the ways in which we can create efficacy and consequently,
desired results in the lives of others – which is the tantalising essence of my
glorious mission!
I want to
leave behind a ‘butterfly effect’ (aka The Efficacy Effect) of realised goals,
dreams and results in people’s lives that have been and will continue to be
achieved through seeing themselves and their capabilities through a new
perspective, and giving them everything I know to make it happen and
continuously progress.
Fernando: People do not know what they do not know. No one
chooses to leave home to start their journey in life to become negative or to
aim low or, to become drug abusers or criminals.
At the
beginning of our lives, we are hopeful and optimistic. We all have high
aspirations in life and in our inner core, our soul, in our heart, we know
exactly what we want out of life. BUT…. how do we get there? That is the
Most people
just give up. They lose hope. They become victims of routine and products of
their environments but not because they do not have greatness within them. People
are scared, they have lost trust; they are confused. We’re living in a time of
rapid change and information overload and this can create fear and
hopelessness. What are your thoughts to this point?
Sarah: There is no singular way in my opinion.  There are multiple pathways that can take us
where we want to go, each requires a different set of skills, attributes,
attitudes, resources and methodologies.
But the
first question is always WHY?  From this
only do the sign posts start to pop up.
Why is this important? Why do you want more? Why is this relevant?
People need
to maintain a sense of control in order to successfully progress and attain
self-actualisation and there are many ways we can do this.
currently working on writing a book on how, as well as how other educators,
teachers, leaders and influencers can teach it all to others to create the
biggest ‘domino effect’ of change making in the world – I’d love any interested
educators and thought leaders to get in touch!
Fernando: Abraham Maslow, an American physiologist,
1908-1970, said that as long as we are in pursuit of unsatisfied needs, we will
be happy. We need holistic education.
Sarah: I believe that we should only be engaged in activity
that satisfies our needs! Even the most boring of subjects can be engaging if
approached in the right way. I believe that all educational systems in every
country, fail our learners of all ages in building outcome efficacy and
efficacious students. The reason why, is another topic altogether however and
will be addressed in my future book “Efficacious
Engagement: How NOT to kill the educational experience”.
Fernando: Of all of your training material, blogs and book
content, what is the first thing a human being needs to know or understand to
restore the declining spirit? What must they know FIRST to be motivated to act,
to participate in the world again; to contribute? We’re at the very root now; the
fundamentals of creating desired results.
Sarah: Nice question!
The absolute
first step to making any kind of change, especially when we are in a low point
in our lives, is to find your meaning. (Read Vicktor Frankyl – Man’s Search for
Meaning). Reconnecting with your meaning, purpose, reason to be alive, to live,
to have more, be more and do more is the first step.  If something has no meaning, purpose of
relevance, it is rejected by our soul. Knowles on the theory of adult learning,
states that relevance and personal benefit are vital in engaging adults in
anything.  Our brains are biologically
wired to throw out anything that doesn’t align to the context of our current
To know and
be consciously aware of why we want to live, gives us motivation.  Motivation is the fuel for everything that we
do beyond survival.  Purpose, and motivation
to achieve the purpose, are influenced by efficacy, and efficacy determines the
result – see how so many of us can get stuck in life?
I have four
other essential steps that people should follow for clawing out of low efficacy
and creating desired results, and I’ll be sharing those for free in near future
blog posts as well as the book, so stay connected!
Fernando: Our missions are congruent in that we want to
help and positively influence the lives of millions, but in a way that is full
of substance and real content, not just motivation. We want to ignite the
passion, educate and provide a lifelong recipe that can be used to only see
forward. Would you agree?
Sarah: Absolutely Fernando. We want to motivate people, and
then put flames in the fire, water in the rivers and sun in the sky.  I want to arm people with not just the belief
that they can achieve, but the tools, knowledge, skills, competencies and
prowess to undertake their missions too. I’m an advocate to levels that cannot
be beaten, having experienced the power of change it can create first-hand. I
have dedicated my life to passing it on to others and now you’re part of the
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