A frightening level of power is beheld by Educators – The Power of Efficacy

A frightening level of power is beheld by Educators – The Power of Efficacy

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The Efficacy Effect (Sarah Cordiner) is a concept that illustrates how and to what extent people can influence results through their belief in their ability to control various life events. Our everyday experiences – indeed, our entire life path – can be influenced by our perceived ability or inability to succeed in any given activity, despite what our actual ability may be.

Our existing belief systems, and subsequent behaviour patterns, have been sculpted via an array of influences. These can include your own evaluation of your past successes and failures, watching others who are similar to you succeed or fail, things people have said to you, your emotions and your personal characteristics.

Whether we
have a positive or negative suite of self-evaluations are the result of our past
experiences, environment, culture and social groups, and often exclude a
factual analysis of our real abilities. Consequently, many of us make major
life decisions based on false interpretation, misguided mind-sets about our
ability, and delusional concepts of our (non)competence to achieve.

 “Everybody is a genius,” said Albert Einstein. “But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Many of us face this kind of crushing judgement, accept it as truth, and allow it to shape our lives.


Not any more!  Following Sarah Cordiner’s principles for creating ‘The Efficacy Effect’ not only immediately instigate positive attitudinal and tangible change, but also reverse existing negative belief systems.

Efficacy is
the greatest influencer of our motivations, behaviours, actions, inactions,
daily experiences, careers, relationships, successes, failures and entire life

One tiny
event can cause life-changing shift in mind-set, which creates a
reaction in proportion to that person’s experience. This reaction is experienced
or witnessed by others who can add negatively or positively to the mind-set by
their own reactions. And so a pattern begins to emerge.

trainers, educators, leaders, coaches and parents are ideally positioned to be Efficacy
Effectors.  Get it wrong, and you’re set to ruin potentially magnificent and successful
futures.  Get it right, and you will
create a butterfly effect of success stories and wonder in every life you

To create positive change in the lives of
others, and provide them with the world’s greatest gift of efficacy, follow Sarah on Twitter @CordinerSarah, Facebook or Google+

Happy Efficacy Effecting!
Sarah xxx