6 Tips for Online Course Creation Motivation

6 Tips for Online Course Creation Motivation

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6 Tips for Online Course Creation Motivation

Thank you to those who answered the 2 questions on my quick survey last week.

I aim to answer as many of your questions as possible over the next week – and have started today with this video (below).

Most of the questions fit into the 4 main phases of creating an online course (which I detail in the video below). 

However, there was one group of questions that come one stage BEFORE creating your online course.

These questions included:

“Is creating an online course really worth it?”

“I feel overwhelmed about even getting started – how can I get motivated to start creating courses?”

“I think I need some guidance around my course creation mindset, I really want to do this but keep procrastinating and letting everything else take priority and I’m not sure why”

I have recorded a video today that aims to answer these questions, give you a dose of course creation motivation and help those of you who have been thinking about creating a course to overcome your procrastination and put it to the top of your list before the year is up!

In this video, I share:

  •  6 x online course creation motivations, AND
  • Some tips for overcoming the top 3 fears and causes of course creation procrastination that I saw coming up in the survey results

If you have any further questions or comments, do leave them in the comments below, or message me here.

Summary of main video points

If you are a ’global’ learner type, and prefer to just skip to the main points, here is a summary of the main points in my vidoe and the exact time at which that point in the video starts so that you can fast-forward to the points you are most interest in.


[06.20] Course Creation Motivation 1: Scale your business

  • From one on one to > one to MANY
  • Impact unlimited people
  • Go global instantly
  • Bigger market
  • Millions of people at the same time without any extra work or overheads

[10.06] Course Creation Motivation 2: Make more money

  • More people means more money
  • It’s a commercial product
  • It doesn’t need you to be present
  • Passive (you don’t do anything!)
  • Subscriptions / mega-launches / evergreen

[14.37] Course Creation Motivation 3: Build your email list

  • Your email list is a business asset
  • Can be a cheap or free lead magnet
  • Highly targeted leads
  • Immediate value provision
  • Have it as a pop up on your website
  • Give away on podcasts, blogs, social media, conferences etc

[17:45] Course Creation Motivation 4: You’ll get have more time

  • No longer exchanging your time for money
  • Less labour-intensive services, more passive course sales
  • Serve the people who can’t afford you usually
  • No more ‘picking your brain over a coffee’

[20:30] Course Creation Motivation 5: Become an industry authority

  • If you are teaching something, you automatically position yourself as a ‘leader’ or ‘expert’
  • You are ‘showing’ your expertise rather than promising it

[20:46] Course Creation Motivation 6:

  • Multiply your content 
  • Your course can be repurposed into many other income generating, authority positioning products and services
  • Books, eBooks, membership academy, Bootcamps, keynotes etc


[23:52] There is No Reason NOT To Do It!

  • If you want any of this, creating your online course will make it happen:
  • More time
  • More money
  • Help more people 
  • Make a bigger impact 
  • Leave a legacy
  • More products to sell
  • More authority and credibility
  • Go global
  • Bigger audience


[26:19] Course Creation Fear-Busting 1: I’m Overwhelmed / Where do I start?

  • Don’t focus on the end product
  • There are just small, simple steps
  • Nothing is ‘born’ in its ‘adult’ form
  • It’s an evolutionary process that comes in stages
  • Follow the given and proven process one step at a time


[30:42] Course Creation Fear-Busting 2: Judgement, criticism, imposter, I’m not good enough

  • You are only teaching what you DO know (not what you don’t)
  • You are only teaching those who DON’T know it yet
  • To every 1st grader, a 4th grader is an expert
  • Intelligent people doubt themselves the most
  • You must call yourself an expert in order to become one
  • You’ve been training for this your entire life

[34:47] Course Creation Fear-Busting 3: What if nobody buys it? / What if they think I’m boring?

  • You have 100% chance of it not selling if it’s not created 
  • Market research and beta-testing a pilot version
  • It’s not just about content – you may just need marketing help
  • Like attracts like – you can’t make everyone love you
  • There are ‘people’ out there for everyone – you can only find your tribe by being yourself
  • They way YOU explain it is unique (ignore comp)


[39:41] Set yourself some non-negotiable goals

  • What will you win if you DO?
  • What will you lose if you DON’T?

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