What Makes You Weird, Is What Makes You Rich

What Makes You Weird, Is What Makes You Rich

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If You Want To Succeed, You Gotta Stand Out


… and that means embracing your weirdness completely.

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we’re often bombarded with advice on what we should be doing to succeed.

However, what if the key to your success lies in the very traits you’ve been told to suppress or change?

Your unique qualities, especially those labeled as “weird” or “different,” are usually your greatest assets in building a successful business.

Recognise Your ‘Odd’ Traits & Differences:

Reflect on what makes you stand out.

Have you been criticized or told to tone down certain aspects of your personality?

These could be clues to your true calling and area of expertise.

Write down all the traits or behaviors you’ve been criticized for.

Next to each, jot down how these are strengths and assets in a business context.

Revisit Your Past:

Think back to moments in your life when you felt most criticized or misunderstood. What were you doing? How were you behaving? These instances might highlight your unique strengths.

Turn Your Weirdness Into Your Weirdness:

What others see as your ‘weirdness’ could be your biggest strength in business.

Whether it’s your unconventional thinking, unique problem-solving skills, or your distinct way of communicating, these traits can set you apart in a crowded marketplace.

Identify Your Passion:

Your weirdness is often linked to your passion.

What are you most passionate about?

How can this passion be translated into a business idea?

When you work in an area you’re passionate about, it doesn’t feel like work.

Seek Honest Feedback:

Talk to friends, family, or colleagues who know you well.

Ask them what they find most unique or different about you.

Sometimes, others can see things in us that we can’t see ourselves.

Experiment and Explore:

Start experimenting and turning up your weird.

Start speaking about it, posting about it, making videos about it, being ‘extra’ about it, embracing that personality.

See how it feels when you wear yourself authentically.

Create a Unique Offer or ‘What I Do’ Statement:

Use your unique traits to create a business proposition or offer statement that stands out.

This could be an innovative product, a new way of delivering a service, a unique customer experience, the special WAY you do what you do… highlight the thing that you’ve been keeping low about you in what you offer in your main business offering.

As an example, I come from Gypsy heritage and in in my early years of business kept this quiet as I was afraid of what assumptions people might make about me as a ‘weird’ Gypsy woman.

Now I actively promote how this thing that is different about me, helps me serve my audience better when I am helping them craft their course outlines, IP Frameworks and finding their pathways as an expert in their field – because I bring all of my expertise, qualifications AND my psychic intuitive work into ensuring that my clients are truly on their correct path to becoming a well known expert in their field.

I used to get taunted for being a ‘Gyppo’, now I’m sought after because of it.

Your weirdness, is your richness.

Build a Personal Brand:

Your personal brand should reflect your unique traits.

Use your story and your ‘weirdness’ as a powerful tool for connecting with your audience.

Write the origin story and take my ‘Brand Personality Assessment’ to find out what your unique brand archetype personality is: 

What Is Your Brand Personality? – Sarah Cordiner

Turn Up As You Are:

When making videos, doing social media stuff or networking, be your authentic self. Be who you actually are.

Don’t script videos. Don’t present like you’re on the news.

Just chat, converse and speak as you would with your best friends.

Your uniqueness will attract like-minded individuals and potential customers who appreciate what you uniquely offer.


Remember, what makes you weird also makes you wonderfully unique.

It’s your superpower in a world full of conformity.

By embracing your quirks and using them to your advantage, you can create a business that is not only successful but also a true reflection of who you are inside and out.

Good luck on your journey to turning your ‘weirdness’ into your greatest asset!

If you need help turning up your weird, come and join a whole bunch of us fellow weirdos in The Legends Lab, where you’ll learn how to use your unique skills and passions to become a well-known expert in your field: www.sarahcordiner.com/legends

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