The Online Course Customer Journey – What Types of Courses Should You Create For The Highest Impact and Income?

The Online Course Customer Journey – What Types of Courses Should You Create For The Highest Impact and Income?

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The Online Course Customer Journey – What Types of Courses Should You Create For The Highest Impact and Income?

Do you have LOTS of course ideas, but not sure where to start?
Or maybe you don’t know whether to create a big signature course, lots of mini courses, a coaching program or a membership academy?
In this video I will show a model that will change EVERYTHING for you if you are creating online programs – or plan to…….


hello how are we doing

welcome to today’s tip which is all

about your online course

customer journey

now i truly believe

that absolutely every single person out

there has an online course within them

you have something that you can teach

you have something that you can share

with the world that’s going to help

other people grow develop and have

changed lives or businesses

in some way or another but to

really have the best impact the highest


you do need to have some strategy behind

it and today i’m going to show you a


a customer journey model for course

creators that’s going to help you not

only make the biggest income

but also make the biggest impact to

those people that you’re helping

my name’s sarah corner i’m a qualified

course creation specialist and i help


create their own amazing online courses

now when it comes to um creating courses

a lot of people come to me and ask


like i have so many different online

course ideas which one do i begin with

or they want to create a online coaching

program where they’re involved as a

coach through a set period of time to

help people get certain results

other people go maybe i should have an

online academy maybe i should have lots

of mini courses

and so what i want to do today is show

you the five main types of online


and what order you might put them in if

you’re going to offer all different

types of courses

and the kind of model the flow that you

might put into place

if you are planning to make online

courses part of your business service


so let’s start with course type number

one and this is the most

important type of course that any kind

of expert consultant

coach out there in the world should have

if you want to have a successful

business and this one is called a

lead magnet course a lead magnet mini


now a lead magnet course let’s see if i

can put this up on the screen here

so a lead magnet course is basically

a thing that you give away for free that

is going to answer your audience’s

top three to five questions in your

topic in your area of expertise

what are the top three to five things

they’re going to type into google

that they really need quick help with

right now so what i recommend that you

all do

is go and find what those top three to

five questions are and there are

methods to go and find what they are so

grab my free course creation starter kit

and it will show you some tips of how to

find those but roughly what you’re gonna

be doing here

is you’re gonna be coming up with three

to five short videos no more than ten

minutes each

where each video answers one question

the one of the top burning questions

that they have

and this thing here it’s free the whole

point of it is that you’re attracting

the people that need those kinds of


now all of the marketing that you do

everything leads to this free thing okay

so if you’re doing

facebook lives your free thing if you’re

doing paid advertising it points to your

free thing if you’re doing blog posts it

should go to your free thing

you should have some kind of pop-up or

opt-in on your blogs that

say come and get my free thing if you’re

on podcasts

give away your free thing at the end of

the interview if you’re doing your own


if you’ve got youtube videos every

single thing you put out to the world

should have a link for people to come

and get your free thing

now the reason why is because when they

get this free thing

they have to type in their email address

to get it and that

is how you then build your database you

can start nurturing people and then

offering your paid products or services

afterwards now ideally you’d build a

funnel and as soon as they opt into that

free thing

um it will then immediately upsell them

to a paid thing

and so what are those paid things there

are four other types of online courses

this is online course type

number one the lead magnet course type

number two is what i call the

kickstarter course

so a kickstarter course is you know i’ve

given it that name for a reason it

quickly kickstarts your prospect your


your client into doing or getting the

results that it is that you can help

people get so it’s going to be fairly

short a kickstarter

i i tend to say like if you’re going to

be thinking about your course being the

answers to their questions the

the strategies for them to get the

results that they want roughly speaking

you’re going to want a kickstarter

to sort of be up to one hour 90 minutes

that kind of length or duration

in terms of price you want this to be

your cheapest offering

something small that’s going to enable

people to kind of risk free

come in and taste your teaching style

have a go you know like the little deli

counter where you get to nibble

something it’s not too risky

they’re not going to think too hard

about buying something from you

so this could be you know anything from

like five bucks i’m gonna put nine there

um yeah anything up to a hundred bucks

or so again this is

roughly only i’m just giving you some

rough ideas these are um rough models

not rules to follow

just giving you some clues here so this


ks for kickstarter um is going to be

anywhere from

i don’t know 10 to 25 tips or 10 to 25

videos that answer the top 10 to 25

questions that your audience might have

so if i just put

10 to 25 there that’s 10 to 25 tips 25

10 to 25

short videos that are going to help

people get kick started

into your topic they’re going to get

some quick fast results

so this one here is going to be um you

know mostly information

and a bit of implementation you’re going

to give them a couple of activities to

go away and implement

now the next type of course number three

is what i call

the authority flagship so i’m gonna put

af for authority flagship

now your authority flagship course is

basically the course that you are known

for as the absolute expert

in this is that like no stones unturned

everything you need to know about this

topic type of course

you’re going to be giving them

information you’re going to be giving

them implementation you’re going to be

giving them

transformation you’re going to be giving

them lots of implementable activities

and exercises that they can actually

literally get the results in their


um area area of expertise

we’ll speak today so this one here is

naturally going to be a little bit

longer now again there are no rules to

this i’m just giving you some

rough guidelines to to use as your base

um to get the model concept here now

this here is going to be

a more expensive program because you are

going to be going really into depth into

your topic

so you might let me look at this as

maybe a full week program

an eight-week program a 12-week program

and i but i

the kind of guide i like to give for

this is you might be sort of going from

the 25

to sort of 55 tips right so literally go

and find the top 25 to 55 questions

people are asking in your topic

you’re going to film a short answer

video to answer each of those

you’re going to be adding in some

exercises some tasks for them to go and

implement and copy

but it’s still going to be a self-study

program when you are going for an

authority flagship course

this is important for you because it

means you have scale when it’s

self-study program

you’re not physically having to give

your time which means you can literally


as many students as the sky’s the limit

into this program

and um you know you’re not going to have

to be um you’re

capping your your time and your

availability so these are going to be

more expensive now again

rough rough guide of what are selling at

the moment in the time right now in this

price range and will vary roughly from

um like that hundred dollar mark roughly


to you know it could be up to sort of

997 now again not rules it’s just

roughly what kind of authority flagship

courses are selling for

at this moment in time now of course

type number four

um is what i call the coaching program

okay so this is the first time now that


start becoming involved in the program

itself so the coaching program i’m gonna

just put coach here

sorry if you can’t read this too well

and your coaching program

is basically your authority flagship

course plus you all right

people are now going to pay extra not

necessarily for any difference in


but in being able to have access to the

expert in being able to have access to

you to ask you any questions it is that

they might want to have answered

and to get answers that are more

tailored to their unique specific


these people here are also going to want

to be in some kind of community

so you might have for instance a

facebook group or a community or a

secret community that goes with this

where everyone who’s joined it

you know gets to have this really

personal support and this kind of sense

of community that they belong to

so um i tend to add zoom calls weekly

zoom calls into this coaching program


and just to give you an example my

concept of course program fits into this

banner here

so in that they get every single

possible piece of training and knowledge

an online learning portal with all of

their training tutorial videos in there

that they can go through any place they


plus a secret facebook group plus a one

hour group

live coaching call with me once a week

every week

for the whole duration of the program

and of course inside that secret

facebook group they get access to me

basically 24 7 through the whole

duration of the program to ask any

questions they want

about course creation or their unique

situation so you see here now

is people now are starting to come in

and go i just no matter what i need

accountability i need a community i need

the expert to help me just

push through this and get to the end

result so that means that these kinds of

programs are obviously more expensive

because now you

are exchanging your time your expertise

for this outcome that you’re giving your

students so again rough idea for you not


these are tend to be people’s higher

ticket programs right so these can range

in anything from the 197 mark through to

you know 2k plus this is where people’s

programs start going up into the 5k the


and so on now by the way it’s not that

expensive to join concept of course

you can actually join my whole coaching

program for just 297

on the light plan um but this is where

now you start taking people through this


what often happens is people will

actually start with your free stuff they

decide from your free thing whether they

even want to continue working with you

buying from you if they like you they

like your style

they may then go oh but i’m still not

sure but i’m just i’m just gonna go and

buy something cheap for now

they buy that cheap thing they’re like

okay this is cool i got some results

from this this really really worked but

now i want to go to the next steps and

then you know start understanding the

whole aspect

of this they go to your authority

program and they buy that and then what


is life gets in the way and they don’t

go and implement because this is


so then they come and join your coaching

program to then actually have the


for the implementation you know there’s

a strict timeline um they’ve got that 30

days to make the most of it and by

having your support your guidance your


and you know they actually just get

their hand held and get over the finish


now the other type of program and this

is the answer to the question

of you know what do i do if i look have

i have lots of course ideas

the next type of program is what i call

number five

the membership academy okay so i hope

you can see this yes you can just

checking my screen

number five is the membership academy

academy here now this is basically where

people pay you a monthly fee by direct

debit from their bank accounts

to basically access everything that you


so after a while of creating courses you

may have

lots of mini courses lots of mini

kickstarters now if you’re someone who’s

got a topic that is enormous right

you might actually be better off

creating lots of small

mini courses that address specific

questions or really specific

parts of your overall area of expertise

so you might be better off creating ten


hour courses then you are creating one

10 hour course

nobody’s got time for a 10-hour course

these days and it can be very

overwhelming to people to see a course

that big

so i would many cases encourage people

to break their

courses up into lots of mini topics pop


all into one big academy

because your academy basically will then

consist of all of the many courses you


you might have an authority flagship

course or two um you may even include

some of your coaching elements into your

academy now um

roughly speaking people pay anything

from sort of 27

to 97 a month roughly at the moment

again that’s not a rule some people

charge a hell of a lot more than that

i’m just giving you an idea of what’s

the most common um at this moment in


so i basically after a period of time

you just start adding all of these

things that you create maybe you’ve got

workshop recordings that you’ve done for

private groups

and maybe you’ve got little mini courses

you know you’ve got all these different

elements you might have books or ebooks

that you include in here as well

and basically your membership is access

to all sales study content

plus and i just simply have on here i’m

going to write zoom

plus a monthly live call with you

a group live call with you where people

can come in and ask any questions they

want about any of the content that

they’ve gone through inside your academy


so this here is one of the most

profitable models that you could

possibly have in place

and if you plan this before you start

creating your courses

this will enable you to then create a

marketing system behind the scenes

that’s going to walk your customers

through these stages so again this is a

model it’s one model it’s not the only

way of doing this so i really want to

make that clear

it’s it’s a way of doing this and it’s a

way that works

really really really well so going back

to your lead magnet

and what you’re going to be doing behind

the scenes and i’ll just choose i’ll

keep going with the blue here

we’re going to do behind the scenes is

like i said your lead magnet is your

free thing so just to give you an

example i’m going to put it up on the

banner below me right now my free thing

is my free course creation starter kit

i help people create online courses so i

want to get people who are at the

beginning of that journey which is why

i’ve called it a starter kit

now inside my free starter kit i’ve

actually kind of over delivered

i actually answer the top 10 questions

people have about course creation you


how do i pick the right topic how do i

check market demand how do i find

amazing content how do i organize and

structure that content

and you know how do i um film it and

edit it

how do i set up my own online school how

do i do all the marketing

i saw these questions that were coming

all the time so i made my free course

creation starter kit

um a training package that answers all

of those top 10 questions that every

newbie in my industry would have

so what happens behind the scenes is all

across all across

everywhere all over the internet i’m

promoting that free thing

all of the time whenever i’m everywhere

it’s always the free thing i give away

because it’s easier to get people’s

email addresses for something for free

than it is to do a direct sell so behind

the scenes when they log into this

free starter kit they have to get they

have to get it by popping in their email


so they pop in their email address they

get an email with their free starter kit

and then what happens behind the scenes

is i nurture them over a period of time

so over

20 days every other day i then send them

one of the answers to those top 10


that people always ask when they are

starting with course creation

at the bottom of each email i say ps you

may be interested in

blur and obviously then promote one of

my paid offerings

now the last thing i offer people after

they’ve been through my whole system

um you know people that then go right

through to the coaching program i’m

always trying to filter all of these


into my academy at the end because what

often happens

is people you know they start learning

the skills they’ve learned the

techniques if you’ve done your job right

they’re now equipped with the

competencies to actually do what needs

to be done

but again what people um find is that

life’s busy but by having the

accountability of a membership

that monthly call the access to all of

the other training

they love having this community to

belong to to then continue

to implement all of these things they’re

learning over time and they stick around

for a while if you’ve got some you know

that you keep adding little mini things

in there that

is helpful to them your coaching calls

are valuable each month and you’re

answering all of their questions

they stay here now just to give you some


of the types of numbers that can start

coming through here this

is huge for any business when you have

regular repeated money coming in every

single month

now you can choose obviously what price

you charge your membership for like i

said these are not rules they’re just

i’m just telling you what the most

common prices are in the industry

but let’s pretend if we go somewhere in

the middle my for instance my academy

it’s got over 60 online courses in it

you get a live monthly coaching call

with me

every single month to ask any question

you like there’s over twenty thousand

dollars worth of courses in my academy

and i only charge forty seven dollars a

month for mine now at first people were

like sarah i started doing this like six

years ago

people like sarah you’re crazy you’re

gonna completely cannibalize your own

business you know you’ve got like

thousand dollar courses in there and

you’re giving people access for 47 bucks

i was like yes yes i am

well what happens when you’ve got a

hundred people paying you 47

a month is you’re earning 4 700 a month

every single month for turning up for

one hour

because everything else is self-study

then imagine you have 200 people in your

academy charging

47 a month now that’s nearly 10 000

every single month for an hour of your

time let’s pretend you’ve got 500 people

in your academy you’re charging 47

a month that’s 23 000 a month

every single month coming in passively

for one

hour of your time it’s insane right how

big these numbers can get

and these people love it because the

bigger the community gets the more

valuable it becomes and just it starts

snowballing it gets bigger

and it gets crazy at the numbers that

start pouring through so when you are

planning on creating your first online

course your next online course maybe

you’re in the middle of it at the moment

think about the customer journey and the

model that you have and the

ultimate goal that you have and set one

core goal

so i have all of these offerings like i

said i have 60 courses in my academy

that fit into kickstarter and authority


but the one goal i have all the time

is to ultimately lead people into my

academy because this is where


business profits cash flow come in and

for you as a business owner that’s


sustainable business means you can keep

helping people right you can’t keep

helping people if you’re not making

sustainable income

so there you go um if you guys find that

interesting you can come and grab my

free starter kit

um alternatively i just wanted to let

you know about my coaching program

and it’s called concept of course it is

my 30-day course creation group coaching

program and over

30 days i will personally walk you

through creating and

launching your very own online course or

maybe your authority flagship program

maybe your coaching program or your


in 30 days i will help you come up with

the right topic focus on the right niche

make sure that idea has market demand i

will help you

come up with content that your audience

are going to

love i’m going to help you structure it

all i’m going to help you set up your

online school your very own online

school where you can start

putting in all of these courses that by

the 30th day

you have a link to give out to the world

and start sharing with your students

so i cover all of that my concept of

course program and the next one it only

runs a few times a year the time of

recording this video right now

and the next one runs in just three days

time it starts on the first of march and

is running all through march if you

would like to come and join that there

is still time to come on board

it’s forward slash c2c

there are three packages to choose from

the like package is only 297

so guys it’s usually 350 bucks for a one

hour session with me

so for only 297 you get the whole


you also get three months access to my

academy you also get

four live group coaching calls with me

the value is insane

and of course you get access to me for

entire 30 days to ask any question you


to help you get that course created and

launched so come and join us forward slash c2c and i

really hope to see you in the next

concept to course program i’ll see you


bye for now