The New (and much better) Way Of Getting Leads And Making Sales

The New (and much better) Way Of Getting Leads And Making Sales

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‘Edu-preneurship’ and ‘Edu-marketing’ are the new ways of generating leads, impacting your market, positioning yourself as the authority in your field and of course, making more sales!
Think ‘content marketing’ but on super-intergalactic steroids!  
It’s about moving away from ‘selling’, and instead creating a following by educating and informing your market (but doing so in a profitable manner – hence the ‘preneur’ part).
It’s about taking what you know out of your head (where it has little to no bottom-line-value) and turning it into a USEFUL product with income-earning potential – such as a webinar, training course or workbook; and doing so in a way that it is actually beneficial, engaging and of value to your audience.
Thing is, we’re all experts in whatever our niche is, not in writing and delivering training; so most entrepreneurs never get onto the profitable ‘edupreneur’ train and thats a real shame – the world NEEDS your knowledge AND they want to pay for it.
But where do you start? How the heck do you get everything thats in your head, out into a structured, organised course layout AND make it meaningful, engaging and transformational for your audience?
That’s where I come in folks.
In the video below you’ll find just a teeny, weeny, iccle, little taste of some of the stuff I teach entrepreneurs to help them become ‘edu-preneurs’.
I’ve created online courses which you’re all invited to join in on if you want to get some neat tips for doing sales and marketing the NEW (and much better) ‘EDU-PRENEURIAL’ way!

You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel as I regularly post instructional videos for free there.
If you want to get more information about Edu-preneurship and Edu-marketing click here: MORE EDUPRENEURSHIP 
Author: Sarah Cordiner

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