The Big Shift To Big Business – Overcoming The Common Fears and Challenges of Moving To The Next Bigger Stage in Your Business

"The Big Shift To Big Business" 

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This is all about Overcoming The Common Fears and Challenges of Moving To The Next Bigger Stage in Your Business.

In it, I talk about some of the challenges you might face as you grow bigger and more visible, 

Dealing with the imposter syndrome and craziness that can come with growth and more success...

...and how to keep on pushing through the friction of growth to ever bigger levels of success as a stand-out expert in your field.


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Show Notes

For those who prefer to read, here are some show notes of what is discussed in this episode:

TRUTH BOMBS: Change Is Coming

  • If you want something different, you have to DO something different..
  • ... and more importantly, BE a different person..
  • ... which all means.. living a different LIFE.
  • Are you REALLY ready for your LIFE to change?
  • Because it can and it WILL if you commit to going after your goals
  • There WILL be tough changes and AMAZING changes
  • Are you ready to become a different person, and have a different life?


Here are some common things to expect as you shift into playing big with your goals that are very very NORMAL experiences of growth....


You’re ‘On Your Own’

  • It's often lonely being an entrepreneur. And the higher you go, often the lonelier it gets.
  • Nobody is going to pay you, take care of you or say ‘well done’ in your annual appraisal.
  • You MUST build your OWN Throne.
  • Nobody is going to crown you ‘the leader of this land’ and hand you the throne.
  • You must crown yourself and start acting like the leader right NOW.
  • People follow the leader - they don’t pat you on the back for dreaming of becoming one.
  • Whoever is in front, is being followed.
  • Start walking.


Your Friends Will Change & Not Everyone Will Support You

  • You ARE going to lose some friends
  • Those you thought would support you, won’t.
  • Strangers WILL.
  • Some people will even actively try to ‘pull you down’ - Tall poppy is a thing
  • Remember the ‘3 Stages of Truth’
    • Ridicule
    • Violent opposition
    • Acceptance
  • But you’ll gain new ones - supportive, understanding cheerleaders
  • .... and some of the old ones will come back to ask you for a job

Hello Imposter Syndrome!

  • Believing that you are not as competent as others perceive you to be
  • Feeling like a fraud
  • Attributing your growing success to ‘luck’
  • Fear of not being able to live up to your own or others expectations
  • Perfectionism - unobtainable self-imposed standards
  • Overworking to compensate for feelings of inadequacy - and usually on things that don’t matter
  • Comparing your ‘Day 1’ to other people’s ‘Year 10’
  • Fear of ‘failure’.... (what IS failure anyway?!)


What Failure?

  • I won’t make any money - Market more, tweak your offer, try again, test a new audience, test a different format, market more.
  • I won’t sell any courses - Do more marketing, keep marketing.
  • People won’t like me - Some won’t. Be nice to people and most will
  • I’m not good enough - You know more about your topic than the people suffering and searching for your help right now
  • I’ll hit a wall and stop growing - Yes you will. We all hit a plateau after a while. This is when you know it’s time for the next phase of change and growth.
  • I’m not sexy enough - I guess we should go and fire every single teacher, professor, educator, author and speaker in the world who isn’t also a model then, because they suck in a mankini...


Increased Self-Doubt & Imposter Syndrome

  • The more successful you become, the MORE you have to loose
  • Fear, self doubt and imposter syndrome NEVER go away
  • Don’t ‘wait’ until it’s ‘gone’ - it won’t ever be
  • Learn to embrace your instincts of self-preservation - but do it anyway
  • Success is not a lack of fear, it’s the courage to progress despite fear
  • FACT: Somebody courageously progressing forward with their dreams is not someone who is seen to have self-doubt and fear...
  • Only YOU can feel it; only YOU know that it is there


Different Problems & Challeges

  • Everyone thinks ‘when I’m making a million dollars + per year, all my troubles will be gone.
  • Wrong.
  • The more money you make the more successful you become, the more ‘different’ your challenges become
  • You cannot measure success on a lack of challenges
  • But you grow more equipped to deal with different challenges
  • Never-ending sense of achievement and pride comes with it

Are you ready for ‘different’ challenges?


Increased Visibility

  • Time to shine and get seen..
  • More recognition as an expert, greater online exposure, more people talking about you, more people wanting and ‘needing’ you
  • You’ll be celebrated, praised, admired and even awe-strike people
  • You’ll get followers, fans, ‘crushes’ and even obessions on you
  • But this also means more criticism, scrutiny, judgement and pressure
  • Some obsessions go beyond fandom and become scary
  • Get a PO Address Box
  • Remove photos of your house and kids schools etc; consider removing family members as ‘listed’ on your profiles


What If They Say Something MEAN?!

  • .... What if they say something NICE??!
  • People ARE going to say mean things TO you, and ABOUT you - this we must accept
  • People don’t care about us as much as we think they do
  • Some of the biggest scandals in the world right now you don’t know about or care about
  • Politicians, Police, celebrities, your kids school teacher, your favourite neighbor - all have mean things said about them
  • You’ve probably said mean things about people
  • Never ‘fight’ or ‘argue’ to defend yourself
  • You win through your ACTIONS, not your ARGUMENTS
  • GRACE always wins overreaction


Some Practical Changes..

  • Join business networking groups, masterminds, Facebook groups etc
  • Separate your personal and business expenses - and have separate bank accounts
  • Register as a ‘company’ (talk to an accountant)
  • Do the ‘profit first’ banking set-up (See workshop called ‘Profit First Your Business’)
  • Announce on your social media that you are embarking on a new challenge, going for a new level and hope to have their support
  • Get your PO Box address
  • Start BEING the new you NOW
  • Update your bios, LinkedIn, clothes, presentation



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