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10 Ways To Lead With Humility

By Sarah Cordiner / 04/03/2019

Humility: (noun): “the quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance”. There are endless requirements of a leader, but one we rarely see on their job description is ‘must be able to lead with humility’, despite it being one of the strongest influencers on an organisation’s culture. Pope Francis believes that humility…

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14 Reasons Why You Should Become an Edu-preneur in 2018

By Sarah Cordiner / 29/12/2017

We are in the midst of a learning revolution. Consumers are hungrier than ever to know why and how things are done, and are only buying from those who tell them. This change is happening right now.  Those not willing to jump on board are already being left behind. In this article, edupreneur of 12…

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10 Business Growth Strategies For Edupreneurs and Course Creators in 2018

By Sarah Cordiner / 01/12/2017

10 Business Growth Strategies For Edupreneurs and Course Creators in 2018   If you want to sell more online courses, books, eBooks, consultations, workshops or other products and services in 2018, your sales success will be directly proportionate to the amount of work that you put in.  There’s no shortcut to success.   Effective marketing…

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11 Ways To Overcome The Competition

By Sarah Cordiner / 14/11/2017

It’s completely normal to feel threatened by your competition. There have been times when I’ve sat back and watched one of my competitors execute some spectacular launch and it made me feel so inferior that I momentarily questioned my entire career choice whilst shoving an entire packet of chocolate-coated comfort biscuits into my mouth! As…

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What To Do If You Can’t Afford To Create an Online Course

By Sarah Cordiner / 10/10/2017

“I Can’t Afford To Do It”… Is this reason holding you back from your online course creation?  If so, this article is for you….   I work with many aspiring edupreneurs every week.  All of them have great ideas and an abundance of talent that they could serve with and profit from.   When I…

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How To Create, Schedule and Publish a Blog Post in WordPress

By Sarah Cordiner / 29/05/2017

How To Create, Schedule and Publish a Blog Post in WordPress Blogging is an incredible way to get yourself and your expertise out to the world. Once that blog is published, anyone can find it, and that means that they can find YOU, your expertise and of course, your products and services. In this video,…

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How To Get More YouTube Video Views

By Sarah Cordiner / 29/05/2017

How To Get More YouTube Video Views This video will show you a little trick to grow your YouTube video views much faster – by embedding your videos to your blog posts and then altering the HTML code of the video so that the video auto-plays. By setting your video to autoplay, anytime a viewer…

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What You MUST Know Before Creating Online Courses or Starting an Online Info Business

By Sarah Cordiner / 05/02/2017

Building an online business for the first time is challenging! I see many new online entrepreneurs  giving themselves a real hard time about it all – thinking that they have to know it ALL right away. There is a lot to take in and it does take a long time to learn – especially if…

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12 Success Tips That I’ll Definitely Be Taking into 2017

By Sarah Cordiner / 20/12/2016

I’ll save the fluffy intro.  Here are 12 things that have really helped me have an absolutely sensational 2016 in business, and that I will definitely be taking into next year – enjoy!   Have a really clear plan A plan is not about writing a to-do list.  It’s about defining exactly what every single…

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9 Ways To Get Less Haters and More Fans in Business: People Buy YOU

By Sarah Cordiner / 27/11/2016

What is the difference between those who create truly loyal fans and those who get ostracised by the very community they are trying to engage? How is it, that even though we may have competitors who are far less intelligent, capable and competent than us, have raging success and a tribe of dedicated followers who…

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