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9 Ways To Grow Your Business in 2020

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9 Ways To Grow Your Business in 2020

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9 Ways To Grow Your Business in 2020


Which strategies can you implement without spending a budget on ads, so that you can grow your business right now? 

Today, I’m going to take you behind-the-scenes into one of my private, paid workshops. You are going to get the uncut audio of my workshop ‘9 Ways To Grow Your Business in 2020’. You will get access to all of the juice, so that you can grow your business, grow your followers, grow your impact, and grow your income.


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Your mission for 2020

Ask yourself first: what is the one main mission you want to achieve? What is the one thing you can do that will change everything? I want to be as specific as possible: X number of sales or X major clients or X major retailers. 

The next thing many people do, is to now write a massive to do list. We write these things all over our to do list all the time and we thinking ahead, you know, psychologically, if I tick off all these things on my to do list, I’m gonna reach my goal. If I get all of these tasks done, I’m gonna reach my goal. But it’s completely the wrong way of working, because what happens is we then become a reactive slave to our to do lists. And we end up doing and focusing our time, our very valuable time that most of us don’t have. 

So what I like to do when I am planning out my ‘how I’m gonna make that mission come to life’, is instead of writing down a massive to do list, I work backwards. I put the mission right at the top of my page. Right, that’s the one thing I focus on, every single thing I do is to end up there, that is the end point of what I want to happen. The next thing I want you to do is to pick three simple projects that need to be completed through the year to achieve that mission. Then underneath each project, you’re simply going to put three tasks that you have to do to complete the project that will complete the mission. 

Now if you’ve got a whole heap of tasks in your to do list, I look at everything on my to do list and I go ‘right, which projects does that to do belong to?’ I break them all out into three columns. And if there is anything left on this to do list, that doesn’t directly align to achieving one of those tasks that achieves one of the projects that achieves the mission. It’s a completely useless task that was wasting my time and was setting me up to fail. 

Focus on the tasks that only you can do

Of course, there are things that need to be done in business in general, basic admin and things like that. Can I delegate this? You can hire freelance virtual assistants, who can do absolutely anything for you: managing your calendar, booking your appointments, managing your email inbox, managing your social media channels, creating those beautiful little graphic cards to pull all of your social media, posting stuff out for you, booking appointments, finding summits for you to present on, turning your videos and knowledge into beautiful e-books that you can publish on Amazon, there’s so many things that these virtual assistants can do. This is a fantastic way for you to stop focusing on the everyday admin on the chores that somebody else really can do, you only need to be focusing on the things that only you can do. 

The things that only you can do are talking to clients and customers. Doing that front facing stuff, sharing your personality out with the world, that’s the stuff that makes people go: “I like her, I connect with her, she’s the one I want to work with”. Once you have eliminated and delegated tasks, you now have more time to get strategic, because you’re not focusing on this to do list that’s telling you what to do. 

How to get your business out there and how to make more money?

Every single thing you now do becomes really, really clear why you’re doing it and what you need to do to make it work. If you do a social media post, every single social media post you do is yes, to be there to be seen, to be heard, to connect, to build relationships, to ultimately reach your goal. Every time you put anything on your website, every single thing on your website is to be there to you know, have search engine optimization to be found to be seen, to establish your credibility, to reach your goal. Every single social media post should have a link to the thing that you’re selling. Every single part of your website should have an opt inbox where they can give you their email address, or where they can ultimately buy something there and then, sign up to that thing straightaway or buy the things straightaway. 

Tip 1: Create an online course

Obviously, as the cost creation specialist, I tell everyone that you have something to teach. If you are not educating your market about your products and services, you don’t exist because people don’t know why they should buy it. So create an online course. It sounds really complicated, but if you’ve got a phone, you’ve got everything you need. All you need to do is come up with top 10 tips about your thing. You’re gonna film one video for each of those tips. That video only needs to be five minutes long. Boom, done, you have an online course. 

It’s 10 tips on a phone, it’s going to take you half an hour to film 10 little tips and press upload. You stick them on YouTube, unlisted, you don’t even need technology to do this. And it’s going to give you their email address, to view that content that they are really interested in. If they’re interested in that content, and they’ve given you their email address, I can guarantee you, they’re gonna buy something from you if you stick to that mission of putting the thing that you’re selling in front of them. 

Now you’re not exchanging your time for money anymore. You don’t have to be there to answer those same questions over and over and over again, like what 10 questions do you always get asked about your thing? That is your online course content right there. Now you’re no longer involved in the process. The videos are doing your sales for you. Now, you can have millions of people watching your content all at the same time. 

Tip 2: Videos & livestreaming

Video is the number one form of consumed content online: 82% of all of the content that’s consumed online. And what’s even more amazing is: people love video so much that they even watch them with the sound off. Quite frankly, if you don’t have videos, you don’t exist. If you don’t have videos, your competitors are going to beat you if they do, because video is the number one form of engagement and human connection aside from the sitting in front of each other. 

With video, you can actually feel somebody’s nature, you can feel their character, you can feel their personality, you can watch them for a short period of time and feel like you know them. You are able to push away the people who are not your tribe, you’re able to push away those people who are not your people you don’t want to work with like people you’re just never gonna click with. And importantly, magnetize the people who are just like you, magnetize the people that would never have been able to decide whether they were gonna pick you or the other guy because of the fact that you had a video that showed them that they liked you. It’s how you demonstrate that you’re good at what you’re good at. 

You can do pre recorded videos or you can do live videos. Both are fine, but if you want to absolutely maximize this in terms of getting reach and search engine optimization, that means If someone goes to Google and types in something about your thing, you come up, I highly recommend going live. 

And remember the mission, the mission, the mission! The live stream has to have a purpose to show people who you are, how you can help them and direct them into buying the thing. So you do the live stream, it gets maximum reach because it’s live, then you can press download. I pop on over to YouTube, and I press upload on YouTube. Now I’ve doubled my content. I go to my Facebook business page, and I press upload on my Facebook business page. Now I natively have that video on my business page and my YouTube channel. All of those places are searchable on Google. So if I now go in and type in how to something or whatever your thing was about, you now have three chances of coming up in my Google search results.

Tip 3: Publish books & ebooks

Publishing a book is really, really easy to do. If you have done a live stream video, and you’ve saved the video on your computer, you can transcribe that video at the click of a button. So you have the text version of your video. Now first of all, you can turn that text into a blog post. Once you’ve got loads and loads of blog posts, you stick them all together, you save it as a PDF, and you upload it to Amazon. Boom published author! 

All of a sudden you now have more money coming in. I get a cheque from Amazon every single month. And people go “oh, I found you on Amazon.” The second you do this, your credibility goes through the roof. And it’s not as hard as people think. 

Tip 4: Subscriptions & memberships

No matter what you do, you could create some kind of subscription program. And the important thing about this is, this now moves you from having unpredictable cash flow. A sustainable safe business is one that has sustainable income. And if you can get people to pay you the same amount of money every single month, and you focus on building that spot part of your business, the faster your business grows. 

Also, lots of small numbers adds up to a lot of numbers. Well, if you’re charging $79 and you have 100 people, that’s $7,900 a month, every month. And it’s not that hard when you think about it. I’m sure you’ve got more than 100 people on your Facebook friends list alone.

Tip 5: Blog & guest blog

Blogs come up in people’s search results. If they come up in search results, you’re getting seen, you’re getting found, you’re getting booked. So I transcribe my videos using and posting those on our websites. That is exactly how you get yourself out there that way. 

Tip 6: Podcasts

Another way is podcasts. You can create your own podcast, it’s much easier than people think. Now if that sounds like way too much work for you, you can steal other people’s audiences. There are millions of podcasts out there. Just find out which ones your audience listens to and ask the host to come on and share your tips. So that podcast goes live, and that’s searchable on Google. It’s shared on YouTube, it’s shared everywhere by the podcaster. The more successful that podcast becomes, the more times your episode is going to get listened to. And you’ll find that you will get business from podcasts that you recorded years ago, years later. So that’s another amazing strategy that’s worked really well for me to get seen to get heard to get more customers. 

Tip 7: Digitise traditional products & services

I think people are going to realize quite soon that the overheads in doing what we do online, and therefore the increase in profitability is exactly what is going to change our businesses. Quite simply record your top most common pieces of advice that you give, your top questions you answered, the top teachings or workshops, or presentations that you gave, record them on video, and you now have that in digital format. 

Now you can reach a global audience with that content rather than just a local group of people. And it doesn’t have to be video, perhaps you want to create digital guides or digital manuals or e-books. And if you provide services, can you do remote services? 

Tip 8: Mini challenges

Organising challenges has been a massive way that I have grown my email list and my following, and ultimately made heaps of money. So I would love you to come up with a mini challenge, like a five day challenge. Can you come up with a five day challenge that I can take to get some kind of result a really quick result in your area of expertise? 

People just love a challenge. They love it when you give them a task, set up a little pop up Facebook group for it because people are so much more engaged in Facebook groups. Now all of a sudden they’re a trapped audience. Make sure you find a way to get their email address, preferably through an email marketing software. One of the things you can do is with your Facebook group, you can actually set an entry question before they can join the group. So I have in my Facebook group, the entry question is, do you want me to send you a free thing? If so, email address below, and then they press request to join. So I actually collect people’s email addresses before they join my group. 

When they finished the challenge, they’ve now got to know you. They’ve got a result from you. They’ve seen that you know your thing, and boom, they’re now going to be primed for a sale. So just go and sell sell, sell. 

Tip 9: Sell packages over items

Give me a package, not an hourly rate, not an individual item. This is how you increase your transaction value. Now if you’re selling products, think McDonald’s. You never go to McDonald’s and just buy a portion of chips. What happens is you normally buy a whole meal, not just an individual item. Never say ‘I charge $100 an hour’. Even if you’re charging a million dollars an hour, your income is still gonna be capped. There’s only so many hours in a day. So that means there’s only so much work that you can do. And there’s only so much money you can earn. As soon as you start packaging your products, you can increase the price and increase your income. 

When they see all this stuff in your package, get coupons, get vouchers, get stuff from other people. Get other people’s e-books. There’s so much stuff you can get for free online and legally allowed to share and distribute that you can add to this package. Now people go ‘oh my God, that’s a bargain.’ 

So take a look at what you’ve got to offer and go, how could you create a light version? How could you create a standard version? And how could you create a plus VIP Platinum version? Now when you have three options or something, never have more than three options because then people get buyers’ fatigue and they don’t know which one to go for and they buy nothing. Also, pure statistics people always pick the middle one. So make your middle one, to be the one that looks like it has the most value, and it has the least amount of work for you to do. 

Really think out the box and be creative here to increase the value and the price of the transaction of the thing that you’re selling. And this is where you go from $100 an hour to five $6,000 an hour. It’s amazing how just changing it can increase what people are willing to pay, and then thank you for it as well. 


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