What To Do If you Don’t have Enough Time To Create Your Online Course

What To Do If you Don’t have Enough Time To Create Your Online Course

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“I Don’t Have Enough Time!”  hands up who’s said this before in response to that desire to create an online course?

If so, this article is for you….


Most business owners, entrepreneurs, in fact almost everyone I meet wants two things: more money and more time freedom.  


Online courses, when done correctly and in conjunction with a proper entrepreneurial business plan can give you both more time and more money – let alone all of the other benefits of impacting more people, contributing to an industry, an economy and a movement that advances humanity in some way.  


Yet bizarrely I find time and time again that the very thing that can help people get them exactly what they want, is the thing that they put to the bottom of their priority list over and over again – creating their online courses!


The irony of this is that anyone saying that they don’t have time to create their online courses, is essentially saying that they don’t have the time to do the very thing that is going to give them more time!  

As soon as your content is online, you can immediately take on a potentially unlimited amounts of customers, without having to do any extra work!  You can send customers to your self-study options instead of you needing to go to that coffee meeting, or jump on that skype call, or deliver that webinar.  By putting your knowledge and expertise into an online course, you are eliminating the need to continue to put your time into personally serving your customers.  


Still putting this at the bottom of your priority list?


Time Is Money


The very same argument is true for those who want to make more money, but can’t because they don’t have the time to take on any more customers.


I was on a coaching call with a client of mine, Jessica.  She has contacted me because she really wanted to get a plan together for her online course on first time parenting.  By 2 hours into our call, I had helped her get her complete online course plan written out, every module, lecture and learning outcome, ready to film!  

She could have had it live within a few days.  

Then she hit me with a sentence that I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard, ‘I’m not going to do my course yet because I’m really busy with other stuff and dont have the time right now’.  ‘

What other stuff?’ I asked, knowing what was going to come next.  

Well I’ve got to earn money Sarah, and to do that I need to see my customers and with all of them that i need to see to earn my money, I don’t have time for this just yet’.  


I silently facepalmed myself and rolled my eyeballs with an unsurprised familiarity.  I know full well that if you don’t change anything, then nothing changes, and Jessica, like many edupreneurs was stuck in a self-imposed trap that quite simply was a never ending cycle.  I knew she was never going to have time to create her courses (which would give her more time and money as a result) unless something gave way.


Well why don’t you drop one or two of your current customers this week so that you can get this up and running by next week – which will then give you more time and money?’ I asked.  ‘But I need the money they are paying me, I can’t afford to drop them for a week to do this’. Jessica exclaimed as if I’d just asked her to donate her head to medical research. Double face palm.  


I’d love to say that this story had a happy ending, but I recently touched base with Jessica on Facebook and months later she still hasn’t filmed her course, she’s still cramming client advisory sessions into every waking hour she has so that she can get every cent from them until some epiphanous day magically presents to her more time and money (which obviously won’t happen).  


Sadly there are a lot of edupreneurs like Jessica out there.  They keep pushing the very thing that they need to do to get more time and money aside, to keep doing what they are doing which clearly isn’t where they want to be.


In 2016 I was in a training session with Rory Vaden who was teaching us that success is all about multiplying our time.  He essentially put it to us that success is not related to the number of tasks we do in a day, but how we multiply the minutes in a day.


In a world where there is so much demanding our time and attention, my favourite thing he said was ‘give yourself emotional permission to spend time on things today, that will give you more time tomorrow’.  As someone who is always ‘busy’, yet obsessed with insane productivity, this sentence really stood out for me.  


If we go about our days thinking that we are ‘spending’ (another way of saying ‘giving away’) each minute that we have, we can feel stressed, anxious and even guilty about how we spend those minutes, as once they are gone, they are gone.  

We are in a trap of literally exchanging our life for whatever we are doing in that moment, and if it does not equate to the value of our life in our minds, we start to experience dissatisfaction and unhappiness.  BUT, when we see time as an investable resource – as something we can get back, then we can use it to our power.  

We can use it to multiply what we get back from each minute we put in.  

If we spend more of our time focussing on tasks right now, that are going to ultimately give us more time in the future, then we have quite literally multiplied our time.


This could be spending time writing up detailed instructions and training videos for completing a task that we do regularly, so that we can start delegating that task from there onwards to an assistant or employee.  

It could be turning our services and knowledge into online courses so that we can divert our customers to the self-service options before booking up our time.


Yes, you’re busy, but if you want more time tomorrow, you need to invest some of the minutes you have right now to get more back in the future.  


It’s TIME to create your online course, right now.  TICK TOCK TICK TOCK TICK TOCK……

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