As unemployment in Australia rises, return to work support gets cut

By Sarah Cordiner / December 15, 2015

Have your say on this here: **OLD POST from early 2015 – lifted from the archives due to recent blog updates** The Government have just slashed the national funding for training the unemployed, which will see more people unemployed for much longer periods of time, if not forever. Without the funding for necessary job training, job seekers…

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Aboriginal Art Workshops – Perth

By Sarah Cordiner / January 28, 2015

Ever wanted the REAL Australian experience? The ones WITHOUT suffocating tour buses and structured schedules? Meet REAL people, learn the REAL Aboriginal stories in the way traditional Aboriginal culture has been passed on for generations? Survival, lessons, hunting, tribal law, bush tucker, bush medicine, relationships – EVERYTHING in traditional Aboriginal culture is passed on by…

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Guest Post by SamWise: Educators, Mentors and Coaches, listen up! Expert reveals highly powerful butterfly-like effect for creating your desired results.

By Sarah Cordiner / June 29, 2014

Samuel and Sarah This simple formula is going to create an effect on your life. A massive one. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE PODCAST It has the gravity and finesse for choreographing the stars around the spiral arms of a galaxy. Mark my words, with a highlighter, a sticky note or even circle the…

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