Guest Post by SamWise: Educators, Mentors and Coaches, listen up! Expert reveals highly powerful butterfly-like effect for creating your desired results.

Guest Post by SamWise: Educators, Mentors and Coaches, listen up! Expert reveals highly powerful butterfly-like effect for creating your desired results.

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Samuel and Sarah
Samuel and Sarah

This simple formula is going to create an effect on your life.

A massive one.


It has the gravity and finesse for choreographing the stars around the spiral arms of a galaxy.

Mark my words, with a highlighter, a sticky note or even circle the screen with coffee cup stain.

This effect, this formula is a magic potion and you are Alice in Wonderland.
Drinking this potent elixir creates The Efficacy Effect and Sarah Cordiner is the cocktail lounge mistress.

Sarah is a thought leader and author in people development, and founder of ‘The Efficacy Effect’ movement – the 
sharing of best practice, tools, techniques and methodologies for creating positive life, business and industry 
transformation though personal, professional and academic development initiatives.

Did you get all that?

You drink some more. You begin to feel a little strange.

You enter a world of enchantment and intrigue.

At first, nothing is quite as it seems, but you feel something good is happening.

This is your new life in which you begin achieving your desired results.

The effect ripples out and doesn’t just stop with you either.
It ripples outwards into the vast vineyard of vibrant life, in which grapes await to be bottled and receive future awards for their fullness of taste and ability to inspire ground shattering conversations at dinner tables worldwide.


This week I met with Sarah at Bodhi Tree Cafe, Mount Hawthorn and shared world paradigms of healing and power.

And we both looked fabulous if I don’t say so myself.

It looks like we are both hiding something behind our back.

We are.

Want to see?
Want to know what is hidden behind the veil between the known and the unknown?

Life will never be the same once you commit and there is no turning back.

As you stand in this mysterious new world of wonder and possibility, a butterfly flits by.

Everything in this strange place changes as you look at it.

A thought enters your mind, “am I creating those changes?”

“Did I make the butterfly enter my vision? Am I the butterfly?

This can’t possibly be true!

‘But, oh yes,’ comes a voice from behind you.

You turn and just catch a glimpse of a cat vanishing into thin air, leaving a pleasant scented smoke cloud.

“What’s going on here,” you ask yourself, “how come weird and wonderful things are taking shape all around me?”
This is The Efficacy Effect and you are making it happen. All of it.

There is a danger that you may never come out of this dream like world, but now that you are beginning to see how you are so capable of creating your desired results, would you ever want to?

Perhaps you can take some wisdom back into the waking real world?

There may be a risk of forgetting what you have learned as you wake.


Make the risk a signpost that you are on track or are at least moments away from glorious victory.

Commit to the threshold of the unknown and take the greatest prize.

The trophy you’ve been wanting for so long.
The Efficacy Effect is an over sized bottle of bubbly and you are the Monaco Grand Prix Champion, spraying the explosive crowd before you.

But all in really cool slow motion action replay, so you can see the good bits again and again.

You lift your hand, it holds a remote control, one of those big ones with an endless option of buttons.

Infinite programmable commands and even a single button reserved for your favourite pizza order.

Have you put in your order to the universe?

Press below for the best effect.

This guest blog was written and published by SamWise of – be sure to check out his blog!