3 Activities to Make Space for Positive Life Change

3 Activities to Make Space for Positive Life Change

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Sometimes we can find ourselves frustrated with life.  Facing the same problems, stresses and road blocks.


It is important to remember that before we begin taking steps towards positive change, we first need to make space for it.

Here are 3 practical activities you can do to clear out the unwanted negativity and blockages in your life, to make way for positive change:
Stress triggers and negative things can happen to us unexpectedly. The response we choose in the reaction to these events are when things can go wrong or right; but often the response we chose is an automatic reaction, without any thought – and this is where the problems start.


Throughout our lives we have had various successes and various failures; then collected all of those up in our heads to create for ourselves a set of beliefs about whether we ‘can’ or whether we ‘can’t’.

Tip 1:

The first tip I have for you about clearing your space to make desired results, is to remove your limiting beliefs.


Your limiting beliefs are absolutely invisible but they are completely and utterly responsible for determining the outcomes and experiences that you will have.


Write down a list of all
the things you say to yourself in your head about why you can’t.
I can’t because?……..
It’s useless because…..
I will fail because?……
I won’t do it because?……
I am scared of it because?…..

And this will start to uncover what it is that perhaps is blocking you from moving forward.


Your limiting beliefs usually centre around 4 areas:
  1. Money
  2. Fear of failure
  3. Desire to be liked / fear of being disliked
  4. I’m not worthy
See what theme is coming up for you – this is your most negatively influential limiting belief.

Tip 2:

Draw up a timeline of your past.
Draw a line from the day you were born to today with a marker for each year, or even month if you want to.


Then write down all the major life events that have happened to you. Include both good and bad.

Once you’ve done that, answer these 3 questions:

  1. What do you think so far your life has been training you for?
  2. What do you think are the positive intentions behind negative events? If life was a teacher what was the positive lesson you were being taught?
  3. From looking at all of these things what purpose do you think life intended for you?

Tip 3

We get more of what we focus on.


Sit down and think about what would take away the ‘brain chaos’ and noise around us every day, by giving ourselves daily time to clear our minds of our problems and fill them with clarity and positivity.


If we spend less time focusing on the stress, mess, the problems by clearing it all out, we have more time to focus on the good, the desired, and the result we are after.


Sarah Cordiner

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