They’re going to judge you ANYWAY

They're going to judge you anyway -

They're going to judge you ANYWAY



So why are you holding yourself back out of fear of being judged?

It used to really get under my skin when people said mean things about me.

“But I’m a NICE PERSON!” I’d cry at my husband.

“So WHY are they being so mean to me?! I’ve never done anything to them?!”

You could be the kindest, most generous and virtuous person on earth, and you'll still get judged by some.

You could feed your entire town for free for life, and some will still have bad things to say about you.

Does that mean that you should NOT be kind and let them all starve, “in case the meanies think bad of you?”.

Well that sounds silly, doesn’t it?!

Yet, so many of us hold ourselves and our dreams back, because we ‘are scared of what THEY might think. What THEY might say’........

Yep. I’m guilty too.

Mahatma Gandhi, a leader of India's independence was judged by some as being naive and weak for advocating PEACE.

Would it have been better if he did nothing to avoid the meany-pants critics?

Mother Teresa, one of history's greatest humanitarians, was judged for accepting donations from controversial figures to SAVE PEOPLE'S LIVES.

Maybe she should have just stayed home and left those sick people to fend for themselves because it did result in lots of mean things being said about her?

Malala Yousafzai, an incredible activist, is judged for destroying Pakistani tradition because she is advocating for girls to be allowed an EDUCATION.

I’m sure they’ll keep saying bad, nasty things about her even when those girls are employing their sons and saving their neighbor's lives.

Uummmm… Not worth the criticism and judgement, hey?

Best-selling books have some people who hate them.

Should they not have been written to avoid the judgement?

Top-rated restaurants also have the worst reviews.

Should the chef have bothered sweating in the kitchen, since SOME people don’t like his food?

The box-office sell-out movies also have the nastiest criticism.

Bet those actors wish they hadn’t done it with all that criticism and judgement?

Song hits that stay number 1 for weeks and make millions in sales, are absolutely despised by some. Don’t sing again, oh voice of an angel. Some people don’t like how you sound.

The point is, you can NEVER ever please EVERYONE.

There will NEVER ever be a day that people will stop judging, criticising, scrutinising and niggling.

So does that mean you should stay quiet?

Does the fact that some people won’t praise you, a reason to never shine?

You WILL get judged and criticised if you stand up for what you believe in.

You WILL get trolled, hated on and bashed for sharing your opinions and passions.

But, you WILL also be loved, praised, liked, thanked and adored.

You can’t have only one.

You're already getting judged all of the time, by everyone you walk past every day anyway.

No matter WHAT you do (or DON'T do), people will still always be watching.

Judging what you're doing, who you are being, what you're wearing, how you're speaking, how you're behaving and what you have.

It’s ALREADY happening to you 24 hours a day.

So why not be judged whilst you build your dream?

Why not be judged whilst you create a legacy?

Why not be judged whilst you unapologetically express yourself?

Why not be judged whilst you live your happiness and purpose?

They’re judging you anyway.

So, make your choice.

My critics know that I’ve made mine!

Cheering you on xxx