How To Save HOURS of Time Every Day With Template Email Replies

How To Save HOURS of Time Every Day With Template Email Replies

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How To Save HOURS of Time Every Day

If you were to keep a record of everything you spent your time on in your business, I reckon you’d absolutely FREAK at how much time you waste repeating the same tasks over and over again.

And I’d bet that one of the things you waste HOURS a week (and even hours a DAY) on, is writing the same emails over and over again

  • answering the same questions over and over again
  • providing the same information about your product, service, course or chaing over and over again
  • clarifying the same issues repeatedly
  • responding to the same enquiries repeatedly.

If you want to start saving some time in typing the same thing multiple times a a day – it’s time to level-up your productivity and organisation with some pre-written email responses!

Simply write up ‘template responses’ to your most commonly asked questions, queries and information requests, so that you don’t have to keep re-tying them all of the time.

You can even set them as template replies inside your email account, so that with the click of a button you can pull the template into your email as a draft reply.

Better than that – get a virtual assistant to manage your inbox with your list of template responses!

(I have LOTS of training and templates for getting a great Virtual Assistant and email inbox management in my ‘Chaos To Control’ program:

Comment below if you’re going to get this task implemented!

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