How To Multi-Stream Your Live Video To Multiple Locations at The SAME TIME!

How To Multi-Stream Your Live Video To Multiple Locations at The SAME TIME!

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How To Multi-Stream Your Live Video To Multiple Locations at The SAME TIME!

In this video I will show you the tool I use to live stream to over 8 social media destinations all at the SAME time, so that you can get dramatically more reach – without ANY extra effort!


Video Transcript

hello and welcome to this tip on multi-streaming.

so we’ve all heard about live streaming it is one of the best ways to get the most amount of reach to your particular audience.

the different social media channels are rewarding people who are live streaming on their platforms

it shows that video is still a very engaging

type of content you can put out there to

build a relationship with your audience

demonstrate your capability

show that you know what you say you know

and give people a taste

of your personal style your character

the way that you deliver

what it is that you teach or coach

advise or guide people on

so if we’re gonna live stream to get

this massive reach

ie your live stream goes out publicly on

social media channels

every time somebody likes or comments on

that live stream

their friends have it come up your feed

come up in their feeds as well

now we have a lot of things to do as

entrepreneurs business owners coaches

consultants the last thing we want to be

doing is spending

hours and hours and hours every single

day repeating our live streams

on all of the different channels you can

actually live stream to

multiple different destinations all at

exactly the same time

saves you obviously heaps of time and

gets you the most amount of reach


all in one go there are many different

tools that you can use to multi-stream

and um

there are loads out there but uh the one

i’m using right now in fact

is one called stream yard um so i’ve

just got a little bit of a

oops i’ve got a little bit of an error

coming up here at the moment

um sorry bear with me one second there

we go so i’m using one called stream

yard i’m just gonna put the link up

below right here stream yard is a tool

that i’ve been using to multi-stream

it’s what i’m using at the minute to do

this particular stream now right now

while i’m doing this live this is

actually distributing to eight different


all at the same time right now which is

very very cool um

now like all tools and software out

there they have a free version and they

have a paid version

so i am disclaimer on the paid version

and i can’t like me remember how much it

is and so you have to check

out streamyard’s pricing um but if you

want to go and check it out go and sign

up for a free account and i’m going to

show you uh just a quick demo right now

how to use it

um you can actually get a ten dollar

credit if you use my affiliate link so

that is an affiliate link sarah

forward slash stream yard um if you want

to check that out i’m just going to show

you my screen with you just to show you

what this looks like

so let’s do a share screen right now

sharing the screen

let’s say yes to that okay so um here is

what stream yard will look like when you

first log in

and the first thing you’ll actually need

to do is go in and add your various

destinations so you can see here i’ve

got my personal facebook profile

and i’ve got my business facebook page

i’ve got a couple of facebook groups

that i run so i’ve got my entrepreneur

to edupreneur course creators group

i’ve got some of my one of my private uh

coaching groups in there

i’ve got my personal linkedin profile

i’ve got my business

linkedin page i’ve got my youtube

channel and i’ve got periscope for

twitter which is the

twit twitter twitter’s live streaming

platform there

so you can see that right now i’m

actually streaming to all of these


at the moment which is just amazing now

once you’ve connected your social media

channels which is

literally as easy as clicking a button

um what you can do now is go on to

create a broadcast and we’ll see how

well this works right now because i am

currently live on this platform but um

we’re going to do first of all is tell


which of these channels you want to

stream to right now you might only want

to stream to one or two of them

so i can turn on my facebook pages my

groups my linkedin channel my linkedin

page la la la la

uh i’m online to one linkedin

destination at time your youtube channel

my twitter

you put in the title of your stream you

put in the description of your stream

now again you will see that description

i’ve got above this video right now

that’s where the description appears

when you type it in here

and when you press customize for each


is not letting me do this i knew it

wouldn’t because i am currently using

stream yard right now

but if i go to create broadcast um this

is where it opens up

um the uh platform for you to then

go live so it doesn’t go live the second

you press create broadcast

this is then where you can actually go

in and

ch choose what kind of um visual


um you want your screen to come up like

at the moment you’ve got this funny

tunnel because i’m showing you the

screen that i’m on right now

so you can see over here on this um

right hand side

i’ve got these little banners that are

scrolling along the bottom little ticker

banners yes so i can say here

come and get my free course creation

starter kit so i can click on my starter

kit banner

and now you can see underneath this

video it’s now promoting my starter kit

and i might say you know i might talk

about my academy and you can pop that

link in there

other little things to get engagement is


so you can kind of be really creative

with this um where in terms of what it

is that you

um you pop up so i’m going to actually

hide that um

we’ve got all kinds of all kinds of

crazy things popping up right now um so

you can also

choose your branding so over here on the

right hand side you can actually preset

your color codes that match your exact

branding for your business so everything

that you’re doing

looks all nice and neat and tidy and


you can add your own logos which i’ve

got here

and what’s called an overlay so you can

see here i’ve got

my name at the bottom and i’ve also got

this live button

basically i just went into canva and i

popped the live button on there

and i’ve made it an overlay and that’s

because i like to repurpose a lot of my

videos pop them up um you know in blog

posts and things like that

and i like people to know that if a

video was recorded live it was recorded

live because as we know the quality

isn’t as good when you do something live

as it would if you pre-recorded

something in proper video editing


and so i like to just have that live

button or symbol or logo

on there just to kind of go just to let

you know this was once a live stream

video okay

that’s my own personal preference it’s

up to you um and then of course you can

have chat boxes

if you’ve got guests on the show so you

actually see down the bottom here there

is the opportunity to

invite guests and so i can choose if i


multiple guests on here we can have all

of our faces showing at the same time

we could share our screens and have all

of our faces over here on the left hand


so um i can also go to the comments here

so you can actually see here

um i’ve got people saying hello from the


destinations that i’m live streaming to

at the moment so hi srabani hi debbie

um this is really great for you all so

that’s again how you can

engage with your viewers using the

streamia platform because the comments

come in from every single destination

that you’re streaming to

into this one location which means you

don’t have to have

all of those different channels open at

the same time nice fun

and the other thing i absolutely love

about shrine yard

is that it records all of your streams

for you as well so if i go over here to

my past

broadcasts um you can actually see and

there’s one i did yesterday

uh the three little dots down here i can

actually go and download the recording

so i have the mp4

right here on my desktop as well so if

you want to then go and upload or

repurpose that content somewhere else

maybe you want to

put it inside an online course i don’t

know or inside any of your resources


and that’s all available for you here as

well so um

fantastic tool i do absolutely

completely and utterly love this tool

and as i said um if you do decide to go

and give it a test run

i’d love it if you use my affiliate link

it doesn’t cost you anything extra sarah

corner comfort

stream yard and you get a 10 credit and

so do i

so everyone’s a winner winner winner

chicken diller there we go um if you

guys would like some more tips like this

do go on and check out my free

course creation starter kit if you want

to create your own profitable online


get yourself online selling your

knowledge next thirties this year

to make some more money and help small

people and grow your business go to


and uh you’ll get my 10 steps to course

creation right there

otherwise i’ll see you for another tip

real soon bye for now

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