How To Get Paid By Amazon For Recommending Products – Become an Amazon Affiliate

How To Get Paid By Amazon For Recommending Products – Become an Amazon Affiliate

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How To Get Paid By Amazon For Recommending Products – Become an Amazon Affiliate

Who would like to earn more money?!
Did you know that you could be making money just for suggesting items that are for sale on Amazon?
Eg, if you have book recommendations – you could be making money from those recommendations!
Here is an example of how I have turned my recommendations into an Amazon recommendations list – and anyone who buys from these links (and ANYTHING else they buy 24 hours thereafter) earns me a comission – and YOU can do it too!
In this video I will show you:

“How To Get Paid By Amazon For Recommending Products – Become an Amazon Affiliate”



how are we all doing now i have a tip

for you today which is all about

becoming an amazon affiliate now we

could all do with an extra

stream of cash we could all do a bit of

extra money um especially with a lot

more people

working at home working online there are

millions of different ways that you can

be earning more money and one really

simple thing that anyone can do

is to start getting paid by amazon

simply for recommending products on

amazon right it’s a really really cool


now look you’re not going to become a

millionaire necessarily doing this but

every little helps right

so um one of the things you want to do

basically becoming an affiliate means

that you

recommend a product that somebody has

and you give out a special link that’s

associated to you and then

amazon or whoever you’re an affiliate to

will pay you a percentage a commission

for the recommendation so to do that

with amazon and you can be by the way an

affiliate with anyone you can go to

anyone who sells anything and ask them

if you can become an affiliate

but how to do it with amazon is quite

simply first of all is to join their

associates program

so amazon associates is amazon’s


program so you’re going to go to google

type in oh have a minute i’m actually

going to share my screen with you that

might help let’s do that let’s go up

here and share some screen edge so you

guys can see the screen

i’m going to show you what to do here so

we are going to go to google

type in amazon associates and you will

find the amazon affiliate program that

comes up

so click on that and then you’re going


simply sign in if you already have an

amazon account so this will be the same

login details that you use

as a shopper on amazon of course if you

don’t yet have a login with amazon

um then quite simply create an account

with amazon but

otherwise you just log in with your


contact details now at the moment you

can see that i’m logged into my united

states account

and you can have an account in pretty

much any country

now just be aware that when you do first

set your account

up in the country that you’re choosing

to be set up in

each amazon country acts as a separate


so i do have a united kingdom account i

do have a united states account i have

an australian account

you will have to go through the setup

each time you log into this account then

you go to the country and you go

join the associate program now the other

thing that will you’ll be asked to do

when you first join up

is you will have to put in some tax

information you will have to

um give amazon a lot of info because

obviously they’re paying you they have

to make sure that they

are adhering to their tax regulations

and legislation as well so you’re going

to have to pop in your own tax


from your own country and a bunch of

other stuff but then you’re set up

and you tell amazon which bank account

you would like them to pay you into

and voila you are now an amazon

associate it normally

takes about two to three days for them

to then go in and accept you

so um the cool other cool thing that can

happen with this once this is done i’m

going to show you how to get your links

in a second

is that once you become an amazon

associate you can actually

set up um a amazon influencer store

so i would just try and find mine for

you here and i’ll just show you what

this looks like

so you once you’ve got your amazon

associates account you can then apply to

become an amazon influencer

which is where you can actually create

like little shops

of stuff that you recommend so i work

with entrepreneurs and business owners

and a lot of people were saying to me

you know what books do i recommend um so

i’ve created

for instance here a little shop of

all these books that i’ve read that i

recommend that i love that i love

sharing with other people

now because this is under my store um

and you’ll see up here it says

shop forward slash sarah corner

according to sarah

anyone who buys any of these books

through this link i make a commission


right so it’s not massive money but

still there’s money that’s going into my

account because

i’m sharing this i teach people how to

create online courses so a lot of people

say what equipment do you recommend

and you can buy really affordable

equipment for filming online courses um

right from your um your spare room with

really really really cheap stuff so i

recommend some of these products that

i’ve purchased

and again i just give them this link to

my amazon store

and amazon will pay me a commission

every single time

somebody purchases through here so this

can get really really good if you’ve

already got a following

if there’s already people asking you

questions of stuff that they reckon you


um i even have one in here for makeup

because i’ve had a lot of people say to

me you know what makeup do i use

so i’ve made a store there now as you

can see like my total earnings from the

us store at the moment is

22 us dollars we’re going to go crazy

with that 22 bucks

um but look these things add up and like

i said i’ve got multiple stores and

over um across all of them it does add

up to a few extra hundred dollars each

month which is you know it’s not

terrible is it

um but there you go all you have to do

is let’s pretend um i’m writing a blog

post for instance

and uh let’s pretend my blog post is

about i know how to keep a goldfish i

don’t know i could say you know and as

part of having a goldfish you’re gonna

need a fish tank you’re gonna need a

pump you’re gonna need some

cute little goldfish decoration things

for your tank you know

so i would maybe type in here for

instance fish tank

right this could be books it can be

products it can be anything

so if you’re going to be here you go

here’s some cool fish tanks on here

so i would scroll through here for my

blog post and go you know i could

recommend some

fish tanks so let’s pretend i want to

recommend this particular fish tank here

all i need to do is click the little

arrow and boom

i have a link now i simply

share that link with the world hey guys

here is the fish tank i recommend

boom if somebody clicks that link

i get paid so if it’s your link you get


so anyone can do this you do not need to

be some

high techy tech person the hardest bit

is setting the account up

and but that’s it so let’s pretend i’m

writing another blog article

and i want to recommend a great book you

know um so

i would type in here’s a book i’ve

recently read which is awesome

i would type in profit first the name of

the books that i want to recommend for

instance there we go

the books come up boom get link that’s

the link i share in order for me to go

and get commission now

um that blog that link goes in my blog

post i share that everywhere

and whenever it gets clicked on i’m

gonna make some money

so there’s my little tip for you today

one way to earn some extra income

is to become an amazon associate and

share links of any kind that your

followers your audience are going to be

interested in

and you will get paid commission simply


recommending products or linking to

products in

your world on your website in your blog

post in the comments of videos

on your social media wherever you want

to share them good luck

have fun and i really hope that tip has

helped you today see you

soon for another tip bye


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