Don’t quit on your business

Don’t quit on your business

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Don’t Quit on Your Business!

We ALL have times where we get frustrated, impatient and disheartened in business.
When things are not going fast enough, the results are not coming in as we’d hoped and it feels like we are going uphill on a one-legged donkey who’s had a few beers.

But PLEASE DO NOT QUIT on your dreams!

Give yourself a chance.

Things always take longer than we hope and expect.

You are NOT failing… you are just like a seed that has been planted.

It FEELS black, dark and like you are dead – but you are actually in the nutritious soil, soaking up the goodness, quietly growing and getting ready to burst open.

You cannot force growth.

You’d never scream at a little tiny seedling plant “WHY AREN’T YOU BIGGER?! YOU SUCK LITTLE PLANT! I’M THROWING YOU IN THE BIN!!”
You’d water it some more and wait for it to grow a bit bigger.
You’d nurture it some more and wait for it to get bigger again.

Please treat yourself and your business with the same love, kindness and nurturing spirit.
As much as it would rock to all become overnight billionaires after a few social media posts and a livestream, it just doesn’t work like that.

Feed the donkey, water the plant and give yourself TIME.

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