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14 Essential Roles That Every Organisation Needs on Their e-Learning Development Team

By Sarah Cordiner / 13/12/2017

The design and delivery of organisational e-Learning requires the carefully crafted amalgamation of multiple professions if it is to be executed at a high standard.   Despite the fact that professionals are increasingly required to be multi-skilled in today’s world of work, effective e-learning cannot be produced in silo as it demands the professional input…

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The Biggest Barriers To Organisational e-Learning

By Sarah Cordiner / 03/07/2017

Why are so many businesses not yet benefiting from organisational e-learning?   Even though e-Learning has been around for over 20 years, you’d be amazed at how little it is yet being used in organisations for employee training and development. E-Learning doesn’t always suit every learning and development situation, but in a world where employees…

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