11 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Admin, Automate Your Business & Multiply Your Sales

11 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Admin, Automate Your Business & Multiply Your Sales

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11 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Admin, Automate Your Business & Multiply Your Sales

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, tech and automation is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity for scaling and streamlining any sized business in any industry.

Sarah Cordner, Female Entrepreneur of The Year, an acclaimed course creator and ed-tech specialist, shares 11 tips on leveraging technology to automate business processes.

In the presentation recording below, Sarah shows 11 strategies that any business can easily implement to reclaim valuable time, automate their admin and significantly boost their growth.


So Many Businesses Are Losing Their Most Precious Commodity – Time

75% or more of your business operations could be automated.

The implication is clear – automation is the key to unlocking hours of productivity daily, translating to thousands of hours a year on the business owners’ time, and in staff hours too.

By utilising simple tech tools, you’ll not only save time but also reduce operational costs dramatically.

Introducing Tekmatix

As the founder and CEO of Tekmatix, Sarah shared her journey of growing the company to a $15 million valuation from her spare bedroom.

Tekmatix stands out as a testament to the power of the strategic use of technology to achieve extraordinary business results.


Don’t Have Time To Watch The Presentation?

Here are the cliff notes of the main strategies that Sarah Cordiner shared in this presentation.

Sarah demonstrated these tech features that are all available on the award-winning all-in-one business platform, Tekmatix.

1. Turn On An AI Bot Assistant:

Imagine if your customer enquiries were all handled for you 24 hours a day – without having to pay anyone wages?!

Well, you can with your own AI Assistant bot, which Tekmatix has included as one of its many amazing features.

This automates responses to customer inquiries that come in from your Facebook Messenger, Instagram DMs, Google My Business profile, SMS and a Live Chat on your website, and even books appointments for you.


2. Create an Automated 90-Day ‘Re-Activation’ Email:

This is a simple, yet highly effective email marketing strategy re-engage’s customers by asking if they’re still interested in getting the ‘result’ that you provide – which can start new sales conversations and boost income.


3. Create Digital Calendars For Appointment Booking:

Create unlimited appointments for leads and clients to book free and paid bookings with you. This can be for in-person, online, one-on-one or group-based events and services – even room hire, equipment hire and services like hairdressing, beauty salons and gyms.


4. Create a Link Page For Your Business:

This simple web page that combines all of your important links, social media links, opt-ins, email list entry point and products and services, will dramatically increase your list growth, followers and sales. Simply use the pre-made LinkTree templates in Tekmatix, add your links and put your Link Page on all of your social media bios and email signature.


5. Turn On an Automated ‘Missed Call Text Back’

Never miss a lead or client call again!

Automatically send a text message when you miss a call, asking how you can help or what their question is
Your AI Assistant Bot will then take over the responses, send them to appropriate links, answer questions and send them calendar booking links.


6. Pre-Schedule & Auto-Post Your Social Media Marketing:

Automates the posting process across multiple social media platforms, ensuring consistent online presence and engagement without the need for daily manual updates.

Tekmatix connects to all of your social media channels and shares your content on all of them for you on the day and times that you have set. You can even set repeating posts and even feed in your blog or YouTube RSS link, so that any new blogs or videos you publish will automatically share across all of your social media channels too!


7. Create an Automated Email Sequence To Nurture & Sell For You

This is a sequence of pre-written emails that nurture & sell to your list on auto-pilot
Set it up once, and it’ll work for you forever, 24 hours a day. Always add a ‘PS’ at the bottom of each helpful email that you send out to share links to your products and services that can help them further.

You’ll stay top on mind and make more sales on auto-pilot.


8. Set Up Automatic Newsletters That Share Your Latest Content

Email Newsletters That Write Themselves And Pre-Fill Your Latest Blog or Video Content FOR you!

If you want to send out automated newsletters every month to your email list, but you don’t have time to write them every month, then you are going to love this tech hack.

This is called an RSS based email.

It will completely automate sending out your latest newsletters with your latest blogs and YouTube videos embedded into the email – with the clickable links and even the thumbnail images!

Here’s how it works:

1️⃣ Drag the RSS items element into your email builder.

2️⃣ Add the link to your blog or YouTube RSS feed.

3️⃣ Choose how often you want your newsletters to send themselves out!


9. Recover Lost Sales With an Automated Abandon Cart Sequence

Did you know that you could be losing up to 86% of your customers who are abandoning your checkout?

These are people who go to purchase something from you, but then for whatever reason, decide not to follow through with the purchase.

If you turn on an automatic abandon cart follow-up sequence, you could be reclaiming back thousands of dollars and thousands of missed sales.

Log into Tekmatix and use our abandoned cart pre-created sequence. (Automated workflows > create new workflow > abandon cart recipe).

This will automatically contact the person who abandoned the checkout.


10. Grow Your Email List & Commercialise Your Expertise With Webinars, Courses & Memberships

Free webinars are amazing list-building activities and demonstrate your expertise. You could put a recorded webinar on an evergreen repeat, constantly pouring new leads into your business database (the advanced CRM in Tekmatix), which can then upsell them to your products and services.

You can also create courses and memberships as additonal streams of automated income in your business too.


11. Automate Your Tasks and Project Management

Managing your daily tasks, your projects and your client projects does not need to be challenging.

If you’ve got Tekmatix, you have a full task and project management system!

Our tasks management boards are unlimited and they completely replace Trello or ClickUp and allow you to allocate tasks to yourself, to your team and even to your contacts to collab on projects together.

Set recurring task frequencies, organise your SOPs, checklists, time tracking and so much more.

You can also use the automations feature to follow up with your staff on projects to make your onboarding process smooth for your clients.

Tekmatix helps make sure that your everyday business tasks and all projects are running effectively on time, every time.

If you’re running a business, you’re definitely going to want to streamline your operations using the Tekmatix task and project management features!



These 11 tech tricks could completely transform your business and catapult you into a new level of operation and income range very quickly.

If you’d like a hand getting these time-saving, money-making systems set up, then come and grab a free trial on Tekmatix and take advantage of our FREE Onboarding service to get your account up and running.

Tekmatix has 24-hour support from real people, as well as migration services and don-for-you tech management services so you can hand it all over the the ‘Teksperts’ and enjoy all of that free time you’ve gained!

Check out the Tekmatix features here: https://www.tekmatix.com/features

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