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The 30-Day Marketing course to grow your leads, sales and income - with secret Facebook group access, to help you increase your global reach, industry reputation, leads, list-size and sales.


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There are 2 ways to join the Leads & Sales Accelerator program:

OPTION 1: Get lifetime access for just $197 USD; or

OPTION2: Join my LEGENDS LAB for JUST $13O USD, and you'll get the Course Sales Accelerator program AND 40+ of my other online courses AND a monthly live coaching call with me!

It's about time you started getting PAID for your expertise, right?

When you join Sarah Cordiner's 'Leads & Sales Accelerator' program, you will change EVERYTHING in your business and learn:


Without being 'techie', without paying for ads, and without having a meltdown!

Do you want more leads, followers and PAYING students, clients and customers?!

Follow the steps in this online challenge to start making more sales from your online courses, coaching, membership, books, speaking and digital offerings.

So, you've created a course, product or service with your love, blood, sweat and tears... now what do you do?!

You're an expert in YOUR thing, but what if you're NOT an expert in marketing?!

HOW do you actually get 'out there' and sell it?!

In this self-study online course (with secret Facebook Group access), I walk you step by step through every strategy I have personally used to get over 130,000 student enrolments and millions of dollars in sales - WITHOUT paying for ads!

Start FINALLY getting noticed, start finally getting more clients coming in, stop worrying about where your next income will come from and no longer stress about 'how' to get yourself out there!


Sarah Cordiner's 'Leads & Sales Accelerator' program is a self-study online course, packed full of step-by-step strategies to get seen, get more followers, become an influencer in your field, generate massive traffic with organic marketing techniques and start getting students and clients pouring into your online courses, coaching programs, membership and buying your digital products and services.

What's Included Included
Instant access to the online learning portal including over 50 tutorial videos + downloads, templates, marketing blueprint and MORE (No drip-released content!)
Module 1: The Marketing Blueprint: The simple system to dramatically grow your exposure, leads and sales
Module 2: Growth Hacking a Hungry Audience - how to massively grow your followers, industry impact and credibility
Module 3: Growth Hack Your Sales Page - the simple things you MUST do to make your prospects frantically opt-in to your offers and buy your products
Module 4: Organic Marketing Success Secrets - Put Your Leads and sales on Auto-Pilot!
Access to the secret Facebook group
An e-Copy of my best-selling book "Online Course Marketing Blueprint: 7 Figure Success Strategies for Online Courses"

Module 1: The Marketing Blueprint

  • The 3 Step Funnel You MUST Build BEFORE You Start Running Paid Ads

  • The ONE Thing You Need For a 7-Figure Business

  • Sarah Cordiner's Online Course & Digital Product Marketing Blueprint

  • How To Reach The Most Amount of People AND Make The Most Amount of Money

  • How To Multiply Your Product Offerings, Students & Income - WITHOUT Doing ANY Extra Work

  • Review Your Assets & Prepare For Meeting Your Income Goals

  • DOWNLOAD: Create Your Money-Making Road Map

  • Get Organised For Big Results - Your calendar of events, launches, courses and programs for the next 12 months

  • Quality Sells: Could Your Course Be Better?

  • Use This Technique To Ensure Your Content Is The Best in The Market

  • If You Want To Be A Best-Selling Course, You MUST Do This!

Module 2: Growth Hacking a Hungry Audience

  • Should You Target Everyone To Get The Most Sales? or Specialise in a Highly Targeted Niche?

  • Use This Tool To Find Out Everything About Your Current Customers - So That You Can Find More People Like Them

  • How To Make Sure That Your Course is What Your Market are Desperate To Buy and Converts Like Crazy

  • How To Sell More Courses by Creating Content That is in Extremely High Demand

  • The Little Known Facebook Tool That Tells You EVERYTHING About Your Target Customer

  • How To Get Data About Your Competitors ACTUAL Website Visitors To Define & Reach Your Target Market

  • The FREE Chrome Extension That Can Help You Transform Your Sales and Search Results Potential

  • Another Handy Chrome Extension That Gives You Must-Know Data for Increasing Your Sales & Search Results

  • Check Your Sales Page Keywords for SEO Ranking

  • The Tool To Find Out What's Working For Your Competitors - And What Keywords To Spend Your Ads Money On

  • Use This Tool To Determine Whether Your Course Has The Potential To Sell Like Crazy - or Not

  • Do This To Get Google To Recommend Your Business

Module 3: Growth Hack Your Sales Page

  • How To Dramatically Increase The Value of Your Offer & Compell Your Prospects To Eagerly Buy

  • How To Create Stunning Visuals of Your Offer To Massively Increase Your Conversions

  • Word Your Title Like This To Get More Sales

  • Developing Compelling Learning Outcomes That Convert

  • DOWNLOAD: The Learning Outcomes Language - 11 Page Cheat Sheet

  • How To Easily Build a Beautiful Landing Page - In Thinkific or WordPress

  • Write Sales Copy That Doesn't Suck

  • A Simple Way To Get More Sales & Collect Leads

  • How To Get Others To Sell It For You

Module 4: Organic Marketing Success Secrets - Put Your Sales on Auto-Pilot

  • Back to Sarah's Digital Product Marketing Blueprint - how i got 32k students without paid ads - AND all on complete AUTO-PILOT

  • Step 1 To Generating Massive reach, Growing Your fans, Followers and Customer Base

  • Step 2 - YouTube Hacks For Getting More Views, Leads and Sales

  • Step 3 - Increase YouTube Subscribers with This Link Hack

  • Step 4 - How To Turn Your Videos Into Multiple Organic Content Pieces - The Fastest Way To Start Re-purposing

  • Step 5- I get HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Website Visitors - Using This Simple Organic Method

  • Step 6 - How To Get your Message into Your Prospects' Inbox

  • Step 7 - Publish Your Repurposed Content Here For More Exposure To Leads

  • Step 8 - Repeat on This Publishing Platform for Further Exposure

  • Step 9 - How To Publish a Book on Amazon & My Cheeky Hack To Steal Customers from Amazon

  • Step 10 - How To Launch Your Own Podcast - The Easy Way (Overview)

  • Step 11 - Share Your Content Here For Educational Virality Potential

  • Step 12 - The Visual Strategy For Increasing Exposure, Leads and Sales

  • How to increase your course sales from inside your online school - on autopilot

About Sarah Cordiner, Your Course Success Coach

Hi there, I'm Sarah.

I am a Postgraduate qualified education professional with over 13 years of experience as a qualified teacher, trainer, curriculum developer and education leader.

I currently have over 120,000 students from 168 countries in my online courses; I have been referenced in Forbes, listed in Huffington Posts 'Top 50 Entrepreneurs', had my blog ranked #1 in e-learning feeds, published 12 books (with 5 x international number 1 best-sellers, had my courses rank in the 'Best-Selling Featured' section on Udemy (out of over 30,000 courses) and more...

Not only did I start from absolutely ZERO before I had these results (0 followers, 0 subscribers, 0 accolades, 0 content, 0 money, 0 EVERYTHING; I also managed to get this far without spending ANYTHING on paid ads.

In this course, I am going to show you EXACTLY what strategies I implemented AND how to implement them.

  • Sarah was listed as "Huffington Posts' 'Top 50 Must-Follow Female Entrepreneur for 2017'
  • Postgraduate qualified in Education and record holder for being the youngest Director and Head of a university in Australian history
  • Over 14 years running an international education & curriculum design company
  • A 5 times international number 1 best-selling author in the topics of education, learning theory, training, course creation and building successful education-based business
  • Acclaimed leader in ‘profitably educating your marketplace’
  • Content creator and TV host of the 'Course Creators' TV show on 'Bizversity'
  • Multiple awards in business leadership and education
  • Podcast host of 'The Course Creators' Podcast
  • Over 120,000+ students in 168 countries and multiple awards - Sarah combines education and entrepreneurship to help ANYONE commercialise and monetise their expertise into quality and profitable online courses

It's All About The Systems

There is no magic secret to succeeding online.

It simply comes down to knowing WHAT strategies to use, and implementing them consistently over time.

In this highly practical online program, I walk you through exactly what strategies to implement AND how to implement them.

Every lesson in this course is a new method to implement.

I share my screen to show you how to execute the implementation and provide you with downloads, templates and systems that I have used myself to make millions of dollars in sales of my own online courses, programs and digital services - despite once starting completely from scratch myself.

Copy of Copy of marketing course

You DON'T have to be 'techie' and 'extroverted' to change people's lives - AND make a solid income


There is a simple system that I have implemented in my business against each product and service that I offer to have my leads and sales rolling in passively.

You will get access to my 'Course Marketing Blueprint' that shows you the exact steps to take to increase your exposure, leads and sales

  • WITHOUT being 'techie'
  • WITHOUT paying for ads
  • WITHOUT having to be a big, loud, shouty, 'salesy' extrovert!

It's not for everyone.....

This course does NOT cover training on setting up or executing paid advertising.  There is no training in this course on how to run Facebook ads, or anything other paid ads.  Terms and Conditions apply.


OPTION 1: Get lifetime access for just $197 USD; or

OPTION2: Join my LEGENDS LAB for JUST $130 USD, and you'll get the Corse Sales Accelerator program AND 40+ of my other online courses AND a monthly live coaching call with me!