How I went from always being ‘busy’ to being in total ‘boss’ mode in my business.

How I went from always being ‘busy’ to being in total ‘boss’ mode in my business.

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There was a time when I felt like I was constantly working on my business, but NEVER getting ANYWHERE.

I was putting in INSANE hours, working around the clock – but despite all my efforts, I always felt like I was on the back foot, scrambling to keep up with a never-ending and forever multiplying to-do list.

It was exhausting. Heartbreaking. Soul-destroying.

Luckily, I found a way out of the crazy, endless chaos, and got my business working as a cruisy, fun and highly profitable SYSTEM.

I was able to transform the endless chaos into a well-oiled MACHINE, and feel like an absolute boss of a business owner!

But it took some figuring out.

Back then, I felt like the more I did, the more stuff went on my to-do list and the harder I had to work.

The faster I peddled to get things done, the BIGGER my to-do list got!

It was a tortuous cycle that started to feel like a curse, rather than my dream life of being a business owner.

By 2014, I had built my business to 23 employees, big offices, had millions of dollars in revenue and it all looked so perfect from the outside.

I should have been really happy with everything right?

But I was completely and utterly exhausted.

I felt like I was so far from the dream that I imagined this business thing was going to be that I almost gave it all up.

That time also happened to coincide with all of my corporate training contracts being cancelled due to funding cuts, and I lost $2.7 million and 21 of those staff in a single day.

That was the tipping point where that little manic, scrambling hamster-on-the-wheel, just dropped down and died.

I was already physically, mentally and emotionally stripped, and there I was suddenly financially wiped too.


I was at a critical decision point.

Claim defeat and give it all up.

Or, find a different way of working.

So broken, defeated and drained, I dragged my self-pitiful dead-hamster-butt onto a plane with The Husbeast, and headed out to the Gili Islands in Indonesia.

(Because running away from my problems was my go-to back then (it’s a Gypsy thing)).

But I knew I needed to step back and reassess what I wanted from my business.

Because the first step to systemizing your business, to creating the business of your dreams, to making your business more fun again, is to take a big step back and ask yourself “what is it that I actually want?”

I started to see that perhaps there might be another way of doing what I loved and making it fun again.

A way that I could be commercially creative and bring joy back into my life.

I wanted to bring a sense of agency back over my business, to feel like I had some sense of control over my life again.

I wanted to stop feeling so endlessly busy, to being a total boss.

And when I say the word ‘boss’, I don’t mean in terms of the ‘role’. I mean the FEELING.

Because how we feel is everything.

And feeling stressed out, feeling out of control, feeling unclear on where we’re going is the recipe to the dead hamster.

So after a nice big Pina Colada on the beach on Gili Trawangan (ok, maybe 3 or 4), I chose option 2: FIND ANOTHER WAY.

What I did next, and have continued to do since 2014 has completely transformed my business AND my life.

I’ve not only made millions of dollars over the years since I made these changes, but I fell back in LOVE with my business again.

So what was it?

Quite simply, creating simple systems and starting outsourcing.

To this day, I run a multimillion-dollar operation from my home office, with my kids running about and a handful of remote-working legends.

That’s it.

The BEST bit?

What I did is completely replicable in ANY business.

Meaning – YOU can implement what I did too, and watch your business completely transform, get your time freedom back, multiply your productivity and find joy in your work days again.

That’s why I created my newest training: “BUSY to BOSS”.

To show YOU exactly what I did, how I did it and what you need to do to get the productivity system working for you too.

First, we will step back and get that big-picture plan, that vision a bit more clear for you (sorry, it won’t be on the beach though!).

If you don’t know what the next five years is gonna look like, if you don’t know what the next 12 months need to look like, you’re not gonna know what the next three months, the next month, or even what tomorrow needs to look like.

And that’s why you end up NOWHERE.

You need to make every minute count in your business if you want to have control and get the results that you desire.

Then you need some metrics to base your business activity around.

From there, you can create a daily plan so that when you sit down at your desk every day, you know EXACTLY what you’ve got to do – because you have a super clear measure of success.

That’s going to leave you feeling accomplished at the end of each day, rather than deeper in the quicksand.

Accomplishment, progress – they FUEL motivation.

When you’re clear on what you need to do, moving forward is easy. Making progress is easy.

The next step, is to create systems, create instructions, processes and procedures.

I know this sounds boring.

But stick with me.

When you are feeling organised, in control, accomplished with little daily wins and like you’re making progress every day…… this stuff becomes fun, exciting and life-changing.

In ‘Busy To Boss’ I am going to show you how I run and organize my business to it operating, pretty much 90% on autopilot, so that you can repeat the same kind of systems in your business.

I’m going to give you the system for working out what you’re wasting your time on,

and what you need to be multiplying your time on,

and how you can multiply that time not by doing more work, but by doing less!

In Busy To Boss, I’m going to walk you through exactly how to hire a virtual assistant, and how to create at least 10 of the most important systems in your business that you can hand over to a VA and immediately free up your time from the grind, and make yourself free for the FUN stuff in your business.

Yes, even if you’re on an absolute micro-budget and you’re only just getting started on your business.

The best time to get help is right now.

I am gonna show you how you can ease into this, just like I did on zero budget in the month I’d lost $2.7 million and was almost about to go bankrupt.

I’m gonna show you how I recovered from that spot with these processes that have been tried and tested for years.

I’m going to show you exactly how I organize everything that has to be done in my business, without me having to micromanage lots of people.

In 2015, 1 year after my health, life and business were facing the bottom of the toilet bowl, I returned back to the exact same beach, at the exact same beach bar I’d worked all of these systems into my business at the year before.

And this time, everything was different.

I was happier again, I could breathe again.

I was in LOVE with my work.

I was free.

I’d also saved the business AND increased my revenue!

I had so much clarity, organisation, productivity and structure, that my business exploded.

I went from the edge of bankruptcy and worse, a complete and utter health crisis mentally and physically, to a year later, having a business that picked itself up, recovered, doubled its profits from the year before, and also now was reaching significantly more people.

8 YEARS later, those systems are still serving me daily.

In ‘Busy To Boss’, I’m going to show you exactly what to do to implement this level of systemisation, organisation and productivity in your business, without you having to work any harder.

We are gonna be getting practical in this training.

So if you are ready to stop feeling stressed, exhausted, like you’re on the hamster wheel;

If you’re feeling like you just don’t know what to do every single day, you’re getting lost and distracted all of the time;

If you feel like you’re constantly working, and getting nowhere, give me just 5 DAYS, and I’ll show you how to change your life.

Follow all of the videos.

Follow all of the tasks.

Download all of the downloads, and IMPLEMENT what I show you….

And I guarantee you that in 12 months time, your world will be completely different.

So no further ado.

Let’s roll up those sleeves.

Let’s get ready to transform your business.

Because it’s time for you to go from “Busy To Boss”!

Come and join me here:


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