[VIDEO] How To Create an Online Course That SELLS!

[VIDEO] How To Create an Online Course That SELLS!

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How To Create an Online Course That SELLS!

So you’re thinking about creating an online course?

AWESOME!  Trust me, it will change your LIFE.


In this video tutorial, I will take you through my 10 steps for creating an online course.

I am a Postgraduate qualified educator and course developer, and summarise the main steps for creating an online course into these 10 main stages:

  1. Pick a topic you are passionate about (fly in your zone of genius)
  2. Make sure it has high market demand (so that you know it will sell)
  3. Craft your learning outcomes (what will your students be able to do, know and feel at the end of your course?)
  4. Select and gather your course content (all of your tips and strategies)
  5. Put it all in order (modules, then lessons)
  6. Choose the most effective delivery methods for each piece of content (videos, PDFs, slides, worksheets, live training calls etc)
  7. Film your videos (one tip per video and each video short and sweet – and yes, filming with your phone is fine!)
  8. Set Up your online school and tech
  9. Set your pricing and other connecting products and services (what other courses, products & services will you offer your learners?)
  10. Launch and ongoing marketing (go big and maximise your returns)


My best advice is to start small, and don’t get tied up in being perfect!


Create a little lead magnet course first (3-5 tips, preferably by video so that your audience gets to experience you and your style).

Creating a small lead magnet first will help you learn the course creation process on a smaller scale and with less skin in the game.

It will also give you a product to use as a tool to start building your email list forever more – double bonus!


> Get students pouring into it…..

> get feedback from them…..

> then add more content to build out your bigger, paid, authority version.


A few little tips around what to avoid would be:

  • Avoid trying to create a ‘big authority’ course on your first time.  If this is a new process for you, going straight for a massive course could feel overwhelming.


  • Don’t try to get it perfect, you must get version 1 out in order to have something to iterate and improve upon.  Using your phone is good enough, and good is better than ‘not done’. People just want answers to their questions, not a Hollywood production.


  • Don’t cram too much into each video. Keep each video as short as possible whilst still being valuable.  I aim to stick to one tip per video only.


  • Don’t overthink it and don’t script it – just share what you know with passion as if you were talking to humans face to face.  You’d never script a conversation or a face to face class, you would just ‘be you’. That’s ALL you have to be when you share your passion online too!


Of course, there’s a fair bit more to it than that, but I hope that helps a little!


If you’d like some more tips, I’ve made some tutorial videos for each of those 10 steps above which are totally free in my Course Creation Starter Kit: www.sarahcordiner.com/starterkit



*Note, this is a webinar recording from Zoom so the quality isn’t great – but the content sure is! 😊

It would mean a lot to me if you would leave a comment or share this if you find it helpful – thank you!


Don’t forget to grab my FREE Course CReation Starter Kit if you’d like to learn more about creating your own online course!:  www.sarahcordiner.com/starterkit