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What You Get In The Challenge

Need a little kick up the hoo-hah to get your next (or first) online course properly mapped out?

I've got a FREE 5 day challenge that you can start right now to get your online course plan completely mapped out.

I will send you daily videos, templates and tasks direct to your email inbox so that by the end of the 5 day challenge, you'll have your whole online course completely planned, in an easy to use course plan template, with everything that it needs to be an engaging online course for your learners so that you look super spectacular as an online instructor.

By the end of this challenge, you'll have your whole online course plan completely planned out and will be ready to hit the studio to film it!
Yes, this is FREE, the entire 5 days.  There are no extra charges or upsells for all of this, you get everything listed below delivered straight to your email inbox each day:

Overview of your 5 day challenge:

  • A guided video explanation of how to use your Online Course Plan Template
  • A video tutorial on the different types of delivery methods you can choose from to share your content in your course
  • Download the Course Plan Template
  • A guided video tutorial on how to pick the perfect topic for your online course
  • A download template for picking your perfect topic
  • A video tutorial explaining how long your course should be, how many modules and lectures it needs and how long each video should be
  • Create your aims, objectives and learning outcomes
  • Video tutorial guiding you through multiple strategies to ensure that your online course will have high market demand
  • Test your online course idea for market demand
  • A video tutorial providing you with a number of strategies to plan the content for your online course
  • Complete your online course plan and get ready to start filming your course!

Start The FREE Challenge Now!

Get immediate access to the free 'Create Your Course Plan' challenge  >>

Let me help you create your own profitable online courses

There are 4 Ways To Create Your Online Courses With Sarah


Join the Edupreneur Academy and become a master course creator yourself!  My academy includes my most popular online course "How To Create Profitable Online Courses".  The Edupreneur Academy contains well over 30+ online courses, detailed video tutorials, templates and books (all designed and delivered by me), that will ensure you hone the skills and knowledge to create and sell your own online courses and build a successful education-based business without ever needing to hire help again! JOIN THE 30 DAY FREE TRIAL


Let me do it all for you in my 'done for you' or 'One Day Set Up' service.  I will build your online school, set up your automatic course email sequences, design your course plan outline AND you will spend an entire day with me personally, one-on-one planning your profitable edu-business model and filming your online course.  GET A QUOTE.


This 30 day program combines online tutorial videos, live weekly group coaching via Zoom, a one on one coaching call and a secret Facebook group.  Design, create and launch your online course in just 30 days with Sarah's personal coaching and support. More info HERE.


Attend The Course Creation Bootcamp and spend 3-7 days with a small group and me personally on a face-to-face 'get it done' immersion camp.  You will walk away from Bootcamp with your entire edu-business modelled out, your online course planned and filmed; your entire online school built and live, your course auto-email sequences active, a master class in becoming a go-to authority in your industry, including how to turn your course into a published book - AND 100% of my students have made SALES of their online courses before they leave Bootcamp. Find out more about BOOTCAMP

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Film your whole online course & build your online school on 'The Course Creation Bootcamp'

Not Sure Which Option Is Best For You?

Send me an email or book a quick chat call with me to tell me a bit more about your business and where you are at so far, and we can make a plan on the best path for you personally.


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In the Edupreneur Academy, you will join thousands of other online course creators.

You will get access to over 30 of my online course which will give you every step, demonstration and instruction videos you need to create your online courses, build your own, profitable online school, become a leader in your industry and create a successful education based business by sharing your expertise with the world.

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