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What To Do If Your Online Course Videos Aren’t ‘Hollywood PERFECT’

By Sarah Cordiner / 07/11/2017

“What If My Video’s Are Not ‘Hollywood’ Perfect?” Ever heard yourself say something like this? If not having a Hollywood film studio is stopping you from creating your online courses, then this article is for you….   I have taken $5 courses on Udemy that were way better than ones that I’ve paid in excess…

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Interactive PDF’s in e-Learning – What You Should Know

By Sarah Cordiner / 25/10/2017

Interactive PDF’s PDFs have been around since the early 1990’s, and in the early 2000’s software began offering features that enabled the development of PDF interactivity. Although to some, the old familiar PDF may seem a bit boring and ‘old school’ on the outside, the possibilities of PDF design are now almost limitless in enabling…

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4 Ways To Overcome The Overwhelm of Online Course Creation

By Sarah Cordiner / 13/07/2017

  Whether it’s the first course you’ve created online, or your 1000th, there’s nothing quite like creating something that has the potential for millions of people to access and benefit from. Despite the excitement of this prospect, it can also incite fear and overwhelm into a course creator and freeze them in their tracks.  So…

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How To Enhance and Inform Your Training Plans Using Accredited Frameworks

By Sarah Cordiner / 04/07/2017

“You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to training design.  Most of the hard work has already been done for you” @CordinerSarah Use what’s already freely available to help you create quality learning experiences We’ve all heard of the old saying ‘don’t reinvent the wheel’, yet many educators and course designers still…

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4 Ways To Increase Practical Participation in Online Learning

By Sarah Cordiner / 20/06/2017

The Need for Involved Learning There is no learning quite like getting your hands stuck in and learning your profession by ‘just doing it’. Allowing our learners to ‘have a go’ in a situation as close to real-life as possible will enhance the learning experience considerably, as we retain more information when we physically practice…

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How To Get More YouTube Video Views

By Sarah Cordiner / 29/05/2017

How To Get More YouTube Video Views This video will show you a little trick to grow your YouTube video views much faster – by embedding your videos to your blog posts and then altering the HTML code of the video so that the video auto-plays. By setting your video to autoplay, anytime a viewer…

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12 Success Tips That I’ll Definitely Be Taking into 2017

By Sarah Cordiner / 20/12/2016

I’ll save the fluffy intro.  Here are 12 things that have really helped me have an absolutely sensational 2016 in business, and that I will definitely be taking into next year – enjoy!   Have a really clear plan A plan is not about writing a to-do list.  It’s about defining exactly what every single…

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How Long Should Your Online Course Videos Be? 3 Simple Tips For The Perfect Video Duration

By Sarah Cordiner / 17/07/2016

How long should your online course videos be? Here are 3 simple tips for getting the perfect online course video duration.   Us human beings have incredibly short attention spans, and it’s getting shorter and shorter as we continue to be bombarded with information and distractions. Successful online instructors get to the top, because their…

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5 Brilliant Ways to Extend Your Training Course Using SMS Texts

By Sarah Cordiner / 03/07/2016

5 Brilliant Ways to Extend Your Training Course Using SMS Texts   There are about 7 billion mobile subscriptions in use worldwide, and every one of those plugged-in mobile users is a potential student for your online education business. Creating an online course is an accomplishment in itself, but how do you continue your relationship…

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Should You Sell Your Online Courses on Udemy?

By Sarah Cordiner / 17/02/2016

Should You Sell Your Online Courses on Udemy When They Discount Them So Highly?  Many thought leaders, experts and professionals from all industry sectors, have started realising the untapped profits of their knowledge. By turning their knowledge into tangible learning products and programs – particularly online courses, many are making the average annual salary every…

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