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14 Reasons Why You Should Become an Edu-preneur in 2018

By Sarah Cordiner / 29/12/2017

We are in the midst of a learning revolution. Consumers are hungrier than ever to know why and how things are done, and are only buying from those who tell them. This change is happening right now.  Those not willing to jump on board are already being left behind. In this article, edupreneur of 12…

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Are Online Courses As Passively Profitable As Everyone Says They Are?

By Sarah Cordiner / 22/12/2017

Anyone in the online course creation space will have heard the statistics that the online learning industry is worth billions of dollars, and that it’s the modern day way of catapulting yourself into the ‘passive income club’. But are online courses really a passive money maker, and is it really ‘passive income’?   Big cash…

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10 Business Growth Strategies For Edupreneurs and Course Creators in 2018

By Sarah Cordiner / 01/12/2017

10 Business Growth Strategies For Edupreneurs and Course Creators in 2018   If you want to sell more online courses, books, eBooks, consultations, workshops or other products and services in 2018, your sales success will be directly proportionate to the amount of work that you put in.  There’s no shortcut to success.   Effective marketing…

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What To Do If You’re Afraid That Nobody Will Buy Your Online Course

By Sarah Cordiner / 31/10/2017

“What If Nobody Buys It?” Ever heard yourself say this when thinking about creating your online course?   If so, this article is for you….   The fear of rejection can stop so many of us from ever even attempting to go after our dreams.  I’ve watched friends avoid asking someone they like to go…

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What To Do When People Doubt You

By Sarah Cordiner / 16/10/2017

For many people, what other people think about them is really important – especially those that they love.   Getting support and approval from the people we care about the most can be hugely important and for many people, the ultimate deciding factor about whether they go ahead with what they were thinking about doing…

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What To Do If You Can’t Afford To Create an Online Course

By Sarah Cordiner / 10/10/2017

“I Can’t Afford To Do It”… Is this reason holding you back from your online course creation?  If so, this article is for you….   I work with many aspiring edupreneurs every week.  All of them have great ideas and an abundance of talent that they could serve with and profit from.   When I…

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What’s The Point of Your Online Course?

By Sarah Cordiner / 03/10/2017

Been struggling with your online course motivation? Feel like creating your online course is a bit of an uphill battle? Well, why are you doing it? Let’s see if we can coax your course creation motivation back in this article…   I’m Not Clear On Why I’m Doing This I once got thrown out of…

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What To Do If you Don’t have Enough Time To Create Your Online Course

By Sarah Cordiner / 17/09/2017

“I Don’t Have Enough Time!”  hands up who’s said this before in response to that desire to create an online course? If so, this article is for you….   Most business owners, entrepreneurs, in fact almost everyone I meet wants two things: more money and more time freedom.     Online courses, when done correctly…

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Stop Planning, Start Doing: Why Researching Your Course Content is Holding You Back

By Sarah Cordiner / 12/09/2017

Great courses have been well researched and are brimming with useful, implementable and factually correct information.  So of course a bit of research is going to be on the cards for all of us Edupreneurs.     However, way too many edupreneurs use ‘research’ as the perfect procrastination station and never get to market. They…

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Why You Need To Stop Waiting For Your Perfect Online Course Idea

By Sarah Cordiner / 07/09/2017

“I Don’t Have the Right Online Course Idea Yet!”  Ever heard yourself say this? If so, this post is for you……   Every day I hear people say to me things like ‘I’m not creating any courses yet because I’m just waiting until I figure out what my topic should be’; or ‘I’m going to…

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