How To Craft Magnetic Learning Outcomes for Your Online Course

How To Craft Magnetic Learning Outcomes for Your Online Course

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Crafting Your Magnetic And Specific Learning Outcomes


If you have followed the Steps 1-3 in my Course Creation Starter Kit, you should now have a good idea of what content is high in demand in your topic and what questions your prospects are looking for the answers to right now.

Next, we are going to craft some learning outcomes so that your learners know exactly what they are going to get from your course.


Learning Outcomes are critical because:

  • They clearly state what your course will deliver
  • This reduces refunds that can come from people who sign up to courses thinking it would give them something that it doesn’t
  • They clearly and explicitly explain the benefits, outcomes, results and rewards that the learner will get as a result of taking the course – and as such helps sell your course for you
  • They help you keep on track when creating your course content  – you ONLY have to create content that directly aligns to a learning outcomes. Any content that doesn’t directly take students to achieving a learning outcome must be kept out or saved for another course, and thus helps with course creators overwhelm. 
  • If you are creating courses for businesses, corporates or Government clients, you will not make a sale without having proper learning outcomes or a curriculum plan – it is an expected professional standard and will ensure that you meet that standard.


I’m sure that you want to create an engaging course that inspires, transforms and captivates your audience – your learning outcomes help you do that.  


Your main goal is to ‘leave them better than you found them’ – this is what drives every excellent educator and my mantra for when I’m creating courses and content.


As an educator, we live in a world where our effectiveness is not measured by how much money we make (although that is very important), but instead by how much better people are after they’ve engaged with us.


My primary goal as an educator, is to leave people better than I found them.

How will you do this?  Will your students leave you:


  • Happier
  • More confident
  • Wiser
  • More skilled
  • More independent
  • With new perspectives
  • Inspired and motivated
  • What else?


As Edupreneur’s we should always be asking ourselves 

‘How will this slide, video, module, course make my student walk away better than when they started it?


If you can do that, even at the smallest level, you have done your job as an educator.


In this section we are going to build out your learning outcomes to really help you illustrate the benefits, outcomes, transformations and rewards that your students will get if they take your course.

This helps SELL your course, as they make it clear what the student will get, they also help YOU keep focussed on what content to teach in your course and run off on tangents or down rabbit holes.


The Difference Between Course Aims, Objectives and Outcomes:


You may have heard about course aims, objectives and outcomes.

This is some education sector lingo and is now worth you understanding what the difference is as you are i the curriculum design stage of your course.


The Aim:

  • What you hope your course will do for your students, your overall intention of the course. 
  • What and where you aspire your students to be by the end
  • What you want them to ultimately have learned/done/achieved
  • It is broad and higher level 
  • It is ambitious, but not beyond possibility.


The Objectives:

  • Usually more than one
  • The specific steps you will take to achieve your aim. 
  • Define HOW the outcomes will be attained and measured.


The Outcomes:

  • Very similar and can often be exactly the same as the objectives
  • They describe with clear, measurable verbs exactly what the learner will be able to do by the end of the course, what they will know by the end of the course and how they will feel/behave by the end of the course
  • They are all about what the students skills, knowledge and emotional results will be by the end of your course in explicit detail



You are now going to begin drafting your learning outcomes.

We are going to do this in stages as there is a very specific WAY to write them, which we will go into next.

But for now, complete the questions below:


  1. What will they be able to DO by the end of your course?

This is about their practical SKILLS.  Things they will physically be able to demonstrate.

By the end of this program you will be able to……..





  1. What will they KNOW by the end of your course?

This is about their KNOWLEDGE.  What concepts will they have grasped comprehension of?

By the end of this program you will be able to……..





  1. How will they FEEL by the end of your course?

This is about their emotions, attitudes and behaviours.  What will they feel more or less of? What emotions will they have more or less of? What fears or pleasures will they have less or more of?

By the end of this program you will feel/not feel….




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