What Is Your Brand Personality?

This quiz will help you identify which brand personality archetype you are, which then forms your entire brand voice.

Based on the 12 personality archetypes of Carl Jung, this Psychology-based system helps you feed your authentic self into your brand.

If you are a personal brand, ie, you are the expert, the teacher, the author, the speaker, the coach etc, then select the ‘Personal Brand’ on the right-hand side below.

If you do NOT plan to be the face of your business and you are creating more of a generic ‘company’ that you might sell one day, then select the ‘Business Brand’ on the left-hand side below.

We have partnered with Brand Magic as a formal licensee of this tried and tested brand diagnostic system, that I have used myself to brand both SarahCordiner (my personal brand) AND Tekmatix (my business brand).

Learning my brand personality archetype changed my business, and gave me permission to really go out there with my real, authentic voice, and bring my brands alive with my personality.

What’s YOUR brand personality type??

This is a paid quiz ($39) as we have a paid legal license under Brand Magic to offer this assessment.

Knowing which one of the personalities you are above is transformational for your business. It certainly has been for mine!

Select from the 2 options below to get started….