The 10 Steps To Creating Your Own Online Course or Coaching Program

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FREE Workshop: The 10 Stages To Creating Your Own Profitable & Impactful Online Course - with Sarah Cordiner

Creating on online course, coaching program or membership academy is an incredible way to establish yourself as an expert in your field, add a very lucrative income stream to your business and help people all over the world in a way that changes both your life and theirs.

In this FREE 90 min workshop, Sarah Cordiner will walk you through the exact steps to get your course out of your head, and onto your own online course platform making you money and leaving your legacy.

Sarah Cordiner is a Postgraduate qualified teacher trainer and course developer, has over 260,000 students in her courses from 181 countries and has over 15 years experience in the course creation and education industry with millions of dollars made through her courses and training.

Join the ‘The 10 Steps To Creating Your Own Highly Profitable Online Course or Coaching Program’ with Sarah Cordiner and get your course out of your head, and onto your own online course platform making you money and leaving your legacy.

In this FREE workshop, Sarah Cordiner will take you through the 10 main steps of creating your online course, including:


  • How to pick the perfect course topic
  • How to ensure that your course will sell
  • How to ‘sell’ it to your customers to increase conversions and eliminate refund requests
  • How to quickly pick trending and high demand content for your course
  • How to structure your course modules and course plan
  • How to determine the most effective delivery methods for each of your lessons
  • How to film and edit your course videos
  • What course platforms to use (the 4 major types of platform)
  • How to price your online courses and incorporate them into your business model
  • Some tips on getting your online course out to the world


Sarah Cordiner is one of the original course creation coaches in the online world, and is one of the ONLY public course creation coaches who is actually qualified and experienced in education, teacher training, curriculum design and course creation. With her expertise and evident success in her own course business, you are in the best hands in the industry with Sarah.


This workshop is entirely free of charge and will not only show you WHAT to do, but also HOW to do it so that you can FINALLY get that course idea out of your head and into the world!