30-Days To Create Your Irresistible Offer and Sales Page for Black Friday and Christmas Offers

Create An Irresistible Offer and Sales Page for Your Black Friday, Christmas & New Year Sales - 30-Day Challenge


In this workshop - I am going to walk you through the entire process of planning, setting up and launching an irresistible sales offer for the spending season of the year.

The period between November-February are the BUSIEST and most profitable months for course creators, coaches and consultants, thanks to the Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday sales, Christmas sales and New year sales.


Its the time of tear that everyone begins re-evaluating their lives, businesses, relationships, health wealth, careers. dreams and more - and as a result this is the time of year that people are more likely to invest in courses and coaching.


If you want to help these people make the changes that they desire, AND have a bumper sales period (WITHOUT de-valuing your content); then come and join this 30-day challenge that will walk you through the entire process of planning, setting up and launching an irresistible sales offer for the spending season of the year.


In this 30-day challenge you will get:

Pre-recorded tutorial videos in your own online portal walking you through the steps

The 'Irresistible Offer' Success Checklist

An Irresistible Offer Launch Plan & Launch Checklist

A secret Facebook group to ask questions at any time and stay accountable

And more!

There are 2 ways to join this training.
Either purchase it with lifetime access for one payment of $97 USD;
OR, join my Edupreneur Academy to get this training, and all of my monthly group challenges, masterminds and online courses for $79/m (more info in the academy button below)

Your students results = YOUR results. Learn how to make EVERYONE a winner.

We will cover:

  • How to make an irresistible offer without de-valuing your content
  • What you can include in your offers
  • How to quickly and easily bundle together a high-value offer stack to increase your sales - without even having to create any products yourself
  • How to create a high-converting landing/sales page
  • How to create an email automation to fulfill and follow up with your buyers
  • Your email marketing plan and launch schedule
  • How to pre-schedule your email promotions (with template scripts/swipe copy provided)
  • What and when to post on social media to launch and promote your offer
  • How to stay organised
  • How to expand the reach of your offer and multiply your sales
  • and more!!

There are 2 ways to join this challenge:
One is to join my Edupreneur Academy ($79 per month, cancel any time) which includes this challenge and over 60+ of my other online business courses; OR just buy lifetime access to this challenge only ($97 one-off).


Existing Edupreneur Academy members will find this challenge already on your dashboard.


Join here: https://sarahcordiner.com/sales-page-for-black-friday/