Day 5:

Create Your Course Plan - DAY 5!

It;s the final day, and time to complete your course plan.

Today is all about planning the content for your online course, and in this videos I share a simple strategy to getting the first draft of your course plan together.



  • On Post-it notes, write down 25 tips on your topic. One tip per post it note.
  • One post it note = one video.
  • If you can come up with more than 25 , keep going until you cannot think of any more tips
  • Make sure your tis are as practical and ‘how-to’ as possible. The more they are something that your students can ‘do’ and ‘implement’ the better.
  • Organise your post-it notes (tips) into natural groupings (these will form your modules)
  • Organise each grouping (module) into the most logical order of tips (these will be your lectures)
  • Walk through each lecture and check whether it misses any steps out. Imagine a 10 year old alien had to follow those steps to get it perfect - what would the result be? Fill in any steps that are missing
  • Go back to your learning outcomes and ask yourself - ‘Do all of the tips I have here, assure that my students will walk away from my course with all of the learning outcomes fully attained?’  If not, add more tips to make sure that your learners will get what you promised.

Then add in any additional content. Eg:

  • Could you add in a ‘discussion’ lecture anywhere to enhance the learning experience?
  • Could you add in any downloadable documents, files or handouts to enhance the learning?
  • Could you add in any quizzes, polls, tests or exams to ascertain whether learning has taken place?
  • Could you add in any audio files? (if they contribute to the learning)
  • Could you add in any multimedia lessons to external resources? (only if they contribute to the learning outcomes and you can’t provide the content yourself)


  • Make sure you fill in every box on your course plan.
  • Read through it again and remove anything that does not directly contribute to a learning outcome or that replicates anything you have already said
  • Start filming!


Did you find the challenge helpful?

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Props to you for completing the challenge!  Now you have the basic skills to go on and create further course plans in the future.  If you would like your course plan reviewed, do feel free to request to book a call with me (must be 30mins or more for a course plan review).  

Please note that course plan reviews are a paid service:

It would mean a great deal to me to receive your feedback about the challenge.  Is there any chance that you might kindly leave a written or even a video testimonial in the Facebook group 'Entrepreneur to Edupreneur - Course Creators' sharing what you got out of the challenge and how it helped you? 

Thank you for joining me on this challenge - may you have endless success!



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