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What To Do When People Doubt You

By Sarah Cordiner / 16/10/2017

For many people, what other people think about them is really important – especially those that they love.   Getting support and approval from the people we care about the most can be hugely important and for many people, the ultimate deciding factor about whether they go ahead with what they were thinking about doing…

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What’s The Point of Your Online Course?

By Sarah Cordiner / 03/10/2017

Been struggling with your online course motivation? Feel like creating your online course is a bit of an uphill battle? Well, why are you doing it? Let’s see if we can coax your course creation motivation back in this article…   I’m Not Clear On Why I’m Doing This I once got thrown out of…

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What To Do When a Crazy Customer Knocks Your Course Creation Confidence

By Sarah Cordiner / 26/09/2017

You’ve lovingly created your online courses, even built some services around your topic of expertise; but at the back of your mind you always have this tiny sense of anxiety, a little niggling of fear ‘what if I’m not good enough?’, ‘What if I ever get an unhappy customer?’! The fear of the unhappy customer.…

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How To Deal With Your Doubters & Naysayers

By Sarah Cordiner / 21/09/2017

Business can be tough and lonely at the best of times; but trying to forge a pathway for ourselves when we have people around us who actively oppose, ridicule, judge, belittle or condescend us for your edupreneurial plans, can be soul crushing.   My family and closest loved ones were not only unsupportive of my…

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The Benefits of Hiring Guest Speakers vs Training Organisations For Your Employee Development

By Sarah Cordiner / 01/07/2017

You don’t always need a training organisation. Reduce costs and maintain quality with professional speakers for your employee training – Sarah Cordiner Do you really need a registered training organisation to deliver your next employee development workshop? If your staff training absolutely requires an accredited outcome, then a RTO (Registered Training Organisation) – or a…

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11 Ways To Beat Self-Doubt & Imposter Syndrome When Creating Online Courses

By Sarah Cordiner / 16/06/2017

Here is a simple fact: it is IMPOSSIBLE to know EVERYTHING about a topic.  There is so much information, science, data, opinions, studies, theories, ideas, discussions and more out there that it is an impossibility to keep up with and retain all of that information in our human heads. As an educator and course creator,…

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What I Learned About Being a Great Teacher…. (from murderers and thieves….)

By Sarah Cordiner / 31/01/2017

What I learned about how to be a great teacher from murderers and thieves….   What makes a great teacher? There are countless ways to measure the success factors of a great teacher, and many of them are subjective or immeasurable in their nature. The fact is, there are many factors that must combine to…

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9 Ways To Get Less Haters and More Fans in Business: People Buy YOU

By Sarah Cordiner / 27/11/2016

What is the difference between those who create truly loyal fans and those who get ostracised by the very community they are trying to engage? How is it, that even though we may have competitors who are far less intelligent, capable and competent than us, have raging success and a tribe of dedicated followers who…

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How To Think Your Way To Success: What I learned from John Assaraf about succeeding

By Sarah Cordiner / 25/11/2016

In October 2016 I had the extremely fortunate opportunity of attending the Thrive conference organised by Cole Hatter and his family, with much thanks to Thinkific who made me aware of the event. I had already booked my tickets before even getting to the 5th speaker in the lineup overview. I knew that it was…

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Success – It’s Not In Your Moments of Glory

By Sarah Cordiner / 25/10/2016

Only 18 months ago I felt like I didn’t have an ounce of breath left in me. The business I’d worked so hard to build took a brutal hit when a number of my clients were unexpectedly hit by a sudden Federal budget cut and it left them all unable to see their contracts through…

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