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  • Broome
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It’s time to master the art of online course creation and


The online course is now as critical to the thought leaders’ and experts’ toolkit, as websites, blogs and business cards are.

This ‘Online Course Creation Bootcamp’ is a live, in-person 5 day immersion workshop with course creation expert Sarah Cordiner, that will ENSURE you walk away with a completely finished online course

Get your online course and business fully planned out

Get your online school set up and open for students

Professionally film your entire online course videos

Get your online education business ready to start finally helping people on a global scale whilst earning you the income you deserve.

Say whaaaaat?

Yes, you heard correctly.  In just 5 DAYS, you WILL get your first online course together, filmed and out to the world on your own online school.


  • Broome, Australia

    Bootcamp: 15th May-19th May 2017

  • Brisbane, Australia

    Bootcamp: 25th May-29th May 2017

  • Exeter, UK

    Bootcamp: 26th June-30th June 2017

  • Sydney, Australia

    Bootcamp: ​28th Aug-1st Sept 2017

  • Broome, Australia

    Bootcamp: ​20th Nov-24th Nov 2017

  • San Diego, USA

    Bootcamp: ​22nd Oct-26th Oct 2017

  • Dubai, UAE

    Bootcamp: 11th Sept-15th Set 2017

Sarah is personally going to take you through every required strategy to:

Become an independant online course creator with all the know how you need to confidently and competently create engaging and profitable online courses

Create your complete online course plan following Sarah’s simple course creation steps

Ensure your course idea has a market of buyers using Sarah’s easy market test methods

Finally get all of your expertise out of your head with Sarah’s quick ‘content extraction strategies

Organise your research, knowledge and content into a clear and concise course plan without the overwhelm

Finalise your module layout and delivery methods so that your course shows your expertise in it’s best light and gives your learners a great experience

Create a course that your learners will love so that they recommend it to others and are eager to buy your future courses

Set up your own online school ready for your course to start making it’s first sales

Navigate your online school so that you can confidently manage, edit and create new courses in the future

Create your essential online course sales and marketing plan to ensure that you make the lifetime passive income you deserve

Even FILM your training videos!!! Yes that's right you will even get TWO whole hours inour professional filming green screen studio to film some or all of your online course !!

There quite simply has never ever been an opportunity like this to create and build your online course.

To ensure that this is a truly personal and transformational experience places are strictly limited to a maximum of 20 people full stop this will ensure that every participant on the program get one on one attention and support from Sarah personally to help you create an amazing and powerful online course.

If you’re ready to achieve your online course creation dream, this is your chance to make it happen!


How long have you been wanting to create your own online course academy? A few weeks, months, YEARS?

How much longer are you going to let your dream pass you by? Long enough for regret to takeover? Long enough for your COMPETITORS to take over ?

Don’t let this be one of your life’s regrets your audience deserve the information that’s locked up in your head and they are ready and willing to pay you for it.

It’s going to be impossible to let your course go ‘uncreated’ for another day longer for those on the ‘Online Course Creation Bootcamp’.

  • Have a product to sell from stages
  • Have a product to give away at conferences and expos as a lead magnet
  • Use your course to increase your speaking fees by including it in your tickets
  • Use it to add value to your other package offerings
  • Include it in or with your books
  • Turn your book into an online course
  • Give it away or sell it from podcast and media interviews to grow your reach

You will be given tools, knowledge and skills to be the master of your own online course business forever after.


Not only will you create your own engaging and profitable online course, all members of the Bootcamp will get access to ALL of the following bonuses ABSOLUTELY FREE …..


3 months FREE on Thinkific’s online learning platform ‘Business Access’ to get your online school set up. The Business Plan contains all the features you need to create an amazing online course site and this is a brilliant way to try it for free.

Value $99


Thinkific's sensational, must have expert course creator’s bundle which includes:

Their latest course on "How To Price Your Online Course" where you will learn:

● What mistakes to avoid when pricing your course

● What data points you need to look at to determine your price

● The hazards of pricing your course too low

● Special circumstances where it's OK to price low

● Strategies to increase your course price

Value $297


Access to Thinkific’s AMAZING ‘30-In-30 Program’

Their 30-In-30 course is their most popular program consisting of 9 workshops that show you,step by step, how to create a sales funnel to grow your email list and make 30 or more course sales in 30 days, even if you do. They focus on 4 core marketing strategies that are free, easy to implement, and can get results quickly. I have personally taken this program and it has really helped me ramp up my marketing.

You’ll learn:

● Create a course sales page to help you convert more visitors into students

● Rapidly build a lead magnet that you can promote to grow your email list

● Learn the secrets of landing guest posts on sites like Forbes, Huffington Post, and manyothers

● Get interviewed by the top podcasters and influencers in your industry

● See how online communities and forums can drive thousands of visitors to your site injust days

● Get booked to speak at events as an expert

● Get the exact scripts to convert your mailing list into course sales

● Tie it all together to make 30 or more sales in the next 30 days

Value $497


LIFETIME access to Sarah Cordiner’s number 1 bestselling online course ‘How to Create Profitable Online Courses’ (the ADVANCED version), including all future upgrades for life.You can find out more about this course HERE .

Value $149


LIFETIME access to Sarah Cordiner's advanced online course ‘Train the Trainer and Curriculum Design’ which includes over 10 hours of advanced teacher training videos and templates. ’  The majority of this course is built around the Diploma in Training and Assessment so you will be provided with the advanced skills required for training design and delivery in the adult and vocational education setting. You can find out more about this course HERE .

Value $1250


A private member only access work area inside Sarah's learning platform where you will have LIFETIME access to all of the slides, documents, templates, video recordings and resources from the Bootcamp, as well as a live discussion area to continue to be motivated by your Bootcamp colleagues long into your course creation future.

Value Priceless


Professional head shot for your online course instructor profile by a professional photographer.

Value $500


I remember when my first online course was just a dream.

How excited I was at the possibilities it would bring me for passive income, for scaling my business without having to do more work, for reaching thousands, even millions of people across the globe, without even have to leave my office.

But I also remember the feeling of complete overwhelm.

I remember thinking ‘jeeeeez, I have SO much to learn’.

I had SO much training content from years of working in my field, and I was like a deer in headlights trying to decide where on earth I was going to begin in transforming it into an online equivalent.

There were so many online learning platforms to choose from, so many features to understand, so many ways that I could package and deliver my online content ­ I didn’t know whether I should film ‘talking head videos’ (or how to do that), I didn’t know how to price my online course and in fact, I didn’t know a LOT.

But I immersed myself in the online learning world and eventually got my first course up. It immediately went to bestseller ranking out of over 30,000 courses and remained there for more than 6 months.

My second online course had exactly the same success.

I now have over 40 online courses of my own and have created hundreds for other people. I have made 6 figures in online course sales alone in the last 12 months, and that's not including the income I’ve made off of the back of my online courses in consulting, one­ on ­one coaching, public speaking, book sales and ‘do it for you’ services.


The first step is getting that online course completed and out to the world to make it happen.

To add to that, more than 95% of my total turnover this year came from overseas as a result of my online courses ­ that is a 1,900% increase in revenue compared to when I was only delivering face to face training ­- income that I would NOT have otherwise had if I didn’t have my courses online.

I now have over 7,000 students in over 130 countries studying my training 24 hours a day.  ANYONE can do this too - you just need to get that first course out there!

How much more (passive) income would your business be earning if you increased your revenue by 1,900% too???

I am proof that all of this is possible with online courses,­ and you're just a bootcamp away from learning how to build an online course business of your own.

This increased market share has grown my network, MY NET WORTH, my community and importantly how many people I can help -­ whilst actually doing less work.  It can also do the same for you too.

So I get it, I’ve been there, I know how overwhelming this can all feel. But, you are very capable of learning and you will totally kick yourself for not starting sooner when I give you the steps to make it happen and show you just how easy it is.


I will be there with you every step of the way to provide you with the course creation skills and knowledge you need to be an independent and competent online course creator FOREVER.

Just imagine increasing your revenue, reaching thousands of people and lifting your profile astronomically by turning your knowledge into online courses.  Wouldn't that be wonderful for you and your business?

How much are you missing out on by not having your online course together yet? How much longer are you going to wait before you get it done?

From concept planning right the way through to having a fully functioning online school, this course has every step you need to finally get YOUR online course completed, live and making you sales!

What are you waiting for? Your competitor to do it......???

As well as my personal support, my whole film crew and my curriculum design staff who will all be on your bootcamp, there are already hundreds of people inside the course platform who you can talk to and share your journey with, so you won't be alone as you go through each step and build out your course together.


In the ‘Online Course Creation Bootcamp’ I am going to not only show you exactly how to create your course so that you are equipped with these talents FOREVER; but I am also going to MAKE YOU DO IT so that you actually walk away having ticked these OFF of your ‘to­do’ list and already live, and out there making sales before you leave the bootcamp.

(you really don’t need any MORE stuff added to that to-­do list, so you?!) It’s time to get THIS DONE:

Here’s what you’re going to do on Bootcamp…….-


Design your wildly profitable Edupreneur’s business model and master course pricing

  • Re-strategise your business to complement and benefit from the learning revolution
  • Feel assured that you can be financially healthy AND a good person
  • Assemble your list of income generating Edu-products and services
  • Formulate your profitable ‘packages’ and offerings for your wider online course business using Sarah’s profitable education business models
  • Determine whether you are an Entrepreneur or an Edupreneur
  • Establish and set the price of your online course, including payment plans for your students based on Sarah’s course pricing guide
  • Recognise the warnings of a lucrative and global business model
  • Construct your ‘Funnel of Service’
  • Craft your ‘Edupreneurial Business Plan’ for the next 12 months
  • Determine where and how to sell your online courses for maximum sales and exposure
  • Leverage Your Expert Status to Build Bigger Business
Get It Done On Bootcamp!

Choose the perfect online course topic for impact and profit

  • Find the perfect course inside of you to start teaching now
  • Implement strategies for finding the best topic for you and your unique combination of expertise
  • Uncover the course that is most aligned to your deepest passion and has the best potential for profit
Get It Done On Bootcamp!

Test that your course idea has high market demand

  • Ensure that you are building a course that your audience will love
  • Establish the exact audience for your course and list the differences in what they want vs what they need
  • Determine your course mass market and niche market
  • Acknowledge the competition so that you can be better and different
  • Conduct the essential pre-course testing activities necessary to determine whether your course has market demand
  • Conduct at least 10 market research and market testing strategies to ensure that your course has a market of buyers
  • Gather real data on what your audience think about your course idea and what it should include
  • Recognise the differences between beta testing, pilot testing and taster courses - and how to use each one effectively
  • Implement pre-selling activities to determine final market demand - and start making sales!
Get It Done On Bootcamp!

Awaken your course creation mojo - beat excuses, crush procrastination and get motivated!

  • Overcome your biggest fears, barriers and blocks to creating your online course
  • Crush the imposter syndrome
  • Conquer concerns about your IP being stolen or competitors affecting your course
  • Re-discover your course creation motivation and get fired up for implementation
  • Ensure you a have a clearly defined purpose, vision and mission to keep you focussed and on track
Get It Done On Bootcamp!

Plan your course outcomes, craft the vision, design the learning experience

  • Determine the results your course is going to provide and articulate how it will benefit the learners that enrol.
  • Formulate a clear plan for transforming your learners lives
  • Create your course aims, objectives and outcomes
  • Master the art of correct learning outcome creation and formulate your formal course outcomes for your landing page
Get It Done On Bootcamp!

Compose your content, build your structure and assemble the perfect course plan that inspires, transforms and captivates your audience


Set up your own online school, integrate it with your marketing, and open your platform for students and sales


Get in the green screen studio and film your entire 90 minute online course with our professional film crew


Launch your online course, start making sales and create an authority marketing plan

  • Broome, Australia

    Bootcamp: 15th May-19th May 2017

  • Brisbane, Australia

    Bootcamp: 25th May-29th May 2017

  • Exeter, UK

    Bootcamp: 26th June-30th June 2017

  • Sydney, Australia

    Bootcamp: ​28th Aug-1st Sept 2017

  • Broome, Australia

    Bootcamp: ​20th Nov-24th Nov 2017

  • San Diego, USA

    Bootcamp: ​22nd Oct-26th Oct 2017

  • Dubai, UAE

    Bootcamp: 11th Sept-15th Set 2017


  • 5 days of intimate course creation training with Sarah Cordiner

     (normally $25,000+)

  • Bonus 1

    (normally $99 )

  • Bonus 2

    (normally $297)

  • Bonus 3

    (normally $497)

  • Bonus 4

    (normally $149)

  • Bonus 5

     (normally $1,250)

  • Bonus 6

    (normally $ priceless)

  • Bonus 7

    (normally $500)





The online learning platform we will be teaching you how to use is Thinkific . Although they have a free package, membership on their Business plan is highly recommended in order to have access to all of the functions that we are going to set up with you. As part of the Bootcamp package you get 3 months days free access to the business plan but ongoing membership after that is not included and if participants wish to take up a paid plan with thinkific they must do so at their own expense directly with thinkific themselves. You will not be excluded from the bootcamp if you use, or wish to use any other LMS. This is open to anyone and everyone.


Full payment must be made upfront, before the bootcamp. Payment plans are available, as long as the full amount is paid before the bootcamp.


Cancellations and refunds:

As this is an intimate event, cancellations will cause problems. Please only commit if you can definitely attend so that you do not use up one of the very limited spaces that someone else could have had. But we understand that life can sometimes be unpredictable, therefore all purchasers agree to the following cancellations and refunds policy:

● If cancellation is made within 30 days of the event date, a 25% cancellation fee applies and the remaining amount will be refunded.

● If cancellation is made within 14 days of the event date, a 35% cancellation fee applies and the remaining amount will be refunded

● If cancellation is made within 7 days of the event date, a 50% cancellation fee applies and the remaining amount will be refunded.

● If cancellation is made within 6 days of the event date, no refund will be issued, however a credit note of 50% of the value of the program will be issued to use towards payment of a future face to face workshop event delivered by Sarah Cordiner within the next 12 months.