It’s time to get SEEN, FOLLOWED AND ADORED by your market!


This action-packed 30-day challenge is delivered as an online course, with a tip a day to help you increase your visibility and credibility as an EXPERT in your field

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Increase your social following, credibility and income: Join the #30Days30Tips Challenge

Say YES if you want......

  • to be seen as a recognised leader in your industry
  • more social media followers
  • a more engaged social media following
  • more leads and enquiries
  • more business and income
  • more influence in your field of expertise
  • more people opting in to your email list

If you said YES, then my #30Days30Tips Challenge is for you!


If people cannot see you, cannot hear you or don't know what you do, then they DON'T KNOW YOU EXIST.

Worse, they cannot buy anything from you!  

NO entrepreneur wants to be invisible and poor.

Let me help you get noticed with my action-packed #30days30tips Challenge!

The #30Days30Tips Challenge gives you 30 simple actions to:

get yourself out there,

show that you are an expert in your field,

grow your influence,

raise market awareness about what you specialise in and how you serve your market.

This will result in more followers, fans, recognition and income potential by the end of the 30 days.

30 Insanely SIMPLE Actions To Increase Your:

Exposure - get in front of more or new people

Social media following - increase the number of followers and connections you have

Email list - grow your number of email list subscribers

Website traffic - increase your number of average monthly or weekly website visitors

Authority content & SEO - increase your chances of coming up in your market's search results

Quotes and inquiries - increase the number of inquiries you are getting

Sales and income - increase your earning potential

Automation - start doing more by doing less


How many people actually know what your expertise is?

Does everyone that you are connected with in real life and online know EXACTLY what you do and how you help your customers?

Could they list your products and services?

Could they refer you to others confident that you 'know your stuff'?

One of the key's to being a successful 'edupreneur' and having credibility in your field, is to make sure that everyone knows exactly how you can help them.

So here's a challenge for you to lift your 'expert profile': #30DAYS30TIPS!

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What You Get in the #30Days30Tips Challenge

Just the boost you need to get to the next level in your business!

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