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Introducing...  Sarah Cordiner's internationally acclaimed

"How To Create Profitable Online Courses"
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Learn from a QUALIFIED Educator

Hi! I'm Sarah! I am a Postgraduate QUALIFIED Teacher-Trainer, Curriculum Developer and Online Learning Specialist and have taken over 32,000 experts through my course creation training from 168 countries over the past 14 YEARS.
You are in the hands of a genuine education professional.

I remember when my first online course was just an idea.

How excited I was at cloning myself with a product to expand my reach and impact across the world, allow me to reach thousands of people, help me scale my business without having to do more work and bring me passive income without leaving my home office.

But I also remember the feeling of complete overwhelm... I remember thinking ‘whoooaaa, I have SO much to learn’.

BUT - with a simple process to follow, creating an online course is possible for ANYONE.

Even if you are not 'techie' at ALL; even if you are not sure of your course idea yet!

I've created over 60+ courses of my own and THOUSANDS for my clients over the past decade. 

The system works. 

Whatever your industry or topic - you CAN create a course that can help millions of people around the world.

As a Postgraduate QUALIFIED Course Creation Specialist AND an experienced education business owner, I have created a unique system for course creation that ENSURES you will succeed.

I have made millions of dollars from my online courses over the years.

These sales then lead into further income from consulting, coaching programs, one­ on-one coaching, bootcamps, public speaking, book sales, ‘done for you’ services and more.

In this course, I'll be teaching YOU how to use online course not only as income in their own right, but as an income-generating MACHINE for your business.


Join my "How To Create Profitable Online Courses" 8 Week Training Program and have your own online course created and making you profit (and changing people's lives) in just 8 weeks!

I now have over 100,000 enrolments in my courses from 168 countries.

That's not 'ever', that's RIGHT NOW. 100k ACTIVE enrolments.

The sense of fulfilment, joy and purpose that comes from helping people on this scale is life-changing and soul-filling.

ANYONE can do this too - you just need to get that first course out there!

Ready to turn your knowledge into an income-generating product?

Don't Leave That Online Course On Your 'To-Do' List ANY Longer!...

This practical online course, taught by QUALIFIED course creation specialist, Sarah Cordiner, will take you through every single step to:

Help you pick the best course topic with the highest market demand

Quickly learn whether a big enough audience exists for your given topic

Find and select the type of content that your audience will find highly engaging and transformational

Easily organise and structure your course content - even if you are drowning in ideas and 'stuff' that could be included

Quickly and easily open your own online school and start selling your course (even if you're as tech-savvy as a CARROT)

Launch your course and start making sales within the next 8 weeks or less!

What You're Going To Learn...

I am going to walk you through every step to create an engaging, income-generating online course of your own in just 8 weeks!


In module #1, I'm going to help you create the perfect foundation for your course.  You'll be able to pick the right niche and topic that fits your passion and  skills and you'll also learn how to:

Pre-Preparation Workbook (downloadable) with set-up, tech and prep Checklists, process guides and tasks

Course Planning and Profit Workbook (downloadable) with tasks, processes and course planning checklists

How to adapt your business model to make more money with online courses 


In module #2, I'm going to help you organize and create the meat of your course which is your content and I'll teach you how to deliver it to your customers effectively so you can keep more of your profits. You'll also learn how to:

How to ensure that your - content is up to date, highly relevant, super-searchable, engaging and precisely what your market want to buy

How to make sure your online course is engaging and meets adult learning principles for maximum learner transformation and completion

How to deliver your online course - including online school delivery methods


In module #3, I'm going to help you learn how to film your course so you look like the amazing professional you are and even do it on a tight budget. You'll also learn how to:

Find out exactly what technology and equipment you need to create your online courses

Step by step set-up demonstrations and tutorial videos to get all of your online course tech set up and LIVE - and even enrolling students!

You will set up and OPEN - your online school (step by step guided walkthrough + Checklist) (**Thinkific)


In module #4, I'm going to help you position and market your course in the right places so it'll sell like hotcakes! Let's be honest, selling your course and making $$ is the main reason we're here so let me show you how to do it right. You'll also learn how to:

Online course launches, marketing and promotion strategies

Course marketing strategies & ideas list + planner template

How to market your brand and business as an industry authority and leading expert in your field

Learning how to create digital products is a skill that will serve you for life, and can transform your business

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This course has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, experts, coaches, consultants, speakers, authors and business owners to turn their knowledge, expertise, passion and hobbies into income-generating online courses, whilst making a positive difference in the world.

If you're ready to get your online course out of your head and into the world, this 'get it done' practical online course  (taught by a QUALIFIED education professional) will help you get there step by step.

Whether you're a total beginner with no idea what you even want to teach yet, or an experienced expert in your field - this course has everything you need to start helping others and making you money within the next 8 weeks! 

(You get LIFETIME access to this course, so you can grab it now, and work on it later if you'd like to take advantage of this offer)


How To Create Profitable Online Courses - LIFETIME Access $97 USD

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"Sarah was recommended to me as being the best in the business at developing online courses - a reputation she more than lived up to"


Michael McQueen, 

CSP & Multi-Award Winning Author

"Sarah is the absolute best in the business. I cannot recommend her highly enough"


Jack Delosa, BRW Young Rich List


"Sarah is extremely experienced, qualified and knowledgeable in her field, I highly recommend her"


Belinda Nolan, Multi-Award

Winning Education CEO

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