The 90 Minute Fast-Action Workshop To Unlock A New Revenue Stream In Your Business By Selling Your Training, Coaching & Consulting B2B (Business-To-Business)

How to Sell Your Training, Courses and Consulting To Corporate Companies & Business Clients

In this 90min LIVE training, I am going to show you how to get corporate clients to buy your courses and training

How To Sell Your Training & Online Courses To Corporate Companies & B2B Clients

Unlock a new revenue stream in your business by selling your training, coaching and online courses B2B (business-to-business).

Staff need training.
And large organisations and corporate entities have training budgets that are allocated every year, to pay experts like YOU for your training, courses and coaching (online, in-person or blended).

Working in the B2B space can be exceptionally profitable.
Sarah's business turned over its first million dollars within just 18months of opening, by working in the B2B and Government client space.

But how do you sell your courses to organisations?

It is definitely an extremely different way of marketing, selling and onboarding to the public 'B2C' space; and requires some very specific processes.
Get it wrong, and you won't even get looked at.

Luckily, this workshop will walk you through the 'must-know' and 'must-do' if you want to get your training into the workplaces of larger organisations.

There are 2 ways to join this training.

Score high paying corporate and B2B training and consulting contracts

What you will learn from experienced corporate Executive and Corporate Trainer, Sarah Cordiner in this session:

  • The key differences you MUST know about serving B2B and C2C as a business owner and content creator
  • How to find and connect with high-paying corporate clients
  • How to contact and commence a training negotiation with potential corporate clients
  • What you must include in a successful B2B corporate training proposal, and how to put it together
  • How to present B2B training offers that beat accredited training and that are high in demand in corporate business
  • Pricing, packaging and logistically delivering your corporate training
  • Training proposal template, editable in Canva

This is a pre-recorded on-demand workshop that you can watch at any time.

When implemented, this can TRANSFORM the success and outcomes that your students get, increase the amount of high reviews and ratings, increase word of mouth referrals to your programs  - and ultimately your income as happy students become repeat purchasers and bring their friends along too!