How To Become a Published Author on Amazon Kindle


Ever wanted to be a published author?

Ever wanted to create an extra income stream publishing eBooks on Kindle?

In this FREE 90min workshop, 16-times published author, Sarah Cordiner, will walk you through the exact steps to quickly and easily creating kindle eBooks that you can publish and sell on the Amazon Kindle platform.

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  • How to pick the right topics that are in demand right now
  • How big a Kindle book needs to be
  • How to price a Kindle book and what royalties to expect back from Amazon
  • How to draft out your Kindle ebook
  • How to format your Kindle ebook
  • How to create the cover for your Kindle eBook
  • How to publish your Kindle eBook on Amazon

If you are ready to start your Amazon Kindle publishing journey, become a published author, make another income stream, and get discovered by a much bigger audience, then come and join this FREE workshop with Sarah Cordiner.

The recording will be sent to you if you cannot make it live if you register.