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All effective training programs begin with quality education design - and at the pinnacle of that, is understanding the adult learner, how they learn best and ultimately how adult learning principles impact any training development process.

This book will take you through the fundamental checks required to ensure you are creating effective training programs.

Author and Training & Development Consultant, Sarah Cordiner reads a chapter from the book:

What's Inside The Book?

In this 300+ page international number 1 best-selling book by Sarah Cordiner, you will learn:


  • Efficacious Education
  • The Efficacy Effect Model
  • Building Educational Efficacy
  • Informing Your Practise with the Theory of Adult Learning
  • The Principle of Self-Direction
  • Embrace Individuality
  • The Mistake of Over-Independence
  • The Principle of Motivation in Learning
  • Strategies for Motivating and Engaging the Disengaged
  • Re-engage Efficacy of Disengaged Learners
  • The Principle of Learning by Doing
  • The Learning Principle of Context
  • The Learning Principle Of Relevance And Readiness
  • The Learning Principle of Contextualisation
  • The Learning Principle of Experience
  • The Learning Principle of Reflection
  • The Learning Principle of the Senses
  • Get In the ‘Mode’
  • Know Your Global vs. Your Analytical
  • Capture Hearts and Minds
  • Nourish Both Sides of the Brain
  • The Learning Principle of Practise
  • The Learning Principle of Personal Development
  • Plan for Lifelong Learning
  • Lifelong Learning in the Workplace
  • The Learning Principle of Behaviourism
  • The Learning Principle of Constructivism
  • The Learning Principle of Involvement
  • Define Your Target Group
  • Accredited Or Non-Accredited?
  • Identify the Purpose of Your Learning Program
  • The Different Dimensions of Competence
  • Plan Your Course Specifications
  • Prepare For Stakeholders
  • Plan for Stakeholder Needs
  • The Learning Principle of Learner-Centred Education
  • Identify Target Learner Group Needs
  • Identify Individual Learner Needs
  • Plan for Course Creation in Corporate and Workplace Training
  • Determine the Learning Timeframes