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This Course Creation Starter Kit Reveals Everything About Course Creation You Need To Know

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Inside this FREE Course Creation Starter Kit is a tutorial video (and text article) that will answer ALL 10 of the following course creation questions for you:

  1. How do I pick the right topic for my online course?
  2. How do I make sure my course will actually sell?
  3. How do I figure out exactly what I am going to teach?
  4. How do I gather all of my course content and know what to leave out and what to include?
  5. How do I organise and structure everything in my course?
  6. How do I deliver my course in a way that my learners will most enjoy it?
  7. How do I film and edit my videos?
  8. How do I set-up an online school and do all that tech stuff - when I’m not techy?
  9. How do I price my online course?
  10. How do I launch and sell my online course once it’s created?



vid 1

Find Your Motivation & Beat Imposter Syndrome

Beat procrastination and get motivated to create your online course.  This video will give you some tips on overcoming imposter syndrome and boosting your confidence.

vid 2

Finding Your Profitable Niche

There's a saying "the riches are in the niches" and this 100% true. In this video I teach you how to pick your niche and find the perfect topic 'in demand' to teach.

vid 3

Planning Your Course

Once you've picked your perfect topic, it's time to start planning and structuring your course content, modules, lessons and outline - the EASY way!

vid 4

Online Course Tech & Equipment

In this video I'll teach you what tech, tools, software and equipment you need (on a budget!) and show you how simple it is to film amazing course videos from home.

vid 5

10 Easy Steps To Launch

If you like simple, then this video will walk you through the 10 Major Stages of Online Course Creation to get you started faster

vid 6

How To Sell Your Course

This is where the fun begins! I'm going to show you the EXACT 12 steps I used to get my first 32,000 students - WITHOUT paying for ads!

Plus These Bonuses...

vid 7

The Clarity Quiz

This quiz will tell you exactly which of the 5 different types of online course you should create for your business and niche

vid 8

Fast 5 Challenge

This 5 Day Challenge & template provides you with everything you need to finish your course outline and get ready to film in 5 days

vid 9

Learner Workbook

An introductory printable workbook that will help you get started with the first stage of your online course creation

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